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The Dawsons, Sienna guests caught in a Phuket taxi dispute

Phuket Taxi Drivers Settle for Resort Attack Compromise

Friday, December 16, 2011
PHUKET: Peace has broken out at Phuket's five-star Cape Sienna Resort, where local taxi drivers attacked a tour driver in September, shocking the Australian tourists in the vehicle.

Now the Kok Chang Safari driver has ''safe passage'' through the local taxi drivers to make pick-ups at the popular resort in Kamala, north of Patong on Phuket's holiday west coast.

Under the compromise deal, the tour driver received 50,000 baht in compensation when Sinlapachai Choosen, owner of the tour company, agreed not to take further action.

''We have only been back to make two pick-ups since,'' Khun Sinlapachai told Phuketwan today. ''In Bang Tao and Surin [two other upmarket Phuket beach destinations] they still have these problems.''

Australian tourists Glenn and Deidre Dawson, who were guests at Cape Sienna, gave graphic eye-witness accounts of the beating of the driver and his narrow escape, with the vehicle's windscreen smashed by an iron bar thrown by a taxi driver.

Under the compromise, charges against three taxi drivers were dropped.

''Almost every authority leader suggested that it was better for all concerned if the case just ended,'' Khun Sinlapachai said. ''It's not perfect, but it's better than nothing.''

Local taxi and tuk-tuk drivers continue to monopolise transport at many Phuket resorts, only allowing in other drivers if they can produce authorisation vouchers.

The Dawsons returned to Lombok, an island off Bali where they run their own resort, glad that there are no such problems in Phuket's main rival destination.


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"Under the compromise, charges against three taxi drivers were dropped."

e.g Police don't need (want) to enforce any law as both parties compromised! (even a law has been broken)
Situations like this are destroying society!

Everything can be compromised here and you get away with breaking the law - even in most serious cases! And everyone knows it that's why nobody worries about the law!

Posted by Mr. K on December 16, 2011 16:50


It seems like the only law in Thailand is the Law of the Baht.

Posted by Anonymous on December 16, 2011 17:52


Compromise = Freely allowed to break the law, intimidate, extort and use extreme violence - providing you pay money.

Yep makes perfect sense in a lawless society - do whatever you want providing you've got money to pay the right people.

Well done to the authorities - a shining example to everyone.

Posted by Graham on December 16, 2011 18:19


Graham, some people might disagree, but I'd much rather live in a "lawless" and free society like Thailand than a highly regulated and controlled environment like the European Union where people are taxed, lawyered, protected, fined, governed, ordered and regulated out of existence and there's no joy left in life.

Posted by Andy on December 16, 2011 21:28


Payoff or compromise? OOPS - forgot - in Thailand they are one and the same

Posted by larry on December 17, 2011 09:09

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