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Lee Aldhouse as depicted in a Phuket 'Wanted' poster

Phuket 'Special Cell' May House Ex-Marine's Alleged Killer

Tuesday, July 12, 2011
PHUKET: A final decision on the extradition of Lee Aldhouse from Britain to face trial for a murder on Phuket is not expected before 2012, Phuketwan has been told by those closely connected with the case.

Much of the debate in a recent court hearing in Britain centred on the conditions that 28-year-old Aldhouse would have to tolerate in prison on Phuket or in Bangkok.

It is believed that extraditions from Britain to Thailand have been exceptional if at all in the past, and never for a capital crime.

With the one-year anniversary of the killing of 23-year-old former American marine DaShawn Longfellow coming next month, interest in the case is growing again, especially on Phuket and in Birmingham, where Aldhouse is from.

Aldhouse allegedly knifed Longfellow to death on August 14 in an ambush after the two men, both Thai boxing practitioners, fought at the Freedom Bar in Rawai, a popular destination in southern Phuket.

Dramatic security camera footage showed a man who looks like Aldhouse obtaining knives from a nearby 7-Eleven store before Longfellow was knifed to death at his apartment nearby.

Phuketwan understands that Mr Aldhouse's legal attempt to block the extradition is being handled by Charles Bott QC, whose legal team argued at Westminster Magistrates' Court that prison conditions in Thailand were inhumane.

One British newspaper, the People, began a report on the case: ''A kickboxer nicknamed The Pitbull is fighting extradition to Thailand to face trial for murder - because he thinks the jails are too tough.''

It is not known whether a murder trial would take place on Phuket or in Bangkok, home of the Bang Kwang Central Prison, known as the ''Bangkok Hilton.''

Once the court extradition decision on Mr Aldhouse is made, an appeal to Britain's Home Secretary, Theresa May, may follow. No further appeals would be possible.

It is believed that the prima facie case against Mr Aldhouse has been well-made and clearly creates grounds for extradition, but that concerns about prison conditions in Thailand may influence British judges or officials.

Phuketwan understands that Thai officials may even be prepared to house Mr Aldhouse in a special cell rather than have him share dormitory style accommodation - at least while he is presumed to be innocent.

The Birmingham Mail has reported a spokeswoman for Westminster Magistrates as saying: ''He was remanded in custody on June 30 and a decision has been sent to the Secretary of State.''

The newspaper added that a Home Office spokesman said the court found that there were no statutory grounds to bar the extradition.

Phuketwan has yet to hear back from the office of Mr Bott, QC, or the British Embassy in Bangkok about the matter.

For security camera footage of the alleged killer in a Phuket 7-Eleven store, brought to you by Phuketwan and CNN, go to:
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The sooner they get this person back to Thailand and in a Thai prison where he belongs, the better...

Come on Home Office get your finger out..

Posted by Steve on July 13, 2011 01:25


If anyone knows the Law and as I have said numerous times, the chances of him being extradited here is practically 0. The prison system as they clearly state is "inhumane" and now Thailand wants to spend money on building a prison cell?

Why don't they spend more time improving their entire prison system if they really want criminals to stay here?

I remember one story you printed about how the Police complained about imprisoning foreigners as it costs Thailand money... which one do they want?

Posted by Tbs on July 13, 2011 10:46

Editor Comment:

One policeman told us that imprisoning a British man for killing an American seemed an unfair economic cost on Thailand, tbs. That doesn't mean he speaks for all police. Not many people would argue for jail conditions to be vastly improved for prisoners, although overcrowding is certainly an issue.


a shame an extraditon could be held up due to the conditions a prisoner could be held in if convicted. maybe if more prisoners in the west aced the possibility of being incarcerated in these conditions less would be living in comfort, watching tv and eating 3 square meals a day at the taxpayers expense, whilst learning how to commit more crimes.

Posted by Mister Ree on July 13, 2011 15:48


Regarding long-term imprisonment, there is a prisoner transfer agreement between the UK and Thailand. Search the web for 'fco prisoner transfer agreements', then look at the agreement for Thailand. The introduction states the purpose of the agreement, and Article 8 states that the UK would pay for imprisonment if a prisoner is transferred back.

Posted by John Crystal on August 3, 2011 12:22

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