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Phuket reef aircraft and helicopters at Cape Panwa in May

Phuket Sky Dive Reef Saved for Bang Tao

Monday, August 25, 2008

PHUKET'S Sky Dive Reef, made of old aircraft, is set for a happy landing on the ocean bottom off Bang Tao beach in November.

But last week, the island's novelty deep sea squadron almost took flight to Koh Racha.

At a day-long meeting where many of the financial details were thrashed out, it was suggested that Koh Racha would be a better destination for the obsolete planes and helicopters.

In the end, after much discussion, Bang Tao prevailed.

The idea of using the old Thai Air Force stock as a sunken reef is that the novelty of diving in and around cockpits and fuselages will help to protect the region's natural coral treasures by attracting tourists to other sites.

Some of those involved in the diving debate have wanted the artificial reef as close as possible to their businesses.

However, that is not necessarily in the best interests of Phuket's reefs, which are threatened by overuse, abuse and pollution.

Bang Tao, which has few natural reefs and was extensively dredged during the tin mine period, won the day.

Sponsorship stickers from Amanpuri and Laguna Phuket already adorned some of the aircraft when they were on public display on the wharves at Cape Panwa Deep Sea Port in May.

The approaching monsoon season, coupled with the difficulty of hauling large parts out to sea and then lowering them to the bottom, led to the construction of the reef being delayed until high season 2008-2009.

Koh Racha may have lost the Sky Dive Reef but the island recently won a ''new deal'' at a crisis summit, banning jetskis, controlling diving and snorkelling and offering better protection for the popular reefs there.

The other big debate at last week's meeting was about the cost of transporting the planes and helicopters south by road to Phuket.

The trucking contractor, who had to carefully bring the cavalcade of oversized pieces to the island, was anxious about payment of the 2.4 million baht bill.

There was an extended discussion about which organisation would pay on the basis of the original hand-shake agreement.

At one stage, the contractor said that if it wasn't sorted quickly, he would carry the Sky Dive Reef back to Lopburi province.

That seemed to quickly resolve the issue, and he left the meeting a contented man.

Russians Coming? What Russians?

PHUKET IMMIGRATION reacted with some astonishment today when told that tourism authorities were predicting that 600,000 Russians would be arriving at Phuket Airport in the 12 months beginning this high season.

In its new high-tech headquarters, just opened in Saphan Hin, Phuket City, Immigration is already using 45 farang volunteers to help deal with the constant pressure of work from Phuket's tourism industry.

''If you told me 100,000 more Russians were coming, I would believe you,'' one senior officer said. ''But 600,000?

''Are you sure that the tourism authorities and the ambassador have got that figure right?''

Well, yes.

That's the figure that everyone from Vice Governor Worapot Rattasima on down has been quoting, starting with extra charter flights from St Petersburg in October.

''If 600,000 Russians are coming,'' the senior Immigration officer said, ''where will all these extra people stay?

''If 600,000 Russians are coming, we will not have to worry about the Burmese any more.

''We will be worrying about the Russian Mafia.''

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from Phuketwan:

August 23
In one of the largest gatherings of its kind, thousands of people turn out in Phuket City to pay respects to 1000 monks and help the troubled Deep South; Rough seas stop Burma boatloads; New appointment at Sheraton

Phuket Spectacle As 1000 Monks Take Up Alms

August 22
The Russians are coming in larger numbers, but what about the local guides - and the money; Burmese guest worker meeting; New shopping mall opens but skip @; Beach volleyball offers big prizemoney.

Phuket Russian Invasion: Crisis Meeting on Guides

August 21
A cable car link from Patong to the Big Buddha is to be discussed as Phuket's Governor considers infrastructure options for the island's future needs as a tourism hot spot.

Phuket Patong to Big Buddha Cable Car Proposed

August 20
A boatload of Muslims from Thailand's southern provinces has joined a pilgrimage to an island off Phuket to celebrate the legacy of a local teacher. About one in four Andaman residents are Muslim.

Pilgrims Sail From South to Island Off Phuket

August 19
Patong's best-value dining area has closed for a 12 million baht remake. When Loma Park reopens, will the prices still be low and the food tasty?; Sex tourism criticism, and Gary Glitter's big day out.

Patong Wins 12 Million Baht Dining Centre

August 18
Construction cranes dot the skyline as Phuket sprouts a brace of new resorts. One of the most prominent has the rare advantage of being on the beach at Karon; Sunshine Coast seeks tourists; Telling all about tips.

Centara's 1.8 Billion Baht Phuket Grand Grows

August 15
Volunteers working with police to control traffic and crime, plus bicycles, helicopters and cameras: that's the making of the police plan for Phuket's security and safety; a record triathlon; Amari man moves on.

Phuket's Volunteer Police Plan to Fight Crime

August 14
Phuket wants more money than the national government can spare, so a noted economist recommends a tax on tourists. Going it alone could be Phuket's only option; The Russian holiday system explained

Phuket Tourist Tax What The Island Needs

August 13
The only turtles seen at Patong recently have been the plastic ones in the beachfront park. But that could change before long. The Royal Thai Navy reports the remarkable revival of the region's turtle population.

Phuket's Turtles Are Coming Back At Last

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