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Khun Nong beats the odds and the mosquitoes

Phuket Search for Rainy Day Baby's Mother

Wednesday, May 7, 2008
PHUKET'S rainy-day baby in the carpark is doing just fine as the search goes on for his mother, who probably needs help.

Nurses at Bangkok Hospital Phuket have now named the boy, born on May 5 and found abandoned a few hours later.

He is now known as Khun Nong, and he is doing very well, despite his uncertain beginnings.

The boy, weighing 3.140 kilos and 51 centimetres in length, was taken from his emergency berth in a humidicrib today.

Doctors said he was strong and doing very well.

Khun Nong has had many people offering to care for him. But doctors are anxious to contact the one he needs most, his mother.

Doctors are concerned for her welfare because Khun Nong's birth seems likely to have been a lonely one.

Khun Nong's umbilical cord was not professionally cut, prompting concern for his mother.

Khun Nong was found at 10.20am on Monday in the back of a pickup in Row Three of the carpark at Bangkok Hospital Phuket by a doctor who happened to be walking past.

The baby was in a red basket and under a towel. Rain was falling. Dr Nut Tonpipat said he knew that the pickup belonged to a patient and her husband.

Coincidentally, the patient was inside the hospital, giving birth.

In passing by on his way to work, the doctor decided to check what his patient had accidentally left out in the rain in the back of the pickup.

He rolled back the towel, opened the basket . . . and there was Khun Nong.

Fortunately, a few mosquito bites are the only legacy of the baby's time alone in the carpark.

Doctors believe that he was left there not long after his mother gave birth.

Khun Nong will be kept in the hospital for a week. Then, if his mother does not come to claim him in the meantime, he will be transferred to Banpakdek Lan Krupkrua Phuket, the temporary home for troubled children and families run by Tanyaporn Aunsirn, near the Katina Hotel in Phuket City.

Doctors, police and nurses are anxious to hear from Khun Nong's mother, who will receive the medical help she needs, as well as being reunited with her healthy young son.

Khun Nong's mother should call the home at 076 213315


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