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One of the shots pieced the window of the Toyota Hilux tonight

Phuket Prison Guard Shot Moonlighting: 'Three Million Baht Stolen'

Wednesday, June 27, 2012
Today's Updating Report

PHUKET: A man has been shot three times in a robbery at the southern district of Chalong about 9pm tonight, Phuketwan has confirmed. It is believed the money was a pay-off to a high-ranking official to settle a case involving drugs.

The shot man was a worker at the Phuket Prison who may have been working as a security guard to deliver the money.

Up to three million baht could have been stolen, early reports said - possibly by the other man acting as escort for the cash.

Doctors were operating on the wounded man, Druman Jipapan, about 45, who suffered two flesh wounds and a more dangerous shot in the neck.

He had been working at Phuket Prison for about 10 years and was the guard who checked people going in for weapons, a prison contact said tonight.

The shot man was wheeled from surgery in a satisfactory condition about 10.30pm.

The robbery and shooting followed the theft of two million baht in cash, allegedly by four Indonesians, yesterday in Phuket City from an unlocked pick-up.


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Great. If I read this correct a prison guard, one who is entrusted to uphold the law, is shot by his accomplice, whilst delivering a sum of 3 million baht to a high ranking official,( police?? ) to make a drug case disappear.

Just how corrupt is Phuket, the mind boggles.

and on the same day the headlines read.
" Phuket Major Crimes Held in Check, Say Police Statistics."

Posted by innocent bystander on June 28, 2012 10:16


Sarayuth Mallam says that you shouldn't be reporting this type of crime, Thailand are so anti-drugs that as long as you have cash you can get off and if this payment didn't get to the person it was meant for, how many payments HAVE got there ?
Anyway..let's talk about the weather that should keep everyone happy !

Posted by Terry on June 28, 2012 13:18

Editor Comment:

Ty will be pleased.


" It is believed the money was a pay-off to a high-ranking official to settle a case involving drugs."

Step 1 - Take broom
Step 2 - Lift carpet
Step 3 - Sweep

Why am I not shocked or surprised by another act of violent crime. Miracle Thailand has become Violent Thailand where you'll get murdered for 300 Baht and upwards and the crime generally go unpunished.

Great advertisement for the criminal underworld - you can get away with anything in Thailand providing you have sufficient cash.

Posted by Graham on June 28, 2012 13:59

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