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Solveig Wilhelms and Morten Adolfsen at Chalong Police Station today

Phuket Police Left to Puzzle Over Tourist's Stolen Bag on Phi Phi

Saturday, March 24, 2012
PHUKET: A holidaying Norwegian couple have created an unusual dilemma by reporting a theft from the island of Phi Phi to police on Phuket, a long ferry ride away.

Solveig Wilhelms, 23, a personal trainer, went with Morten Adolfsen to police at Chalong on Phuket today to report a robbery that took place on Phi Phi, which is in the province of Krabi, on March 16.

Stolen in a snatch-and-run theft at Phi Phi harbor, Ms Wilhelms told police, was her DKNY shoulder bag containing a Canon EOS 550D camera, a telephone, an iPod and 5000 baht.

The couple went to report the theft at Phi Phi police station, but said they could not find a policeman.

So today, having arrived back on Phuket yesterday, they went to Chalong police station in southern Phuket to report the theft. They fly out tomorrow.

Usually, because of the prevalence of cases of insurance fraud, police insist on checking the rooms where couple are staying.

As the theft was reported on Phi Phi, police in Chalong took the report from the Norwegian couple and issued them with a copy of the report. However, the report was an incident report, not an investigation report.

It is not known whether Ms Solveig intends to make an insurance claim or was simply keen to have police know that a snatch-and-run theft had taken place on Phi Phi.

Insurance companies are known to have insisted that police on Phuket check immediately to make sure that tourists do not have the items they claim as having been stolen in their rooms.

Some fraudsters, though, have taken to travelling in groups so the items are secreted in the room of friends.

Another issue has been the rising number of tourists who suggest that items have been stolen from their room safes and claim compensation from individual resorts.

Phuketwan has no reason to believe that Wilhelms is less than honest, but by complaining to Phuket police about a robbery that took place in another province, she has added a fresh complication for police and insurance companies.

Phuket police do not plan on reporting the theft to their counterparts in Krabi province, so that's where the matter ends.


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Giving the tourists the benefit of doubt, it's quite likely that they were not even aware that Phi-Phi is in another province. After all, it's less than a 2hr boat ride away.

Surely it raises suspicion in the eyes of us who know this but we live here. They just visit.

Posted by Steve C. on March 24, 2012 18:59


"The couple went to report the theft at Phi Phi police station, but said they could not find a policeman."

Is this normal?

Posted by larry on March 25, 2012 09:42


"Phuket police do not plan on reporting the theft to their counterparts in Krabi province, so that's where the matter ends. "

This is not best practice, Phuket police should inform their counterparts in Krabi as it may still be possible to retrieve the stolen property and the report would help Krabi police build up there intelligence files on MO's and crime on PHI PHI

Posted by Arthur on March 25, 2012 15:20


This incident should be reported to the Police in the related province. At least they would be aware a problem exists on Phi Phi. Thailand needs tourism and this is not the way to go about trying to improve safety/concerns of tourists.

Posted by chaseone on March 26, 2012 07:37


On March 7, 2012 my bag was stolen while mw with my husband were dining at cafe at Siam Paragon Traiding Center in Bankog. There were credit cards, 2 phones, camera Canon, abt USD1000. We applied to Police box at mall and even saw the theft by video camera at police station but it didn't help us. We were shocked and left without money at all. Thanks God we had passports at our safe in hotel.

Posted by Russian on April 4, 2012 08:07

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