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The  body at The Lantern, an upmarket Phuket City gated community

Phuket Murder Hunt: Expat's Throat Stabbed at Ritzy Phuket City Estate

Monday, August 1, 2011
PHUKET: An expat man with a Russian-Swedish background has had his throat stabbed in a murder at an exclusive property development in Phuket City, say Phuket police.

The man ran to the security guard at the gate of the exclusive property where he was staying about 9pm and called out ''Help! Help!'' while clutching his throat, which appeared to have been slashed with a knife, the guard told Phuketwan.

The hunt is now on for two men seen fleeing through a hole in a fence at the exclusive property to a side lane. In the lane, they pushed a resident off his motorcycle and rode away on it, police said.

One of two reporters at the scene in Kor Kaew, an upmarket part of Phuket City where many expats live, says the dead man's body was on the ground under a white sheet in The Lantern property development.

It is believed the man, a 25-year-old Russian who is a long-time Swedish resident, was a big-bike rider who lived on the premises.

He lived alone in half of a duplex while a friend and his Thai wife shared the other half of the three-storey units.

The friend, father of an infant, told a Phuketwan reporter that he had little to say but wanted to move out immediately.

He said his dead friend had family connections who owned two condominiums in Pattaya.

Police were called to the scene about 9.10pm and a large crowd had gathered 40 minutes later. One line of investigation is that the man may have been the victim of a Phuket motorcycle attack gang.

A pair of plastic wrist restraints were found at the scene. Part of the man's black t-shirt was also found nearby, indicating a fierce struggle.

The dead man was carrying a bag with an Apple computer and other items inside, as well as cash. He wore gold jewellery.

The Lantern is a ritzy estate, near the Royal Phuket Marina and Phuket's British International School.

The dead man is believed to have been living on the estate for about a month.

Earlier today, the two friends had been on a trip to Patong, on Phuket's west coast, then to Chalong, in Phuket's south, to meet friends.

On the way back, the man riding the motorcycle alone stopped at the Subway outlet at the Tesco Lotus supermarket on Phuket City's bypass road while the other man drove his car back to The Lantern, a few kilometres away.

The dead man's green Kawasaki, parked outside his duplex, appeared to have been damaged in a struggle.

Police said it would have been possible for the dead man to have been attacked and for his attacker to have fled through the hole in the side fence without the security guard being aware of what was happening.

Killings involving expats are relatively rare on Phuket.

If the investigation establishes that a murder has been committed, it will be Phuket's second expat murder this year.

On March 15, Phuket and Phi Phi resident Italian Luciano Butti was allegedly murdered by Thais at the behest of his partner, Denis Cavatassi, who is now in Phuket Prison awaiting trial.

On August 14 last year, Englishman Lee Aldhouse allegedly knifed to death American Dashawn Longfellow in southern Phuket. Aldhouse is currently being held in Britain, awaiting the outcome of an extradition hearing.

A Thai man who killed German expat resident Wolf-Dieter Kesselheim outside a 7-Eleven store on January 27 last year was caught and tried and sentenced to 13 years and four months jail on December 16.

The previous year, a Canadian property developer was shot dead outside his Phuket house and a Scotsman was battered to death in his Phuket City apartment in the same week.

The Canadian man's female Singaporean business associate was charged with hiring Thais to kill him. The killer of the Scotsman has never been caught.
Swede's Killing Triggers Phuket Crackdown on Pattaya Crims
Latest Police and other agencies have resolved to prevent expat criminals from Pattaya infecting Phuket after an expat's murder, say Tourist Police and Phuket's commanding officer.
Swede's Killing Triggers Phuket Crackdown on Pattaya Crims

Phuket's Murder Replay: A Horror Show for Three Swedes
Photo Album Murder reenactments are an odd combination or theatrics and real drama, and so it proved for two Swedes in a Shakespearian tropical island tragedy.
Phuket's Murder Replay: A Horror Show for Three Swedes

Updated Report: Phuket Revenge Murder Pair Linked to Pattaya Gang, Swedish Scam
Latest Update Two men arrested within 24 hours for the murder of a Swedish man at an upscale Phuket estate have blown open inquiries into a Pattaya-based Scandinavian telephone scam.
Updated Report: Phuket Revenge Murder Pair Linked to Pattaya Gang, Swedish Scam

Phuket Police Hunt Two Swedes Who Fled Scene of Brutal Phuket Killing: Airport, Border Checks
Breaking News UPDATE Phuket police believe two Swedes wanted over a brutal murder at a luxury housing estate are still on Phuket. The pair are now the targets of a nationwide manhunt.
Phuket Police Hunt Two Swedes Who Fled Scene of Brutal Phuket Killing: Airport, Border Checks

Captured! Armed Phuket Murder Suspects Nabbed
LATEST UPDATE Phuket police confirm they have captured two armed Swedes who fled after allegedly murdering a third Swede at an exclusive residential gated compound in Phuket City.
Captured! Armed Phuket Murder Suspects Nabbed


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Two years ago I lived in that area for a while, quite shocking. Throat slashing at 9pm. That's Burmese style. But not likely with the security around.

Posted by Lena on August 1, 2011 22:37


Lena, what the hell do you know about Burmese and why insinuate they are responsible! Due to the ridiculous rules regarding Burmese in Phuket their movement is highly restricted, and a much more likely event is a fellow expat or a Thai are the ones responsible. Pull your bigoted head out of the anti-Burmese propaganda that many locals make and you may see the real truth.

Posted by Jimmyjoh on August 1, 2011 23:40


I hope they catch the people responsible for this.

Couldn't those plastic strips be used as handcuffs? Maybe this was a kidnapping gone bad. And if this is such an exclusive place (which I presume to mean high rent) why was there a hole in the fence?

Posted by Anonymous on August 2, 2011 07:56

Editor Comment:

As we reported, 'wrist restraints.' Why was there a hole in the fence? So the perpetrators could enter the compound without being spotted. They probably cut the hole.


Has this article been printed with haste? The same news story has conflicting reports, here two men, the other twelve men, two went through a hole in the fence, twelve men scaled the wall, oh... the news at its best!

Posted by coxo on August 2, 2011 09:24

Editor Comment:

I think you'll find our report is accurate. We have the photographs to prove it. If you believe other sites, feel free to keep reading them.


Sorry replace the words Phuket wan with Phuket Gazette in my last MSG.

Posted by mike on August 2, 2011 11:00

Editor Comment:

There's no substitute for a real news organisation, mike.


Check my comment on the other article and read the link below. These 2 men were arrested in a call centre scam in Pattaya back in February. They got out and became murderers.

Posted by Jerry Pacino on August 2, 2011 11:40


Dear Jimmyjoh, I lived nearby and know this area well, so I stated that a robbery gone wrong is not likely to me.

When you read Burmese style you read the hard working Burmese style, while I was sure, every normal recipient would understand the real intention: Burmese m**** style. And if you do not believe me, then ask your favorite police man. Maybe because most of their bad boys consider carrying a gun a too high risk in Thailand unlike Thai assassins who like to spray their victims with bullets to make their point, most violence from them is with knifes. They like to make their point with cuts to the throat.

And maybe it is time for you to consider your perception of the locals.

Posted by Lena on August 2, 2011 14:00


I disagree with the statement
"Killings involving expats are relatively rare on Phuket"
That is Tourist Fodder and far from the truth

Posted by Anonymous on August 2, 2011 14:20

Editor Comment:

No-name, why is it that anonymous people always know the Truth without trying while those of us with real names waste our time actually doing research? I hate to disturb a closed mind too much, but most expat murder victims on Phuket lately have been killed by other expats. And there have been two this year. There were two last year, and two the year before that.

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