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Phuket manhunt leader Colonel Vichid Intharasorn: An expat crime, so who pays?

Phuket Net Closing on Kickbox Killer Suspect

Tuesday, August 17, 2010
THE OFFICER in charge of the manhunt for Phuket's kickbox killer believes the net is closing and his prey has limited options now.

''He has two choices,'' Colonel Vichid Intharasorn told Phuketwan. ''He can surrender to police. We would be happy to see him. Or he can hold out until we come for him.

''There is no escape.''

The wanted man is Lee Aldhouse, 28, who is alleged to have stalked former US Marine DaShawn Longfellow and knifed him to death at the weekend in revenge for losing a bar fight on Phuket.

The headquarters for the murder hunt is the Chalong Police Station in southern Phuket, where Colonel Vichid is superintedent.

Patrol officers from Chalong were called before dawn on Saturday to break up the fight at the Freedom Bar in the nearby beach resort village of Rawai. By the time they got there, the two men had disappeared.

Within the hour, the patrol officers were responding to an emergency call after Mr Longfellow had been stabbed to death at his apartment at Ya Nui Resort II, otherwise known as Paradise Beach, in a quiet area south of Chalong.

Three times a day in shifts, patrol officers set out in twos on motorcycles all over Phuket - and every shift at every police station this week is being briefed to be on the lookout for signs of the suspected kickbox killer, or his Thai girlfriend.

Officers have staked out Mr Aldhouse's premises at the Happy Home mansion block. But he is not expected to return anytime soon.

''Police are just five minutes away from him anywhere around southern Phuket,'' Colonel Vichid said. ''The whole of Phuket is covered by patrols of officers on motorcycles.''

Mr Aldhouse and Mr Longfellow were both kickboxers. Mr Aldhouse has been coming and going as a longstay visitor since 2008. His reputation as an aggressive troublemaker has grown with each visit.

One expat Briton told a UK newspaper: ''He has terrorised this community for years.''

Many muay thai camps have sprung up in the Rawai-Chalong district over the past few years, and local expats fear some of them are encouraging uncontrolled aggression.

But the colonel disagrees. ''Thai boxing is a sport and for self-defence,'' he said. ''It's true that many people are coming from all over the world, including women. There is no increase in levels of local violence.

''We believe this case involves one out-of-control individual. Muay thai is an honorable sport. This killing is personal.''

With a growing number of crimes committed by expats on the generally-peaceful holiday island - American Ronald Fanelli killed a naked bar hostess and stuffed her into a travel bag in June - Colonel Vichid believes tighter controls are needed on expats on Phuket.

''America and Britain, for example, need to tell us whether the people who come here are good or bad. We can't make decisions on the basis of their passports and how they present at the airport.''

Colonel Vichid's posting before becoming superintendent at Chalong was as an Immigration controller at Phuket International Airport for seven years, so he has some idea of the difficulty in sorting good from bad.

''After he is caught, this man will face the Thai judicial system,'' the colonel said. ''If the Englishman is guilty of killing the American, then Thailand has to pay the cost of keeping him in jail for a long time, just because the murder took place here.

''That does not seem right. We would like to send him back to serve his sentence in his home country. But will his country want him back?

''We would like to hear them say that they are prepared to take this accused man back.''

Based on his experience at Immigration, the colonel said that not enough countries supplied holiday destinations like Phuket with blacklists of their own criminals.
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We can see what Aldhouse looks like, what does his girlfriend look like, who may or may not be helping him? I believe the Americans would like to help justice served..after all help has been sent by them...and not one word about the UK's assistance...why is that?

Posted by Anonymous on August 17, 2010 14:43


Why does Thailand still accept tourists to Thailand ? Did PhuketWan inform this police about what 'responsibility' means ?

'We want your money, but we don't want to take responsibility' That is what i'm reading. I'll remember his words until he will eat them when a swedish newspaper shows up and ask where we should do with all the Thai sitting in Swedish jail cost ~ 25.000b/day.

Posted by Anders on August 17, 2010 14:59

Editor Comment:

You are missing the point. This is allegedly a case involving two expats and no Thais - a British man killing an American in Thailand. If a Norwegian kills a Finn in Sweden, Sweden is happy to carry the cost of his long jail term, right? That would be a suitable comparison.


[quote]Based on his experience at Immigration, the colonel said that not enough countries supplied holiday destinations like Phuket with blacklists of their own criminals[/quote]

That's all we need - an immigration officer turner BiB. God help us.

AND, this officer thinks Aldhouse would be on a British "blacklist of criminals". Where do they get these blokes from?

Posted by Mike Boyd on August 17, 2010 18:44


I know that there are many citizens of a certain Asian country ( not Thailand ) in UK jails, for growing cannabis in the UK. They also mostly needed interpreters throughout the legal process. This has reduced now, due to better police detection putting them off, I believe, but it must still be costly for the UK!

Posted by John on August 17, 2010 18:49

Editor Comment:

Sure. What makes this case exceptional - but not unique - is that both the alleged criminal and his victim are not Thai. To stretch the point that the colonel is making a bit further - purely as devil's advocate - why should Thailand have to bear the cost of expats who come for a holiday in Thailand to kill each other?


Sandra Gregory was sentenced to 25 years in jail for smuggling a small amount of heroin out of Thailand ( for someone else ). She transferred to a UK jail after 4 years, where she would have remained, at UK taxpayer's expense, for the remainder of her sentence. She was only released after a pardon from the King of Thailand. The sentence for her crime would have been much lower in England, yet the UK was paying for her time in the UK jail.

Posted by John on August 17, 2010 20:57


Surely, it is immigration who is responsible for the tourists/expats who come here. If they want to make it more difficult for the criminals to get in, they can always ask for a police record like they do when you want to teach in a school.

Posted by Tbs on August 17, 2010 21:55


This murder had absolutely nothing to do with Muay Thai

'Many muay thai camps have sprung up in the Rawai-Chalong district over the past few years, and local expats fear some of them are encouraging uncontrolled aggression.'

Really? Can you find any other examples of the 5000+ Muay Thai students who come here every year being involved in violent incidents?

Anyone who thinks Muay Thai camps encourage uncontrolled aggression has obviously never been to a Muay Thai camp or a Muay thai show.

I believe Phuket Wan also earlier stated that the argument began due to an argument over Muay Thai which is something none of the eye witnesses i spoke to corroborated.

If anything I think Muay Thai discourages aggression.

If local ex pats really think this surely you could have found one that would go on the record about it?

The fact that the two men had trained in Muay Thai appears at this point to be entirely coincidental. Can I suggest that you go and spent time in one of the many excellent Muay Thai camps in Phuket and you will soon realise that Muay Thai in no way encourages aggression.

Posted by James Goyder on August 17, 2010 23:26

Editor Comment:

It's a bold man who can vouch for the behavior of 5000 people. Over five years, that could be as many as 25,000 people.


You'll have to excuse me, because I profess my ignorance in these matters.

But don't the United States - for example - have access to to the criminal records of people who apply for a visa to visit there from the UK. (I assume that rather than having access to the UK database, the request comes in from the US authorities and the UK authorities tell them whether the would-be traveller has any convictions and what they are). AFAIK, you can't get into the US with a criminal record, or in American terms, conviction for a felony.

If the US can have this system/arrangement, why can't Thailand? I suspect that Thai authorities don't want to bar too many tourists - without being fascetious, there are probably hundreds of thousands of travellers to LOS who've blotted their copy books.

But surely an arrangement can be set up where every application for entry to Thailand is met with a request from Thai immigration to the applicant's government as to whether they have been convicted of violent crime or drug offences.

People like Aldhouse shouldn't be allowed to export their brand of violence and stupidity abroad.

Posted by Doug on August 18, 2010 01:30


Picture for viewing if allowed to post.

It's a bit clearer picture and you can see tattoos as well.

Posted by Anders on August 18, 2010 01:38


Back on the subject of who pays for jail time, the colonel should be aware that the UK has a prisoner transfer agreement with Thailand:

Posted by John on August 18, 2010 17:54

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