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Foundation workers recover the body in the hills above Patong

Phuket Murder Mystery: Woman's Near-Naked Body Found in Patong Hills

Monday, September 13, 2010
UPDATE: Photo Album Above

Police have found a mobile telephone sim card at the site of the murder. They believe the woman may be a 21-year-old from the Isarn province of Khonkaen. A second path, leading up from Patong, only takes 30 minute to reach the spot.

Original Report

THE DISCOVERY of the near-naked body of a young woman in the hills between Patong and Karon has sparked a Phuket murder hunt with some bizarre twists.

First, the woman's identity needs to be established.

A local came across the corpse of the young woman today, in jungle near a steep walking track, about halfway between the Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort and the construction site of the Centara Grand, on the beachfront at Karon.

Ong-Art Korngkeaw, 30, told Phuketwan he had been working on tapping the natural spring near a waterfall, high up in the Phuket hills, for five days. He usually carried up his equipment on the steep climb each day.

Khun Ong-Art said he sat down to eat his lunch in the usual spot today, about 1pm. Then he heard the sound of a rock falling, rumbling down the hillside. He looked down - and saw a woman's right hand that had apparently been covered by the rock, until that moment.

Khun Ong-Art told Phuketwan: ''I did not spend another moment up there. I headed straight down the hill, and reported what I'd seen to Chalong police.''

After climbing up the hill and removing more rocks, police found the body of a young Thai woman, aged possibly between 18 and 25, dressed only in a brief pair of shorts. Near her lay a pair of red panties, a red top with white lettering, a black bra, and two candles.

A knife was also nearby, along with a pair of women's flip-flops. One man's flip-flop was also found. A mobile telephone, not far from the body, appeared to have been bashed with a rock.

Officers said the woman's face had been badly battered, probably by one of the rocks that were used to try to cover her body completely. Investigating police from Chalong reckoned she had been dead for at least two days, perhaps longer.

Preliminary examination at the scene revealed that the woman had a navel decoration. There were no other obvious marks or tattoos.

She did not appear to have had children and was about 165 cm tall, with long, dark hair and fair skin.

A used condom was found close to the body. Until further tests are undertaken, no link could be made between the murder and the condom.

Foundation workers carried the body down the steep track and took it to Vachira Hospital in Phuket City, where doctors were undertaking a more detailed physical examination.

The murder in June of Karon Sweethearts Bar hostess Wanpen Pianchai may prove to be an indication of what is likely to happen next.

Friends or family will read about the discovery of the body and report to police that they are not longer able to contact the woman, and do not know her whereabouts.

The track up to the waterfall was known by Phuket locals, but the difficulty of the climb meant it was an unlikely choice for a lovers' tryst.

Phuket residents are likely to focus on this latest mystery, much as they did back in June over the death of Khun Wanpen, whose identity was at first unknown.

Khun Wanpen's naked body was found discarded in a travel bag beside a relatively remote Phuket road. Within days, friends identified her.

Four weeks later, police arrested American tourist Ronald Fanelli, who confessed to stabbing her twice and dumping her. He is now in Phuket Prison, awaiting trial.
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You put the find of a dead woman in tourism news. This story has imho absolutely nothing to do with tourism.

Posted by seabear on September 13, 2010 23:05

Editor Comment:

Safety and security are of concern to tourists as well as residents. If you think that tourism is all about sunshine and shopping, good luck. Is this ''imho'' a typo, or are you writing in some other language?


Beautiful photos. Did not know yet that there are waterfalls in that area.

Some developers should occupy the land and make resorts there.

The positive effect would be that the site would be less attractive for idiots trying to hide murdered women there.

Posted by Martin on September 13, 2010 23:43


For you edification Ed, "imho" is internet slang for "in my humble opinion" Cheers.

Posted by Antz Pantz on September 14, 2010 09:52

Editor Comment:

Ah, thank you. And so we say goodbye to another phrase that once had meaning.


The contrast between this reaction to this crime and that of the murder of K. Wanphen is rather striking. Sadly, the murder of this poor girl (yes this is speculation but there seems to be little else different) who perhaps wasn't killed by a farang. She fades into anonymity and the brutal crime is quickly forgotten.

Alternatively, the crime has been solved and it just has not been reported anywhere. Given the notoriety and parade of the other accused and (justifiably) his victim, that too raises questions.

Posted by Ya Think Doctor? on September 22, 2010 12:37

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