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Phuket's Freedom Bar, where Aldhouse and Longfellow fought

Phuket Murder: Kickboxer's Extradition Order Confirmed, Victim's Family 'Thrilled'

Monday, September 5, 2011
PHUKET: Authorities in Bangkok have confirmed receiving notification from the British Government that the extradition of kickboxer Lee Aldhouse to Thailand to face trial for the Phuket murder of American Dashawn Longfellow has been approved.

No comment is being made at this stage because the Attorney General's Department in Bangkok, having overseen the precedent-setting pursuit of Mr Aldhouse this far, is anxious not to have barriers erected in the process of his speedy return for trial on Phuket.

While there is no official comment, the US family of the former Marine who was knifed to death on Phuket in August last year has told Phuketwan they are delighted with news that British Foreign Secretary Theresa May has approved the extradition.

Marquis Longfellow wrote in response to a reporter's question on a Facebook tribute page to his brother: ''That was great news to hear after a long year we can finally get a litte piece of mind to know my brother Dashawn's killer is finally being brought to justice.

''I wish i could see the look on Lee's face when he is forced to rot in prison for the life he took from us. I love and miss you very much, Dashawn. I look forward to the day i can see you again you are and always will be my hero.''

A sister, Bobbette Anderson, responded: ''Dashawn's family is THRILLED that the extradition is going to happen. We have waited over a year now for this decision and can only hope the trial in Thailand will be swift and justice will finally be served with that bastard rotting in a Thai prison.''

Mr Aldhouse still has 14 days in which to appeal to Britain's High Court. A Queen's Counsel is overseeing the case on behalf of Mr Aldhouse, so an appeal would seem likely.

It appears, though, that the Foreign Secretary may have rejected an argument that conditions in Thai jails fall below international standards as a reason for disallowing the extradition.

If for some reason the British High Court turns down Thailand's application, it would be highly likely that the American Government would step in on behalf of Mr Longfellow's family to seek alternative means of having Mr Aldhouse face a trial.

Mr Longfellow was 23 and a former Marine who had been awarded a Purple Heart when he was stabbed to death after a bar brawl on Phuket last year. Mr Aldhouse, having challenged fellow kickboxer Mr Longfellow to a fight and lost, then allegedly went to a nearby 7-Eleven store, secured two knives, went to Mr Longfellow's nearby apartment and ambushed him when he returned home.

While officials are reluctant to talk about the case, the murder and extradition application appear to be precedent-setting for several reasons.

With several Britons already in Phuket Prison, the difference in conditions between prisons in Thailand and elsewhere seems, on the basis of the Foreign Secretary's decision, to be of less importance than the need for justice to be pursued.

Another difference is that Thailand does not employ the jury system, so judges in Thailand will decide guilt or innocence if the extradition is carried out.

A plea of guilty generally carries more concessions in Thailand than in most Western countries.

But having fled the country and fought extradition, could Mr Aldhouse eventually find it in his best interests to plead guilty if and when he is placed on trial for murder on Phuket?

Mr Longfellow's family and friends will have to wait for fate to answer that one.


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He still has 14 days to appeal the ruling.

Posted by Xircal on September 5, 2011 17:34


If he hadn't been a Marine, I doubt we'd have seen this outcome. NOBODY messes with the Marines.

Posted by J Jonah Jameson on September 5, 2011 17:51

Editor Comment:

Fortunately the Marines' leaders understand the final option is to fight, J Jonah Jameson. Fights can get dirty. Everybody loses.


Nobody messes with the ENGLISH

Posted by Cockney on September 8, 2011 00:47


Actually, messing with the english has been done for centurys. In this particular case the ENGLISH guy got beaten fair and square first, then he he went out and bought knives that he then [allegedly] used to murder the Marine..If this is your idea of "english" superiority...Well.

Posted by christian on September 8, 2011 11:02


It's been over 14 days. Is there any new news that I missed?

Posted by VFaye on September 27, 2011 12:59

Editor Comment:

We're still awaiting a response from the usually-efficient Foreign Office but we understand an appeal is underway.


lee aldhouse, face justice like a man!!!

Posted by terry on January 10, 2012 20:30


Terry, he didn't fight like a man on that night. He lost the bar fight and so, quite unlike a man but very like a psychopathic monster, he hid outside a man's bedroom door, waited for him to open it, pounced on him and stabbed him to death. That's the mark of the kind of man Lee Aldhouse is. He should rightly face the Thai firing squad for his crime, but we all know that foreigner murderers are not executed in Thailand unlike Thais. So he will rot slowly in a Thai jail for 20-30 years at the taxpayers' expense. Disgusting!

Posted by Anonymous on January 10, 2012 23:05

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