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The crash scene on Patong Hill today where a british woman was killed

Phuket Motorcycle Crash Kills British Woman, Injures Friend on Patong Hill

Saturday, December 12, 2015
PHUKET: One British woman is dead and a second woman in hospital after their motorcycle and a pickup crashed on Phuket's Patong Hill today.

The dead woman, aged 32, turned right from a side road into the path of a pickup crossing the hill at 11.18am.

The injured woman was taken to Patong Hospital, with the body of her friend.

At least one safety helmet was found at the scene but it was not clear whether either of the riders was wearing it at the time.

The women are believed to be tourists. At the scene, police also found brochures that indicated the pair could have been working as touts.

Investigations are being continued by officers from Kathu Police Station.

Phuketwan has been given the dead woman's name but will not publish it until relatives have been informed.


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"At least one safety helmet was found at the scene"

Many people don't seem to understand that if you don't secure the chin-strap, you may as not wear a helmet.

Posted by Sir Burr on December 12, 2015 14:09


What many also don't seem to understand is that if you have never ride motorbike in your life before Thailand is not the safest place to learn.

Posted by Stuart on December 12, 2015 17:54

Editor Comment:

That sounds as though, as is too often the case, you have made a judgement with only the foggiest notion of the facts, Stuart.


@Sir Burr if you haven't noticed Thai safety helmets are at best a decoration there's no safety standard to meet long over due something was done about that if you think you have a 100 baht head by all means wear a 100 baht helmet,the road toll here is a disgrace high time a massive reform and approach was taken to addressing it.

Posted by slickmelb on December 12, 2015 18:08


Doing a u-turn there is not only illegal but also pretty stupid

Posted by FS on December 12, 2015 20:54


Er, I was talking generally not about this specific case Ed. Still well done, you got through a whole sentence without mentioning the word Bigot, that's progress.

Posted by Stuart on December 12, 2015 22:38

Editor Comment:

Our thoughts are with the women and their families, Stuart. RIP. Sad you lack compassion.


Absolutely disgusting and disgraceful comments on here. I am friends with the beautiful angel who sadly lost her life and it is an absolutely tragedy and completely disrespectful. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Posted by Melissa on December 13, 2015 06:51


Feminists "taught me" to be responsible for my actions, which they thought to be wrong, in their opinion and judgement. That was in a matter of life and death. Since then I consider that to be the truth.
So in these comments common sense are trying to prevail further death on the roads.
All respect for the diseased whoever was the cause of the accident.

Posted by A Joe on December 13, 2015 10:07

Editor Comment:

We publish your comment as proof of the trashy, heartless minds of some people. That's you, A Joe. RIP young lady.


Well Ed, no offence taken actually. I Have friends died of cancer and have to face death on every cigarette package I have friends that have drowned and read on every boat signs that tell me to behave on board and so on and on. Death toll on Phuket on the roads are horrendous and everyone that have an input here on the comments how to stop it should be welcomed. It is a hard world on the streets and in general. The feminists taught me that.

Posted by A Joe on December 13, 2015 11:53


I am the driver of the scooter, we were both wearing helmets & always do & have ridden a bike since 19. Speed Kills & that is what caused this accident someone doing 140K on a blind bend & making no effort to stop

Posted by Julie Robinson on December 13, 2015 13:09

Editor Comment:

Thanks, Julie. Sorry for your loss. I apologise for the deadbeats who think their opinions are important.


Don't make assumptions on what you may read the fact of the matter is a beautiful lady has lost her life !! I can't believe that it is true, such a caring genuine friend taken far too soon. Thoughts are with all her friends and family right now x

Posted by JC on December 13, 2015 15:18


Dear Julie, I am terribly saddened by this all too common occurrence in Thailand (like many other readers of Phuketwan I'm sure). Over the forty years plus since I first came here I've witnessed some appalling accidents and nearly been wiped out on countless occasions - both behind the wheel of a car/pick-up and on a motorbike (as, I'm sure, many others reading this have). Indeed, travelling on the roads here, either as a driver or passenger, is one of the seriously disagreeable aspects of living in Thailand. The utter thoughtlessness, selfishness, and carelessness of many local people on the roads is astonishing, and a source of endless conversations with my (Thai) wife - herself a very capable, safe driver (here I should add, I'm loathe to make generalisations about Thai people having had a very long and deep relationship with the country since the early 70s).

The extremely high road toll is a national disgrace, much discussed in both the English and Thai language press - over many years. Yet no serious attempts have been made to address the carnage (proper practical driver/motorbike training - the formal test to obtain a license is all very well, as to actually being able to control a vehicle - that requires an enormous amount of work). The issue of helmets and motorbikes is largely a joke - most of the helmets worn would offer little protection at even the most minimal speed. The 'helmets' worn by the police themselves are definitely in this category and would not be safety approved in any country taking road safety as a serious issue. The wearing of seat belts also frequently verges on the farcical in all too many instances. As for speeding and the patent disregard for the life and limb of others - it's on display every minute of every day. And then you've always got to look left, right, front, back - a couple of times, to avoid being hit by some lunatic motorbike rider coming down the road the wrong way. There are no easy answers to any of this madness. The best one can do (apart from always wearing a genuine crash helmet or being properly belted in) is be extremely vigilant, cautious, and mindful every time you venture out on the roads - regardless of what part of Thailand you happen to be in. As you know, this can be a terribly dangerous place. My sincerest condolences.

Posted by kaenphet on December 13, 2015 15:21


Kaenphet. Thanks for highlighting the mentality that are out there on the roads. The margins are very very small and there seems to be no respect for life and it seems to be very hard to change it. Maybe more advertising in television, at least 50 a day on every channel about speed and keeping distance for example. Speed is maybe the biggest factor that kills but also unfortunately other factors in tourist areas are countable.

P.s in one of my earlier comments the word prevail should have been prevent (English is not my native language)

D.s There is always very sad when it comes to loss of life so of course it is the case with this young lady too.

Posted by A Joe on December 13, 2015 16:19


@A Joe

One of the biggest mistakes of the modern world is the mantra that "speed kills" - this is simply not true, just look at the German autobahns - the derestricted areas are some of the safest roads in the world. What causes road deaths is bad driving and poor decision making, which includes driving an inappropriate speed.

50kmh past a school at school closing time is extremely dangerous and inappropriate. 200kmh on a safe autobahn with good lane discipline and other cars doing the same is perfectly safe as shown by the statistics.

Over here in thailand the total disregard for traffic laws (visitors and local alike) is what causes the incredibly high fatalities

I totally agree and have said many times on the pages that the only way to cure this is to make it socially unacceptable - and that will come through education and safety campaigns, much like drunk driving was cut dramatically in UK and Aus by aggressive campaigns. Real change will take at least a generation, it's today's teenagers that we need to influence so the next generation of drivers will be more sensible.

There seems no will to do the same in thailand sadly.

Posted by Discover Thainess on December 13, 2015 16:43



Posted by Davey kristy on December 14, 2015 01:19


@ discover Thainess, Speed Does kill this is well documented & a person's chances of survival & extent of injuries are well documented. In case you hadn't realised, the Germans never cross an Autobahn either on foot by car or scooter!

Posted by Julie Robinson on December 15, 2015 13:49


Julie Robinson,
I thought is was the rapid deceleration that increased the chance of injury and it cannot be a coincidence that the worst drivers appear to decelerated at higher rates, usually into walls, poles and other cars.

Posted by MoW on December 15, 2015 15:52


@ Julie Robinson

With all due respect and condolences for your loss, the stretch of road is straight for several hundred meters with unobstructed view. Those who do not live on Phuket can easily verify this with Google Streetview.

If what you said " someone doing 140K on a blind bend & making no effort to stop " was true, you would not be here writing. The pickup truck would have been a write-off and the bike in a million pieces and nowhere near the place of impact.

From the crash pictures one can clearly see the impact speed was a fraction of what you claim "made no effort to stop" from 140 km/h.

On Autobahn you are not even allowed to stop other than in designated rest areas but that's irrelevant. Would you blame speed for killing someone who suddenly tried to cross such a road ?

Contrary to your claim, speed did not kill in this accident. It was the careless turning off a side street into oncoming traffic.

Traffic on the main road has right of way and those turning off the side streets have to yield.

Posted by Herbert on December 15, 2015 16:44


Herbert you have no official expertise in these matters & your opinions are just that, opinions.......there is no other way of getting into Patong apart from crossing as we did & have done many times before.......there are no marks from someone breaking hard on the road.......I will not be replying to any more comments

Posted by Julie Robinson on December 16, 2015 09:40



Posted by Mister Ree on December 16, 2015 10:22

Editor Comment:

An anonymous commenter insisting on his rights is like an ant demanding to get to the front of the queue, Mister Ree. If your opinion is so important to you, attach a real name to it. Otherwise, stop kidding yourself. Go and read a little Voltaire: better still, add a chapter on the virtues of having a voice but no face.



Herbert is quite correct, and as I said before, "speed" does not kill, but inappropriate use of speed does. My sincere condolences for the loss of your friend but the pictures absolutely suggest the scooter rider was at fault for pulling out into the path of the pickup.

Unless evidence is provided that the truck was speeding (calibrated speed detection device such as radar or laser) then a claim of 140kmh cannot be substantiated.

Speed does not kill. Bad driving kills.

Posted by Discover Thainess on December 16, 2015 10:37


Has it come to the attention of any of you know-it-alls that there was a human life lost here? That your need to show that you are right, that you know more than anyone else is less important than that there are people who are genuinely impacted by this tragic accident? How about that your uniformed speculative comments have no value other than propping up your own ego? This thread is horrifying.

It seems it always is the same group on here that rush to judgement and speculation on every article. This depsite not being there, not being part of the investigative team, not having any evidence except their own opinions. Constantly you weigh in as judge, jury and executioner irregardless of how hurtful it is, just so everyone understands that YOU know.

It's been stated by this person that she was driving and just lost her friend in a tragic accident. She's asked you to be sensitive to those involved. She does not care about your theories of deceleration, Autobahn analagies, worst drivers, etc. and neither does anyone else. She has had a tragic loss. How about sympathy, sadness, caring, compassion? Can you find those somewhere? Have you heard of them? Have you felt the loss of a beloved friend before? Are you human?

Phuketwan's open forum has taught me three things.

1. That people will flout their "expertise" in direct proportion of how little they have.

2. That keyboard know-it-alls are more cruel and callous than I ever imagined.

3. Open forums are most used by bigoted insensitive louts and should not be allowed on most news.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all touched by this horrible mishap, I have no doubt it will be life-changing for many. Regardless of who is right or wrong or even why it happened the loss of an innocent person in the prime of their life is to be mourned. I hope you find strength and hope in this time of need.

Posted by Martin on December 16, 2015 10:38


Has this poor women been named yet?

Posted by Gent on December 17, 2015 00:14

Editor Comment:

Rebecca Leanne Shaw, 32, is the name of the deceased.


Martin, an excellent post. The loss to the family in this tragic accident cannot be put into words. Devastated only touches the surface. RIP Becky xxxx

Posted by Mark on December 17, 2015 06:10



I disagree with your post entirely, everyone has been extremely sympathetic for the sad loss.

Julie chose to join the debate and made a number of claims which are unsubstantiated so far, by joining a forum then other members have every right to challenge.

@Joe also made claims in open forum. Again, other members of the forum have every right to challenge these, especially when these are centered around the dramatic cry of "Speed Kills" - a statement which statistically is not true.

If you dont like an open forum then please feel free not to read it. This is the whole point of "free speech"

Posted by Discover Thainess on December 17, 2015 14:15

Editor Comment:

Anonymous posters using aliases have no concept of ''free speech,'' DT. Spreading guesswork and maligning a grieving road traffic victim is an extremely low act. You should be ashamed of yourself.


As stated by others. There is no blind bend and its actually a straight stretch of road down that section.
I drive past it everyday.
Its ok Julie if you made an error in judgement but please dont make up the road conditions to absolve your responsiblity as the rider and ease the guilt, its just not fair.
Accidents happen.
Sorry for your loss and may she rest in peace.

Posted by Michael on December 17, 2015 18:02

Editor Comment:

Accidents don't ''happen.'' To speculate about any ''error of judgement'' is shameful and totally disrespectful. Anonymous commenters do not have the right to speculate about real-world events involving real people. You're showing that you have no judgement at all, Michael. There were specific causes for this needless tragedy. But rather than apply guesswork and assumptions, we'd prefer to await the verdict of a British coroner. What can be said with certainty is that it's a dangerous stretch of road, with motorcycles turning into it from sideroads especially vulnerable to any lack of care by the drivers of larger vehicles. Nothing else can be assumed.



Not ashamed in the slightest - I have every right to have my opinion, as do you and everyone else. That's the joy of living in a country with free speech.

Posted by Discover Thainess on December 17, 2015 20:18

Editor Comment:

Real people have a right to free speech in a free country, DT. Online opinions by anonymous characters are not even real opinions. You may take what you say seriously, but let me assure you, many others do not. It's unreasonable to guess about any incident, especially a tragedy, unless you were there.



How will a British Coroner be in a better position than people who can see the photos and drive that road every day?

Posted by Elephants Gerald on December 17, 2015 20:32

Editor Comment:

Driving the road every day gives you no expertise to express a view about what happened in this tragedy, EG. To guess from the photos only makes you seem even more inclined to foolishness than most. The coroner will make a verdict based on the police report and evidence from other witnesses. Real people, and a real-world judgement based on the facts.


The women lost her life can all you jokers stop going on about how safe or not German roads are. Thai roads are not safe, end of. leave it alone, can you imagine the girls parents having to read all the nonsense posted here, it will not make the process of death any easier!

Posted by ade williams on December 17, 2015 22:46



Posted by bruce orbell on December 18, 2015 08:52

Editor Comment:

Golly, the trolls are out in numbers today. Could we have said something she didn't like?


Like i said morisen, you are a gutless coward.

Posted by bruce orbell on December 18, 2015 09:49

Editor Comment:

Like I said, BO, readers can tell with ease whether trolls are a reliable source of the truth.

You and the few others like you are the obvious ''gutless cowards,'' so obsessed with Self that you can't even tell right from wrong. Shame, shame, shame.



Posted by bruce orbell on December 18, 2015 13:35

Editor Comment:

Most readers don't want me to publish the idiotic comments of trolls, so it's ''goodbye to BO.''



Posted by bruce orbell on December 18, 2015 15:02

Editor Comment:

What Bruce was trying to say but couldn't quite manage, given his IQ: Dearest editor, I will be so sorry when there's no Phuketwan to properly explain to me what's happening. The loss will be quite complete as I am not quite capable of thinking for myself yet. I hope that comes soon, but I have certainly been relying on PW to do all my thinking for me for many years now. Goodbye. I will miss you.


Thankyou Martin for having the intelligence to realize that things are not always what they seem, fotos show how & where bike ended up, not impact, we flew of that scooter through the air, thankfully there are witnesses to this. @ Michael, are you the Michael that I sent money to when you were stuck potless in Cambodia? It's been a tough week, but thankfully the people out in the real world have been so different to the vile/spiteful ones on here.

Posted by Julie on December 20, 2015 19:34


RIP to the young lady and thoughts are with her family. I would just personally advise anyone who visits Thailand to avoid renting scooters, jet skis etc. Despite how experienced you might be the same can't be said for everyone else on the road. I'm even dubious about riding bicycles in England because you've got nothing to protect yourself if you or someone else makes a mistake.

Posted by Anonymous on December 22, 2015 11:25


RIP BECKY .Thank you editor for slating these horrid trolls.what awfull nasty people you all are.if you cant say anything nice.dont say a anything at all.i am a friend of becky ,went to her engagement at thai restaurant.every one loved her .every one is grieving back here.friends in wilmslow .terrible news.i knew here well .her partner is parents .she comes home today.julie ,dont let these type of low life people with nothing better to do as to upset people who are in enough pain .talk about kick someone when there down.god bless you .rip becky .you were a beautiful lady .so young .so going to be missed .only a few weeks ago we talked in grove st.wilmslow while you were walking your dog .god bless x

Posted by mark on December 22, 2015 22:14


Is not that lane only for motorbikes ? Begins at the top of the mountain whit the tempel and go down to Patong Temple. right or wrong?

Posted by Bjorn Ronningen on December 26, 2015 19:16

Editor Comment:

Right, but where the crash took place and where the vehicle ended up could be quite different places. The photographs do not describe what happened.


This place they have CCTV camera, so it`s easily to se which lane the car come down the hill and speed. If you look on the picture upper right over the red color car ,you se one CCTV Camera.

Posted by Bjorn Ronningen on December 27, 2015 04:31

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