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A security camera recorded the Russian woman on the motorcycle

Phuket Man Raped Russian Tourist Twice, Say Karon Police

Sunday, September 28, 2014
PHUKET: A man accused of raping a Russian tourist on Phuket says that the woman was drunk and that she agreed to have sex with him twice.

The woman, however, told police that the man offered to give her a ride to her Patong resort from Karon and instead took her to his apartment, where he bound her wrists with a torn sheet.

Officers from Karon Police Station found the torn sheet when they arrested Somdate Srisai, 33, about 6.30pm at his apartment near Karon circle. He denied raping the woman and said sex was consensual.

The woman, aged 29, went to police with her boyfriend about 12.30pm and told them that she had been out drinking with friends at a resort in Karon the previous night. About 4am, she sought a motorcycle taxi back to the Patong resort.

Khun Somdate pulled up and offered to take her on his motorcycle. He took her to his apartment, bound her wrists and raped her twice, the woman told police.

She said he was eventually persuaded to take her back to the Patong resort, where her boyfriend urged her to go to the police.

Security camera footage enabled police to quickly track Khun Somdate to his apartment, where he was arrested. The investigation is continuing.


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The question is, " Why she allowed to follow him into his apartment? "

Posted by James on September 28, 2014 08:13


In a world like "1984," we would know who is lying, as it would all be on video.

We don't want a world like that - but we get a world like this.

This one is more tolerable, and just as problematic.

Posted by farang888 on September 28, 2014 09:11


Do you see the eyes of this motor cycle taxi driver (photos taken at police station)? Huh! Who wants to take a safe ride with him at 04:00 AM?

Posted by Kurt on September 28, 2014 10:15

Editor Comment:

Judging people by the way they look is a sign of ignorance, Kurt.


James -

Does it really matter if she followed him to his apartment???

Rape is rape.

It may come as a shock, but there are women who come from small towns and places where people have unconditional trust and would never in a million years think something that evil could happen.

Posted by Tyler on September 28, 2014 10:50


Mr. Editor, Eyes, body language, are a reflection of the soul/mind. Just look yourself how this man looks and sit in the police station after being charged!
Cold blooded.( a reflection of:nobody can do anything against me) Another negative blow to Phuket. It is not just the 'look', mr Editor, I am sure you know that.

Posted by Kurt on September 28, 2014 11:39

Editor Comment:

I know, Kurt, that people who judge others by the way they look should know better.


Mr Editor, this reaction you not need to publish. It is more personal. You and I are not born yesterday, right? Look how this charged person is sitting/hanging in the police station. More than 5 photos of it. Body language and eye look are showing. I am sure you are not blind, and see it. ( This message is not ment to 'win' a discussion. I just feel to express to you that I made during my whole working life many 3-month conduct states of people. ( should they kept in the job, should they promoted?). I never judged on a simple 'look'. It is look, behavior, body language and eyes. I was trained in that. Perhaps you give the photos another look? ( not needed to put this online).

Posted by kurt on September 28, 2014 12:00


Evil people has Sanpaku eyes, Google it ignorant people, especially you Mr. Pol. Correct Morrisson! It??s also a prevalent sign of using the "thai household medication" Yabaa. How you, Mr. Morrisson is still alive in LOS with your amazing ignorance is a mystery to me. Have a blessed sunday, have you been to Church yet???

Posted by Wilai on September 28, 2014 12:24

Editor Comment:

Still posing as a Thai? Now that's evil.


Totally Agree with Kurt....

Posted by Robert on September 28, 2014 12:28


Hopefully at a later stage the full facts of this case will come to light but right now it's certainly not helping to restore the confidence of visitors in Thailand as a safe destination.
Subjective impressions have a far greater impact on the general public than dry statistics.

Posted by Herbert on September 28, 2014 12:56


Cases like this should be treated with the utmost discretion to protect the victim (which is not always the claimant) until the police have completed their investigations.

Posted by Paul on September 28, 2014 14:35


I would like to remind everyone not all the facts are known from this article. No knocking PW. When the Police etc have more facts I am sure appropriate action will be taken. It was not so long ago that we had a sweet looking Australian girl claim she was raped by a motorcycle taxi only to later admit lying and then she was given a prison sentence albeit only 14 days from memory. To me that was way too short compared to the loss of face the poor taxi driver had too endure. I am not saying that is the case here but without all the facts all comments are irrelevant.

Posted by Feisty Farang on September 28, 2014 15:58


this stupid editor would get with a totally crazy looking guy onto a motorcycle, only because he finds its not right to judge ppl by their looks..

your really an ultra idiot, editor...

Posted by potty on September 28, 2014 17:06

Editor Comment:

Only someone less than completely sane would get on any motorcycle in Thailand, potty. Were you trained as a child?


Try to make a smart reply to this Ed, your type of attitude is why people will stop coming to patong

Posted by dukkkman on September 28, 2014 19:06

Editor Comment:

Hello dukkkman. The fact is, nobody cares what you think. And sure, we have a lot of power.



How old are you? At your age are you still thinking like a member of " The Salvation Army?"
Follow me. She met him at 6,30pm; her boyfriend was waiting at the hotel; they ( decided to go ) went to the police the day after at 12,30pm. Did they ( she and her boyfriend ) have enough time to " write down " the matter of the rape? At your age it would be better to think that the action of " raping " even happens in the monastery. So, there are not any " inexperienced or naive " women on Phuket Island, especially from Russia!

Posted by James on September 28, 2014 20:12


1st. Why she went in his apartment, at 4 AM? =Possibly she was very UTI = Under the Influence from alc. or? and not full aware from the possible consequences in her condition - Zombie like.
2nd You writing a new time frame? "She met him at 6,30pm; her boyfriend was waiting at the hotel; they ( decided to go ) went to the police the day after at 12,30pm."
I read in the article = The incident happened after 4 AM, at 12:30 PM same day the couple went to police. The police "arrested Somdate Srisai, 33, about 6.30pm at his apartment" do not alter the facts.

Posted by Alfred on September 28, 2014 23:05


I would venture that 4am in the morning and full of vodka is not the best time to be judging another's "character"...

Posted by Ty on September 29, 2014 06:51


This guy not Phuket Local man , he from Nakhonpathom province, work and live in Phuket.

Posted by qwerty on September 29, 2014 10:46


The pointy-headed gang is out in full force again - sporting nice bright Red Dunce Caps - Incoming - So to avoid being hit right between the eyes - just Dukkkman!

Posted by farang888 on September 29, 2014 21:31

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