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Patrol police at Chalong are briefed in the hunt for a killer

Phuket Kickbox Killing: US Officer Aids Manhunt

Monday, August 16, 2010
THE US EMBASSY is understood to be taking a keen interest today in the manhunt for the ''mad'' English kickboxer who allegedly killed former US marine DaShawn Longfellow in a frenzy of vengeance at the weekend.

A senior US embassy official from Bangkok is at Chalong Police Station, headquarters in southern Phuket for the manhunt. The wanted man, Lee Aldhouse, 28, has not been seen since he lost a fight at the Freedom Bar to Longfellow then allegedly stalked his opponent, knifing him to death before dawn on Saturday.

It is believed that Mr Aldhouse's Thai girlfriend is on the run with him.

Friends in the US, on Phuket and in the US Marines were today mourning Mr Longfellow, 23, a former Marine who friends say was honored with two Purple Heart awards for being wounded during combat missions.

Here's what those who knew him were writing on Dashawn Longfellow's Facebook page, with an RIP as follows:

''Dashawn was killed in cold blood on the 14th of August 2010. He didn't deserve to die like this. He served two tours in the war, got two purple hearts after being hurt by his vehicle exploding while he was there and going back to save who he could. He was awarded many more medals. The bastard who took his life must be punished. he must be found.
R.I.P Dashawn you will forever be loved''

Viviana Marrone Coelho My condolences to this young man's family - what a senseless act of cowardice on the part of the person who did this. My heartfelt thanks, also, to his family on his military service. God bless you and may God grant eternal rest to Dashawn.

Dawn Gronbach To the family of Dashawn: My son was a friend of Dashawns, was in 'Stan with him. This is really hard for him to accept, but in time, he will have to. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers.

Myelia Sophus Your family will stay in my prayers

David E Coffill God Bless your family and God Bless your soul Dashawn! Thank you for your service to our country!!!

Jim Gallagher Sorry to hear of the sad loss by a bully from my country the UK. I hate Bullys full stop. Looks like Dashawn had the better of this bully. RIP.
My brother mike owns a bar in the same area and i have just spoken to him to get the full story. this is what he wrote. Hope this helps:
It happened in freedom bar... The guy was a bully and picked on a young marine who was minding his own business. But the marine was also studying kickboxing, there are hundreds of gyms here in my area so not good to be a dick. Anyway the marine was followed into the toilet by the bully.... But the marine beat him up! So the bully waited until the young marine went home. Followed him and stabbed him multiple times to death. But he wants to hand himself in because the Thais are looking for him, hundreds of them, and they WILL kill him.

Laura Mihanni Walker I can't believe this happened! I only met you once, but I always remembered how highly ur family spoke of you and loved you! You will always be remembered! Praying for all of your family!!

Mollie Maxine Davis Rest in peace. You didn't deserve this. Sabre, you are in my thoughts.

Matt Gronbach DASHAWN.... i have trouble excepting that fact that your gone... so i won't... you'll always be with us all... i love you brotha.... always be in my thoughts and prayers.. watch over us you big teddy bear...

Grant Atteberry remember you from middle school and from high school. played football together and shred a few beers. not a way to go from this world so early. RIP Dashawn, we will lwys remember you.

Ishmael A Seymour U will always be remembered and it was an honor to serve next to you bro. R.I.P. it truly hurts to see you go this way and my deepest thoughts and prayers go to you and your family. you will be missed my brother:(

Sue Conradie My thoughts are with the family and friends, I currently stay in Thailand, I have not met him, I just wanted to say I'm so sorry for your great loss.. may God embrace you in your time of mourning...

Daniel Lenel Dear Dashawn Langfellow, It was an honor being on the same team as you, You might not know this but you were the one i looked up to the most in wrestling and football, Your character will be something i never forget, You are the man and i miss in peace my brother.. i love you..

Sabre Anderson the man responsible for my brother's death is named Lee Aldhouse. they have to find him. he can not get away with this

Jonathan Boyd My thought are with Dashawns friends and family, I am currently in Phuket and met Dashawn a few times and can honestly say he was a really down to earth and friendly guy.

Joely Joel Blackmon He will never be forgotten.
How a War Hero Died in Phuket's Kickbox Killing: Stalker Struck in the Dark
Timetable to a Murder Police are continuing the manhunt for a muay Thai kickboxer and murder suspect they believe is still a fugitive, loose on Phuket.
How a War Hero Died in Phuket's Kickbox Killing: Stalker Struck in the Dark

Phuket Manhunt for Kickbox Killer 'Mr Lee' Widens
Updated Report The Phuket police hunt for the Englishman known as ''Mr Lee'' who allegedly knifed an American to death continued today amid confused reports about his identity.
Phuket Manhunt for Kickbox Killer 'Mr Lee' Widens

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Security Cam Shot of Alleged Killer A massive manhunt was on across Phuket today for an Englishman who fled after knifing an American to death at a southern resort.
Phuket Manhunt for Expat Killer: Englishman Knifes American to Death After Fight in Bar

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The world is not big enough for Lee to hide in. (moderated)

Posted by Anonymous on August 16, 2010 14:30

Editor Comment:

Thanks, anonymous, for your brave comment.

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