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Family photo of Phuket jet-ski crash victims Zhao Qiang and Chu Fang

Phuket Jet-Ski Crash Victims' Ashes Flown Home

Sunday, December 12, 2010
JET-SKI crash victims Zhao Qiang and his wife Chu Fang were cremated yesterday at a Buddhist temple in Phuket City before their ashes were flown home to China.

Present yesterday at the ceremony were parents Zhao Pingsheng and Mrs Shao Ping and Chu Xiaoyun and Mrs Fang Xiaohong, who accompanied the ashes of their newly-wed children home.

The young holidaymakers, both aged 28, died instantly when their hired jet-ski crashed into a catamaran off Patong beach on December 1.

Their deaths were the second and third fatalities involving Phuket jet-skis since May, when Singapore man Loh Ying Jie died after a long period in a coma following a collision with another jet-ski ridden by his friend, Tang Jun Han.

The Chinese Association of Phuket covered all costs of yesterday's ceremony at the Kosit Temple, in Phuket City.

An investigation by Phuketwan indicates that less than half the jet-skis on Phuket are now insured, and that the compulsory insurance scheme seen as the solution to a spate of jet-ski frauds last year has been followed by more frauds and three deaths so far this year.

Jet-ski frauds and the safety of holidaymakers who use jet-skis remain separate but associated issues, with the most recent deaths highlighting the need to control jet-skis and curtail their use in beach areas being used by vulnerable swimmers, and immovable hazards.

An exclusive report in this week's Issue 146 of The Phuket Post reveals that it is the intention of Phuripat Theerakulpisut, whose role as Chief of Marine Office 5 involves regulating jet-skis, to ask Phuket Governor Tri Augkaradacha whether he wishes to end the use of all jet-skis on Phuket in March next year.

March 2011 marks the end of a seven-year period of grace that was intended to serve as a suitable set time - the life expectancy of a jet-ski - in which to phase out all of Phuket's jet-skis under a plan agreed with Governor Tri's predecessor in 2004.

The Thai Government recently announced its intention to make Thailand a more completely ''green'' tourist destination, leaving a big question-mark over the future of jet-skis in Phuket and Pattaya.
Phuket's Uninsured Jet-Skis Outnumber Insured
Latest Two more deaths on a jetski at Patong are likely to intensify pressure to make Phuket's jetskis safe or get rid of them. Less than half the jetskis are insured, an investigation reveals.
Phuket's Uninsured Jet-Skis Outnumber Insured

Teen Survives Phuket Jet-Ski Deaths 'Replay'
Latest A teenager is believed to have been at the controls of a Phuket jetski when it crashed into a boat off a Phuket resort near Patong, where a couple died in a similar crash only 24 hours earlier.
Teen Survives Phuket Jet-Ski Deaths 'Replay'

Two Tourists Killed as Phuket Jet-Ski Hits Catamaran
Photo Album Two tourists have been killed when their jetski crashed into a catamaran off Patong around 11.15am. The deaths are likely to bring instant action on controls over jet skis.
Two Tourists Killed as Phuket Jet-Ski Hits Catamaran

Patong Tourists 'Deliberately Crashed' Jet-Skis
Latest A pair of Australian tourists admitted deliberately crashing two jet skis but were not prepared to pay the 250,000 baht asking price for repairs. They settled on 80,000 baht.
Patong Tourists 'Deliberately Crashed' Jet-Skis

Governor Promises a 'Safer Phuket' for Aussies
Latest The safety of tourists was high on the agenda when Australia's new ambassador called on Phuket's new governor. The governor has some improvements in mind.
Governor Promises a 'Safer Phuket' for Aussies


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so what action will be taken by the vested interests, ED. None i would think. It would be interesting to here the doctor do all in Patongs comments on Jet ski's ???

Posted by lord Jim on December 12, 2010 11:13

Editor Comment:

Your posturing shows a lack of serious intent. If you already know all the answers, why bother asking me?


ED i am asking you what Doctor do all thinks about Jet ski's .
This is a serious question that should be asked of the people running Patong and there thoughts on the future of an International resort . sadly some questions need to be asked when such a sad accident happens, please do not just sweep this under the table.

Posted by Lord Jim on December 12, 2010 13:22

Editor Comment:

Go ask him yourself, lord jim. His opinion is not relevant.
It's as though your left hand imagines some people run everything in Patong, and your right hand resents it. Our suggestion is that you work out how Phuket functions. Forget your online chat site follies. If we ever swept anything under the table, we'd have to remove a few expats first.


I say this with all respect, but she is such a beautiful woman.
When will this jet-ski madness stop? What a waste of young lives.

Posted by Phill on December 12, 2010 16:58


I'm probably being hopelessly naive here, but isn't it possible to designate safe areas for jet-skis to operate from and a requirement for all jet-skis in these areas to be licensed?

On a related point, if jet skis are uninsured, what's stopping the Phuket police from impounding them? If you're not going to enforce licensing, and there are no censures (impounding, fines etc) it's hardly surprising that people regard it as optional.

Would it be so difficult to make licenses a legal requirement (as with driving licenses, crash helmets) than a voluntary code? There aren't that many jet-skis that it would prove impossible to do.

Posted by Doug on December 13, 2010 08:48

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