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Bangkok Air will be shuttling daily from Phuket to the capital from October 31

Phuket Gains Bangkok Airways Daily Shuttle, Plus Trat

Thursday, September 16, 2010
BANGKOK Airways will fly daily from Phuket to Bangkok from October 31, expanding the choices for travellers to and from the holiday island.

The announcement comes as Bangkok Airways expands services to meet the challenge of competition.

With a 7.10am departure from Phuket each morning and a 9.50pm takeoff from Bangkok, the move seems clearly aimed at business people and day-trippers.

New routes will also open. Bangkok Airways also announced four-times weekly flights between Phuket and Trat, via Samui, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

That delivers new prospects for rapid development of Trat as a so-far undeveloped holiday destination. Would-be explorers now have an increasing network of short-haul flights to zips around more of South-East Asia at rapid speed.

Once-competing marques Thai and Tiger have already announced their intention to launch a joint budget airline as soon as possible.

Existing brands can be expected to shuffle destinations, timetables and prices as the battle for the hearts, minds and backsides of passengers intensifies.

The wait is already on for a reaction from AirAsia, perhaps the most adventurous and aggressive of the regional competitors.

In today's move, Bangkok Airways also announced new schedules for daily flights between Bangkok and Phnom Penh and twice-daily between Bangkok and the former capital of Burma, Yangon.

The airline will also fly to the Maldives from Bangkok three times each week.

However, the Phuket-Bangkok announcement was at the top of the list. Look for more in the battle for the skies soon.
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"new prospects for rapid development of Trat as a so-far undeveloped Andaman holiday coast destination."

This would certainly be true if Trat were on the Andaman Holiday Coast. It is actually a Gulf of Thailand holiday coast destination and gateway to Koh Chang and southwest Cambodia.

But very good news indeed about the increasing flight options to and from Phuket.

Posted by Treelover on September 16, 2010 09:33

Editor Comment:

Ooops. You're right. We confused Trat and Trang. We'll fix it.


If growth of flights is increasing in that level, they really have to build the lightrail to town and should think about a second runway to be ready in 15 years...

I still think (ceterum censeo), that Phuket should start a major offensive to get an all green transport system. Not this stupid bio-diesel stuff but electro motorbikes and taxis. In 10 years China will have rolled the world with this and then it is too late. Thailand should take this rich island Phuket as a playfield to experiment with post fuel transport and market it heavily as a tourist top selling point. Go Phuket, go green. THINK BIG! And Thailand can develop its own electro transport industry. It is different from normal fuel industry like land line to mobile phones.

And check out this website, with whom I am not affiliated with, but as an example for a big leap to future for Phuket:

Posted by Lena on September 16, 2010 13:12

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