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Detail from the dead man's note found in another Patong apartment

Phuket Expat Found Hanged in Patong: 'Listen to My Phone' Says Note

Sunday, September 6, 2015
PHUKET: An Austrian expat was found hanged in an apartment car park in Phuket's Patong tourist hub early today, with a plaintive letter to the man's son located in his own apartment.

[Son's name]

''I'm very sorry but I can't go any further!

''Listen to the recordings on my phone, I try to explain why!

''I love you,
take care,
Yr Papi.''

Police found the 53-year-old man dangling from cords in the car park about 6.30am. Nearby were five empty bottles of beer.

In a pocket of the man's loose trousers, they found a note giving his son's name and a telephone number.

The man lived at an apartment nearby where the longer note was found, but chose to string himself up at the neighboring car park.

It is understood that he worked in tourism but had accumulated debts and owed two months' rent.

Phuketwan has the man's name but will not publish it until we know that relatives have been contacted. The man's body was taken to Patong Hospital.


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R.I.P. and all strength for esspecially his Son, family and friends. I do sincerely hope this will stay a sad story on itself. But observing and hearing stories from long time Expats around me, who are all hit by the downfall of Phuket's tourism and the spending budget, including where these remaining spenders spent their money, I fear that this suicide will not be the last we hear off. Please may I, this time, be wrong in with my prediction. But for sure the stories I hear are not coherent with the figures I read. Driving around through Patong on a daily base only one proper name comes up with me this season... "Ghost Town".

Posted by phuketgreed on September 6, 2015 13:46


So So Sad....

Posted by robert on September 6, 2015 14:53


The son was the cause not to kill himself. If you are depressed about anything there is help out there. 53 is no age to give up permanently.

Posted by Lena on September 6, 2015 15:22



Posted by Alain on September 6, 2015 21:14


"..Expats around me, who are all hit by the downfall of Phuket's tourism.."

But Phuket's tourists numbers are not down, in fact they are up since 2014.

Tragedies of this nature are generally not caused from one single personal problem, more often a myriad of unresolved issues that places the individual into a dark, scary place by seeming default - with no apparent way out of the personal hell. In the end, the poor victims are left with little more than one single thought, "end this agony now!"

As a result, they too often misguidedly choose this catastrophic route on their own, often choosing to jump from height or hang themselves as in this terrible instance.

Unfortunately, Thailand is not the place to get down and out, as few services exist for at-risk foreigners. That they refuse to return home is the norm, only exacerbating the issue.

However, far too many expats go "all in" when enthusiastically moving to Thailand, but when the bloom is eventually off the rose they're utterly knackered. Sometimes that takes decades.

For the hundreds of at-risk foreign expats who annually come to "The Land of Smiles" with unresolved alcohol, financial and-or personality disorders, this means they have no "bolt-hole" to escape to back home if the situation gets dire for them in Thailand and goes pear-shaped.

It can be a very mean, unforgiving place for the marginalized farang in Thailand, unable to cope with personal issues, yet unable to reach out or find the services that would be available to the troubled individual back in their country of origin.

I know of one such long-time expat in Phuket. He's currently in dire straits and literally at the end of his tattered tether. His utter dependence on his Thai wife is a factor, as is the fact he has no way to return home to England, or anything there for him if he could. He's almost broke, having lost his UK pension to expat boiler room operators, one of which was featured on

That his Thai wife has recently soured on him has just about done in this highly at-risk farang, as he put both houses in her name. Needless to say, the woman harbors little sympathy for his plight.

After 25 consecutive years on Phuket, all he wants is a chance to see his home again, a wish that is not sustainable due to poor personal choices. For example, he could have bought a condo in his own name, but chose to buy two houses in hers.

Too often, the reactive expat cannot handle the adversity and still fails to realize the merits of being proactive in regards to their personal safety in the Kingdom. That's the larger tragedy in the unfortunate suicide of this particular individual.

The Domino Effect on his family and friends will certainly be felt for decades, something he may not have considered thoroughly in his moment of ultimate grief - and devastating (last poor)choice of no return, another reason why this gigantic ball of iron is too often merely "a veil of tears."

Posted by farang888 on September 6, 2015 22:36


@ Farang888. I don't give a about statistics which I have not been able to verify myself. I do know I live for iver 10 years on the same spot. And I'm able to observe and have talks on a regular base with this who do have business overhere and in privacy they inform me honestly about their financial mysery. Their turnover graphics are contradictionary to all visitor statistics. Also keep in mind that tge difference in originating country gives a huge difference on where and for what the Tourists spent their money on. Farang888 your part of alcoholism and alcoholabuse is correct and applies to many staying here. But for many Alcoholism is a sympton from a frustration. The cause is always different. And again you score a point Farang888. Your advice of buying a condo could have preventedca lot of sh.t for the guy you know. And we all know guys like your guys. But don't forget Thailand has no merci with its guests. We can never obtain any normal/decent citizen rights here. I have been loyal and I'm loyal to Thailand for many many years. I invested a few million, legal, Euro's here. I have a kid I love but ny ex-wife give me hard times to see my kid. After my, obliged, divorce I have to fight an oldfashioned, patriach controlled mid-age law-system to keep control over my assets. My Ex-wife makes my life a hell and really enjoys mentally harming me. Jezus it takes less to take another drink. By the way I don't drink alcohol at all.

Posted by phuketgreed on September 7, 2015 11:10


Very very sad. RIP. Deepest condolences to your family.

Statistics aside, well put farrang888. Good advice to those living the fantasy. Unfortunately they've probably not found Phuket Wan yet, as they're currently more interested in the bar ... or should I say pole. (Please note that this is not in reference to the deceased about whom I have no knowledge.)

Posted by James on September 20, 2015 13:40

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