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A Phuket morgue: Expat deaths hold few surprises so far this year

Phuket Expat Deaths Hit 49, Plus Recent Drownings

Saturday, August 21, 2010
STATISTICS from Phuket police record the deaths of 49 expats on Phuket in the year so far to August 17. However, three drownings at beaches in the Kata-Karon region of Phuket in that period are not listed.

This omission probably reflects a delay in the processing of paperwork rather than any attempt to cover up the number of drownings at Phuket's beaches.

The latest fatality statistics, obtained by Phuketwan, are among official figures involving expats on Phuket that will be presented to honorary consuls and embassy representatives at the Governor's special quarterly meeting on Monday.

Phuket police now compile statistics from all police stations involving expats to demolish rumor and gossip about the levels of crimes, trauma and tragedy involving expat residents and tourists on Phuket.

The three drownings currently unrecorded in the statistics are all tourists - Rumanian Gheorghe Paulivc, who drowned at Karon more than a month ago, on July 20; Bahraini Ali Abdulaziz Al Saeed, who drowned at Karon on August 8, and Chinese Zhao Dakun who drowned at neighboring Kata beach in a double-tragedy on the same Sunday afternoon.

While the drownings have been overlooked, the recent murder of Phuket tourist and former US Marine Dashawn Longfellow on August 14 has been listed.

The number of drownings on Phuket's famous western holiday beaches has become a cause for concern over the past two years.

It may well be an issue raised at the governor's meeting with honorary consuls and embassy representatives from as many as 22 nations on Monday.

Here are the official lists. We've published first the most recent deaths, then the deaths that were listed when the honorary consuls and the governor held their second meeting, back in May.

Phuket Expat Deaths, May 11 to August 17 (minus three unrecorded drownings)

Frank Visakay American died May 11 after a fatal fall at home
Pierre Antoine Giovanelli Switzerland died May 12 of old age in Kamala
Kevin William Dean British died May 23 at Club Coconut Hotel of chronic illness
Giglberger Karl Wilfried Germany died May 25 at Patong Hospital, chronic illness
Marek Klein German May 26 drowned at Surin beach
Kennert Rode Svahan Swedish died May 26 at Nordic Guesthouse Karon, heart attack
(Ms) Gabriella Rosemarie Strand Swedish died May 29 at Loma Park restaurant, electric shock
Morris Shawn Anthony Australia died June 10, leapt from Baan Kanjana Guesthouse, Patong
(Ms) Rebecca Louise Callaghan British, drowned June 12 at Karon beach, died later at Patong Hospital
Migliorini Carlo Italian, died June 15, Patong Hospital, of chronic illness
Lionel Le Cossec French, died June 17, suicide by hanging at Kathu
David Kenneth Gowenlock Australia, died June 21, at Patong Hospital of chronic illness
Per Ola Eriksson Swedish, died June 19 at Kata Residence, Karon, of chronic illness
Jamie Thomas Thow Australia, died June 22 at BYD Lofts, Patong, of illness
Mark Edward Stevens British, died July 18 at Bowman Resort, Patong, leapt from building
Adam John Sutcliffe Australia, died August 1 in motorcycle crash, Patong Hill
Dashawn Longfellow American, died August 14 at Ya Nui Resort II, Rawai, murdered

Phuket Expat Deaths, January 1 to May 10

Barry Cutler Britain Fell down steps January 5 at home in Phuket City
No name male, nationality unknown found hanged January 6 in forest near Laem Ka Noi
Michael Malonzo Australia died January 15 in Siam Safari crash, Nakkerd Hill
Jean Hubert Doonay Belgium died January 24 Phuket Graceland of old age
Wolf Dieter Eugen Kbelheim Germany January 27 attacked with knife outside 7-Eleven
Richard Johnson US hanged February 5 at home in Rawai
Rudolf Ducke Germany February 7 road crash in Rawai
Lattner Ralf Germany February 8 heart attack at Patong
Gian Pietro Perone Italy February 10 heart attack in Patong
Gerhard Kurt Rodschinka Germany February 10 unknown cause at bungalow Rawai
Nathan Edward Australia February 14 Fall at Hilton Phuket Hilton Arcadia Resort, Karon
Apostolos Pentefountas Greece February 16 heart attack in Patong
Thetaz Dominique Sylvie Switzerland February 25 cancer at home in Patong
Tarmuji Indonesia February 26 road crash in Phuket City
Hoger Heiz Schunka Germany March 2 cause unknown at Happy House, Karon
Donald Michael Craig Canada March 7 of chronic illness at Ao Sane bungalow
Joselito Macabio Vilegas Philippines March 11 road crash at Cherng Talay
Sorensen Henrik Love Denmark March 13 heart attack at resort in Patong
Dino Costa Italy March 19 cause unknown at Kamala beach in a dinghy
William Mann Britain March 22 of chronic illness at home in Kathu
Lindehoseberg Sonia Sweden March 28 drowning at Kata beach
Ludex Novax Netherlands March 27 heart attack in hotel at Patong
Jean-Luc Boutot France March 27 of chronic illness at Rawai
Lars Evert Lennart Thor Sweden April 1 heart attack at Patong
Loh Ying Jie Singapore April 2 jet-ski collision at Patong
Rampanaux Jean Pascal Sweden April 13 heart attack at resort in Kamala
Simone Tenerello Italy April 17 struck with bottle by katoey in Patong
Mikka Olavialltonen Finland April 24 overdose of Viagra at guesthouse in Patong
John Grant Kerr New Zealand May 3 motorcycle crash in Patong
Sergei Poliakov Russia May 9 motorcycle crash in Patak Road Karon
Alexander Drobot Russia May 10 found in car, cause unknown at home in Rawai
Lee Kam Yum China May 10 in car crash, Cherng Talay
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Comments have been disabled for this article.


Why so many "cause unknown"s? And what was the result of the "further investigation" by Chalong police into the death of the foreign volunteer tourist policeman whose death was initially diagnosed to be suicide by self strangulation (an impossibility)? isn't the summons by the governor to foreign representatives to discuss foreigners crimes at bit synonymous with pots calling kettles black?

Posted by A. Skeptic on August 22, 2010 10:40

Editor Comment:

These are lists provided by the police, not a coroner. There don't seem to be an excess of ''causes unknown.'' Those causes may eventually have been resolved on the death certificates. Never heard of the supposed strangulation case to which you refer, but it sounds like a barroom myth. Monday's meeting is to discuss a whole lot of issues, with tourism security and safety among them. Aren't you really A. Cynic, posing as A. Skeptic?



Posted by Lee on August 22, 2010 12:03

Editor Comment:

If the article has appeared in some other publication, then your questions need to be directed there, not here.


All I was doing was supporting A. Skeptic's comment on the death of a Tourist Police Officer, which you called a barroom myth (and apparently do not change your opinion on.) What happened to investigative reporting?

So if fact "What is puzzling investigators are the mechanics of Mr Johnson's death.

The white cord around his neck was not attached to anything, leading them to wonder whether the American asphyxiated himself by tying the cable round his neck and pulling both ends." results in myth by PhuketWan, way to go.

So Police list him (as per your site) as hanged and you take that word for it, damn.

Posted by Lee on August 22, 2010 13:13

Editor Comment:

Please read what I write and don't exaggerate. We didn't say it was a barroom myth, we said it ''sounds like a barroom myth.'' As you quote the facts at length about this particular case from some other source, I suggest you take your questions about this case to that source. They may be able to provide you with answers. We know nothing about the case you mention, or the details of quite a few of the 49 expat deaths on Phuket so far this year. We have publishing the list so people can know that most of the deaths appear to have logical causes. It is a police list. Let me repeat that so you understand: it is a police list. Whether you believe it or not is your business.


You are an idiot. If no one agrees with you, they are wrong, plain and simple. Another publication is given to you, you ignore it.

I agree, a police publication. BUT, didn't the one publication say undetermined death, and now it is saying hanging? Repeat the statements all day, shows you are an idiot :)

Posted by Lee on August 22, 2010 14:44

Editor Comment:

All I have said is that we have no knowledge of that particular case. As usual, Lee, your incapacity to differentiate between the facts and the fanciful leads you over the edge. Please take your search for insights and your insults somewhere else.


I knew Mr Johnson, I talked to others who knew him and I have talked with the investigating police regarding the unfortunate incident (I am not a fan of speculation so I sought them out). Out of decency for the deceased there is no need to go into details but there is no question of the mechanics and if this is being promoted somewhere it is irresponsible and inaccurate. It is unfortunate these things persist and it would have been far better had more people shown this much interest in him when he was living.

As an aside, if the contents description from the side of a milk carton were published, would people take the time to dispute it? My conclusion is that they probably would. With all the pressing issues in this community and people in real need, energy is better spent elsewhere.

Posted by Ya Think Doctor? on August 22, 2010 17:57


No. I'm A. Skeptic, particularly about the fact that you claim you have never heard about the guy (whose name, unfortunately, escapes me) who, according to the police, committed suicide by strangling himself with a length of electrical cord. He lived in Rawai and was, I believe, 63 at the time of his death.

Posted by A. Skeptic on August 22, 2010 22:26

Editor Comment:

We're not really into rumor and gossip. Every death is sad but most usually have logical explanations. The response above from someone who knew this man may answer your questions.


And the moral of the story is... don't stay at Rawai or Patong.

Posted by stuart on August 23, 2010 05:44


Editor Comment:

Please read what I write and don't exaggerate. We didn't say it was a barroom myth, we said it ''sounds like a barroom myth.''

This sums up this site and the editorial style/contempt for contributers in a nutshell.

Posted by stuart on August 23, 2010 05:49

Editor Comment:

Stuart, No, what it shows is Phuketwan's respect for accuracy. Most readers expect the facts, not fiction. We try extremely hard to get it right. Readers who misinterpret or exaggerate what's being said inevitably base their own views on distortions. That's a waste of our time, and yours. I am never tempted to treat readers with contempt, and that applies even to those who reject logic and resort to unwarranted insults. We welcome contributors who do just that - contribute.

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