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Phuket 'Break-In Gang' Alarms Luxury Phuket Villa Owners

Tuesday, June 5, 2012
PHUKET: A spate of a dozen or more break-ins at luxury villas around high-end Surin beach and the Cherng Talay coast has alarmed residents and absentee owners.

One resident we spoke to, who prefers to remain anonymous, says he is aware of at least 12 break-ins in the past few weeks - and others dating back two years.

He said some raiders had entered villas while residents were occupying the premises, and sleeping. Europeans, Scandinavians and Hong Kong expats were among the victims, he said.

Local police have played down the reports but the owner who spoke to Phuketwan said police patrols had intensified in the area where he was aware the thieves were operating.

It is believed the issue of the large number of robberies was raised directly recently with Phuket Governor Tri Augkaradacha.

The hillside behind Surin beach and further south in Kamala is regarded as perhaps Phuket's most luxurious west coast residential zone.

Villas cost in the $2 million to $5 million range. Some owners leave their properties vacant when they are not in residence.

''Vacant or occupied, it doesn't seem to make much difference,'' said the owner who spoke to Phuketwan. ''To go into a house while people are sleeping is extremely dangerous.''

He said the thieves made off with computers and electrical goods.

''My own place has been raided three times in a bit more than two years,'' he said. ''In one of the robberies, the thief took some blank cheques from my cheque book and later tried to cash a cheque for 80,000 baht.''

He said his home was robbed for the third time about a month ago. Police were unable to talk about the specifics of the case without a name, which Phuketwan had undertaken not to reveal.

Security guards contacted at some of the exclusive premises confirmed that it appeared a break-in gang was operating in the area.


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"It is believed the issue of the large number of robberies was raised directly recently with Phuket Governor Tri Augkaradacha."

There were robberies too?

Posted by Joe on June 5, 2012 16:44


Maybe a good time to check out, alarms-phuket-services
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Posted by DunB on June 5, 2012 17:11


@DunB..I have actually worked in the security industry, alarms tend to be ignored, by your neighbours, even the police, I'm from the land downunder, say the best deterrent..get a dog, also form a neighbourhood watch group. Think about it, when you hear an alarm, do you drop everything and go to investigate, risking life and limb.

Posted by Laurie Howells on June 5, 2012 18:54

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