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Pub attack victim's mother Srivara Issara calls for Phuket to be cleaned up

Phuket Bar Axe Attack: Time for Authorities to Save Phuket, Say Victim's Parents

Saturday, January 7, 2012
WARNING: Graphic Images in Photo Album Above

PHUKET: Phuket resort owner-manager Vorasit ''Wan'' Issara, badly wounded in a savage Phuket pub bar attack after hours this week, loves Phuket too much to leave, his mother said today.

''His father and I want him back in Bangkok but 'Wan' wants to stay on Phuket because he loves the place,'' Srivara Issara told Phuketwan on the sidelines of a media conference that showed just how lucky the 30-year-old father-to-be is to be alive.

A surgeon at Bangkok Hospital Phuket told Phuket and Bangkok journalists that Khun Wan came within half a centimetre of a quick and horrible death with a knife wound to the stomach that narrowly missed his intestines.

Shocking photographs were shown of all Khun Wan's wounds, including chops with a homemade tomahawk to his back that exposed muscle and tissue and severed a clavicle bone.

As well as head wounds and the knife wound to his stomach, Khun Wan was also stabbed in his legs.

As Khun Wan told Phuketwan exclusively from the hospital's intensive care unit earlier this week, ''I'm lucky to be alive.''

Today his mother and his father Songkran joined surgeon Dr Pongsak Wijitrutjanapan and Bangkok Phuket deputy director Bordin Laead in a detailed account of how the incident happened and the 12-hour operation to repair the extensive damage.

Phuketwan's photo album above shows what surgeons saw - but the images are graphic and readers are advised that they scroll through the photographs at their own discretion.

Khun Wan had gone to the Rassada Pub in Phuket City's Poonpol district about 2.30am with a group that included Hollywood film actor Jeremy Renner. Although the actor was unhurt, accounts of what took place have been published around the world because of his presence.

''This is real, far worse than anything in 'Mission Impossible' or any of Jerry's other movies,'' Khun Srivara said.

Six men have been charged with the attempted murder of Khun Wan, who took the brunt of the savage assault.

''I know my son. My son is a gentle person who would never be the first to start a fight,'' Khun Srivara told Phuketwan privately.

''It's a miracle that he survived. If he had been hit in the neck or the knife wound had pierced his intestine, he would not be alive. We are so grateful for that.''

Phuket's reputation had suffered because of the incident and would continue to suffer as long as weapons and late-night places were tolerated, she added.

''We have to look at how Phuket wants itself to be perceived. I am relieved that my son is safe but sad that the social environment exists to allow this kind of thing to happen on Phuket.''

Khun Wan has consistently promoted high-end Phuket tourism and the family's five star Sri panwa all-villa resort recently was judged as having the second-best beach bar in the world by

The resort's reputation won't be damaged by the incident. But it does highlight that nobody is immune from the culture of violence that has thrived on Phuket.

Laws? People make up their own on Phuket.

''I would like to send a message to the local authorities,'' Khun Wan's mother said. ''Do your job properly.''

Khun Wan's father said that he still struggled to believe that this kind of thing could happen in Thailand.

''Inevitably, this is bad for the image of Phuket and Thailand,'' he said. ''The authorities need to make sure that laws are enforced.

''One or two people should not be able to gain benefit beyond the law, one or two people should not be able to damage the image of the whole country.''

The economic downturn will mean that Thailand's income from tourism would turn down, he said. ''Now is the time to clean up all of Phuket's problems, and Thailand's problems.''

Dr Bordin said that four people arrived in Emergency at 4.55am on Wednesday morning, and two - Khun Wan and his driver - were admitted.

The other two men had superficial wounds to their heads and were allowed to go home after treatment.

Khun Wan and driver Nopadon Preechawai, 30, were both taken to intensive care. Khun Nopadon had lost a couple of teeth.

Khun Wan told Phuketwan this week that he only realised he had been stabbed in the stomach on the way to hospital and did not know how bad his back wounds were until his shirt was removed.

Phuket's newly arrived Police Commander, Major General Chonsit Wadhnawarangkun, is expected to listen carefully to what Khun Wan's parents have to say.

Phuket Governor Tri Augkaradacha has ordered the Rassada Pub closed for 90 days and for police to look at security and hours of opening of venues all over Phuket.


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These attacks have been going on for years and years the officials on this island have allowed these violent thugs /gangsters and their bosses to remain free to carry out their actions on tourists and Thais alike without fear of the full weight of Thai law being brought to bear. It has taken the attack on this rich young man from an affluent connected family from Bangkok to see rapid action on the part of the police and the island heads Surely all people be they rich poor Thai or tourist should expect the same treatment as this young man and his family. Let us hope that this request for action will be taken on board in the highest echelons of the Thai government as previous requests by several tourist victims have been met with scorn and inaction on the part of officials on this island. I wish the lady's son a swift recovery from his wounds.

Posted by Scunner on January 7, 2012 20:50


Scunner, very well said!!! 100% correct.

Posted by Billy on January 7, 2012 21:21


# Scunner

My thoughts exactly

Posted by Steve C. on January 7, 2012 23:17


PS : please also save the burmese girls who are displayed in the soi 17 of phuket town like if we were in amsterdam because they could really use some help as well!!!!

Posted by Anonymous on January 7, 2012 23:56


To try to Kill a man in Cold Blood for no apparent reason. I hope all 6 Rot in a Thai Prison long after the
"Boat people that have done Nothing"
Are finally freed. I guess that means NEVER. I believe that the attacked man needs a body guard with a gun, rather than a driver.

Posted by Khun John on January 8, 2012 02:30


Bang on Scunner, if it was just another tourist it would be yesterdays news and no one would give a toss. I know this could happen in hundreds of bars in phuket not just this one. I just got back from Phuket for the last time. The once beautiful and value for money island is fast becoming an extremely over priced toilet with violence and foreigners scrounging in the sad

Posted by sateeb on January 8, 2012 02:50


For once I agree with you scunner. Interesting that such a hi-so guy would want to be out in a low rent area though. The attack was not warranted in any way but he knew where he was and the club is pretty notorious.

Posted by Mister Ree on January 8, 2012 12:08


Mister ree.
If you knew khun wan personally, he is an outstanding guy who does not judge people on class or creed, he is a easy going guy and anyone lucky enough to know him can attest to that.
Not all high society people look down on the poor and he does treat everyone equally no matter what walk of life you come from. Just ask any of his staff.
You are the one calling the area 'low rent', not wan.

Posted by Fitzy on January 8, 2012 15:11


Horrendous pictures. That x-ray photo looks particularly violent. But something like this was expected as many feel that they are simply above the law and if you get in their way, expect to be maimed.

I have no confidence that this event will be the beginning of a crackdown on violence. It will be considered just another event in a violence marred area of Phuket.

Posted by Anonymous on January 8, 2012 18:52

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