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The two suspects were quickly arrested after last night's Patong snatch

Phuket Bag Snatchers Target Aussies in Patong, Collared in Minutes

Saturday, February 25, 2012
PHUKET: Two alleged Phuket snatch-and-ride raiders were nabbed by police within minutes of robbing a pair of Australian tourists in Patong last night.

The raiders grabbed the shoulder bag of Abeer Yousef, 40, as she strolled along beach road near the Graceland Resort with Moussa Ahmad ,49, about 9pm.

Patrol police on a motorcycle raced to the spot within seconds and radioed to colleagues in Kalim, the next bay north of Patong, who intercepted the alleged raiders with the loot.

The Australians were delighted to have the case resolved so quickly. Police said patrols were prepared for action because there had been similar robberies on the previous two evenings.

The victims in the previous cases were not revealed. In the bag snatched last night were 3500 baht in cash, foreign currency, two passports, a driving licence and a credit card.

Surachai Saidungkeaw, 32, denied taking part in the robbery but Vera Maliton, 19, confessed. He said he was out of work and wanted to head home to the province of Nakorn Si Tammarat.

Snatch-and-ride robberies increase on Phuket in times of economic hardship.


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Good job by the Royal Thai Police, fast and effective, and happy for the Aussies that they got back passports and creditcard

Posted by Rune on February 25, 2012 11:09


10+ patong police ;))

Posted by farang on February 25, 2012 12:00


Great work by the Royal Thai Police!

Posted by Thaibehr on February 25, 2012 13:33


Good result for the lady with the interesting Aussie name ??!! But she is popular in Oz, we all know Aussies love a beer and you probably love a beer youself.

Posted by carvets on February 25, 2012 13:43


Thai and Phuket democracy: " Snatch=and=ride robberies increase on Phuket on times of economic hardship."
Only the Phuketwan Editor thinks Phuket is like a paradise for tourists and families. Certainly, in his dreams!

Posted by Mario on February 25, 2012 20:09

Editor Comment:

One million passengers a month can't all be wrong but clearly you think so, Mario. How strange your world must be.


Editor Comment:

One million passengers a month can't all be wrong but clearly you think so, Mario. How strange your world must be.

"And you believe this figure Editor? ... So many people and Air Asia and Nok etc are dropping their prices? Where are all these tourists? Eating in local 40 Baht noodle shops and 99 Baht Korean BBQ's. Why not report all the other stories about foreigners being attacked and killed in Samui and Chomporn and let the truth or cowardice be known.

Posted by Nip on February 26, 2012 09:25

Editor Comment:

This is PHUKETwan, Nip. I fail to see any link between the arrival-departure figures for Phuket, which AoT has no reason to exaggerate, and alleged crimes in Samui and Chomporn. What cowardice has to do with it is anyone's guess. Most killings of expats on Phuket recently have been by other expats.

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