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Phuket Airpark makes flying fun and now has a hot air balloon

Phuket Airpark Gains Tethered Balloon, Skydiving Operations

Thursday, December 6, 2012
PHUKET: The Russians are coming to the Phuket Airpark, with a tethered hot air balloon.

Igar, pilot of the newly arrived hot air balloon based at the Phuket Airpark is truly enjoying Phuket. During November he gave many visitors tethered rides utilizing the newly installed ground anchor points on the Airpark.

We wish Sergi and his team the very best on their new enterprise. They were part of the annual Hot Air Balloon festival in Chang Mai last month.

The repair of Zenair U-P99 has been completed, including a sharp looking new red paint scheme. The aircraft is expected to arrive at Phuket Airpark once DCA has completed the certification process later this month or early January.

Previous and new students will soon be back in the skies over Phuket.

A Piper Lance aircraft is scheduled to join the Phuket Flying Club. Arrival is set for first week January and flying with new HS registration in March-April.

Aero Pro will manage the operational aspects of the plane under the Phuket Flying Club. It's a great addition for cross-country, introduction flights, and training.

The Phuket Airpark has a new welcome sign at the main entrance.

The sign not only welcomes visitors but also highlights the current Airpark service's hot air balloon, skydiving, Flying Club, Land sales, and general aviation management.

The last three months has seen many hours of effort behind the scenes to stop the erosion of general aviation on Phuket.

The desire and interest level to maintain and rebuild general aviation at the Phuket airpark has never been higher from a wide vary of sources.

It takes time, but a worthwhile goal for each of us who has a passion for aviation. Please support the Phuket Flying Club rebuilding effort with our small list of achievable goals.

..Six commercial enterprises (currently three)

..15-25 based planes (currently four)

..Safe flight operations

..Small and large scale aviation/land investor activates

..General aviation social hub for Thailand (time to restart the music and Bar-B -Q)

..Learning center for pilots and new students.


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What are 'land sales' going in the midst of an Airparks services?

Posted by Logic on December 6, 2012 13:08

Editor Comment:

The airpark was started as a property project where you could keep your aircraft on your doorstep.


Is the Airpark part of Phuket Airport or is it located elsewhere on the island? I had actually never heard of it.

Posted by Logic on December 6, 2012 16:13

Editor Comment:

It's located in Paklok, eastern Phuket, and has been open since January, 2009.


Hi, I want to go skydiving for the first time. I refuse to do tandem I am not rich and cannot afford to do this more than maybe once in my life. I will free fall. If you cannot accommodate me I will do it in Malaysia. However, I think Thailand is more beautiful and the perfect setting for my first dive. Please contact me with information.

Posted by Kevin on May 20, 2013 20:40


i would arrive Phuket in Sep/2015, pls let me know the price/ location about skydiving, thank you

Posted by ming on June 1, 2015 14:05


Not sure about sky diving but there is a similar activity where you jump off a high platform into a pond. Sometimes you may even have a tendon attached, sometimes you land in the pond.
By September, it should all be back up and running. Its one of those experiences some people are dying to try.

Posted by MoW on June 1, 2015 15:23


@ Ming. No skydiving at the AirPark in Pa Klok, as it falls within the 10 mile safety radial of Phuket International Airport. However you fly in any of the planes,Gyro Copters and Micro Lights. Look up By The Air

Posted by Duncan on June 1, 2015 19:44


We'll arrive Phuket in Jan 2016, we're looking for Hot Air Balloon activity in Phuket. Can anyone advise?

Posted by Majid on September 27, 2015 21:34

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