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Night venue reps crowd the room at Patong's police station yesterday

Patong Venues Vote to End Violence

Wednesday, November 25, 2015
PHUKET: Representatives of Patong clubs, bars and other venues signed an MoU with officers from Kathu Police Station yesterday, promising to improve the reputation of the Phuket nighlife holiday hub.

From now on, the island's most famous destination will be a safer place, they say.

Talks have been continuing in the weeks since bouncers at one Patong venue were filmed inflicting a savage beating on several young Australian tourists.

The Australians did not go to police out of fears for their own safety but the video, which showed at least two young men being subjected to a savage needless kicking, was viewed widely around the world.

The person who filmed the attack and bravely posted it on Facebook was also intimidated.

Kathu Deputy Superintendent Colonel Akanit Danpitaksat joined the MoU signing and said: ''We all agree that tourists have to feel safe when they visit Patong at night.

''Our police patrols in and around the Soi Bangla walking street are being increased, and the MoU will help to ensure everybody understands the need to uphold the law.''

The brutal attack by the bouncers followed the stabbing death of a bouncer earlier in the year outside another Patong venue.

An Australian expat who stopped to film an eviction from a nightspot with the aim of protecting the people involved became the target for a ''pack attack.''

In fighting for his life, he fatally knifed one assailant.

But police reviewed security camera footage that showed the expat being stomped in the head and dropped a murder charge.

In both the fatal stabbing and the beating by the bouncers, footage of what took place provided conclusive evidence of needless violence by Patong nightspot workers.

The message from yesterday's gathering was clear: under no circumstances should staff at nighttime venues take the law into their own hands.

''Do not attack or beat tourists'' was the first item on the MoU list, followed by ''make sure that the policies regarding tourism in Thailand are fully understood.''

The MoU also made the point that the Patong ''safety zone'' concept of relying on residents and workers to alert and assist police is still seen as the key to tourists feeling safe.

All venues should have security cameras inside and outside, the MoU said.

In other advice, the MoU suggested people should not leave keys in parked motorcycles.

The MoU added that Public Health officials would talk to venues about the need to conform to laws governing alcohol consumption and sales.

The Australians who were beaten by the bouncers said they did not try to avoid paying their bar bill, and produced vouchers that gave them ''special deals.''

The vouchers are now considered to be illegal.

The island's honorary consuls - generally seen as the representatives of tourists and expats - are due to meet with Phuket's Governor to discuss safety and security issues today.


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Obviously affecting bar and nightclub cash registers so we better appear to be doing something about it,about the only motivation they understand is the baht but will they really want to genuinely change.

Posted by slickmelb on November 25, 2015 09:52

Editor Comment:

Why wouldn't they want to change, slickmelb? Rejecting violence is a no-brainer.


The headline speaks about ending rip-offs but the article makes no mention of this.

Was there anything on the MoU relating to this subject or was it just another meaningless punchline in the press release ?

Posted by Herbert on November 25, 2015 10:47

Editor Comment:

I would consider vouchers offering ''special deals'' on drinks that weren't actually delivered a rip-off, Herbert. Wouldn't you? The only ''meaningless'' aspect here is your constant carping. Add value, please. if you don't like what you read, move on.


No special deals or promotions allowed, yet here we are at Loy Kratong, with a huge Chang bar temporarily erected all along the top end of soi Bangla!
Uphold the law? Pah, these cops are just doing a PR stunt. And their constant demands for "extra" payments make a nonsense of the so-called "Law".

Posted by jimbo34 on November 25, 2015 13:16

Editor Comment:

Violence is a no-no, jimbo. That seems to be a step forward. Most tourists will be grateful for progress. Those people who pay police should stop paying - simple.


@ Ed

The coupons have been illegal for ages according to Thai alcohol laws.

Nothing new about that.

The most common scam - overpricing, did not seem to make the short list.

The only "constant" in this subject are the endless press releases and meaningless promises the Phuket authorities make.

Just what kind of value do such actions add I wonder.

What kind of place is it where authorities have to specifically tell security staff not to attack or beat tourists ?

I do like what I read as far as the PW reporting goes. I do not like what the authorities say and (don't) do.

Posted by Herbert on November 25, 2015 13:33



Posted by Kurt on November 25, 2015 14:44

Editor Comment:

You will not be published again unless you add value, Kurt.


editor.. u have NO idea about how the nightlife works coz its not ur kind of business.. yes ur right about there should be NO violence but how would u do if u have customer coming to ur club and trow a glass in the wall or walking on the table? or what would u do if the customer even assault one of your staff? call for the police and wait 10 min? i don't think so. and what about the thing u say that rejecting violence is a no brainer ? seriously sometimes u just dreaming.. there are far to many people loosing the temper when one of ur close friends get in trouble, to ask them stand by and look is not gonna happen, have u ever been hit in the face by a drunk idiot for no reason? should u just expect ur security to watch ? common dude. and regarding to ur total ignorance about not pay the police??? u just a simple no brainer there. u have no idea how it works, ur silly. stop pay and they find a way to fine u for nothing, and they will even close u down.. thing is its how it works and u just have to make money enough to pay..forget ur pink sunglasses next time u go out at night.. so wake up and smell ur coffee ...

Posted by frog on November 25, 2015 16:24

Editor Comment:

What you do, frog, is call a policeman, he makes an arrest and takes a copy of your entire security camera footage of the incident. The alternative is to knock down one of the four walls at your establishment so everyone can see what goes on and feel comfortable there. That would also make it easier for police to come when you need them. I understand only too well how ''nightlife'' works. So do all those people who won't enter any fully enclosed premises in Patong.


so u mean when customers start fight u suppose to look at it when ur staff being assulted. and wait for police? seriously?. i do not support violence in any form but sometimes its getting out of control by customers. and if u ever seen it u know its a matter of seconds.. then its to late. u have NO idea thats clear. and why would i knock down one of my walls? u just funny aren't u? where would my zircon go then? and do u saying that only revenues with 4 walls have problems? silly again. and what about the police tea money ? should i stop pay and get closed down? u did know how it worked too well u say.. the pity tho is that Patong is mostly about nightlife.. not a kindergarten. so u can keep make a fool about urself elsewhere coz u add not much value by ur ignorance.. and as someone else say before, its just another one of this meetings that makes no difference. and just so u know since the Army took control of thailand last year and things was supposed to be better its only get worse.. thats not a doomsaying thing thats a fact.. try to understand that instead of trying to be mr right..

Posted by frog on November 25, 2015 16:42

Editor Comment:

Seriously, frog. The answer to violence is not violence. Please tell us what professional training your staff have had in responding to violent customers in non-violent ways. It's plain you don't have much idea about international standards. Your comment is a further indication that tourists need greater protection in Patong. If you are making corrupt payments, you are breaking the law. What do you get for those payments? The right to beat up customers? Please tell us more, frog. We will pass on all your information directly to the Phuket police commander. He will solve all your problems.


i just say i don't support violence in any form right? read what i say. just tell me how many venues in phuket u think not pay tea money? did i say i do? not in 8 years i have one incident of violence but i know the nightlife and i know what happens. u have ur coffee yet?

Posted by frog on November 25, 2015 17:18

Editor Comment:

I don't drink coffee after noon, frog. It keeps me awake. You should try a 5am start. At 5.01am is when the coffee is needed.
No violence in eight years? Tea money seems to work better than coffee. It's a miracle drug.


Just to underline what Frog has been saying Ed: I refused to pay a couple of weeks ago at 10 p.m.. At 1.30 a.m. a group of 10 policeman came into my establishment and arrested my (thai) partner for "trading after hours". She was hauled off to Patong police station, and was only released after i arrived with 10,000 Bt security. The next day she had to appear in Court in Phuket town, where she was fined 2,000 Bt for the trading infringement. The local police were pretty annoyed at having to give the 10,000 back and told her "we'll be back"! Since then my bar has had to close at 1 a.m. (on soi Bangla, for God's sake!) just in case the same mob come back again.
I've told her not to be afraid and video any repeat performances, but she's very scared about being locked up overnight and the potential threat of being closed down. Therefore we comply and meekly turf out our customers shortly after 1 a.m.
In the West i would of course be indignant enough to face up to them, but here......? I wouldn't last more than 24 hours in Phuket prison, and i really don't wish to be on any Immigration blacklist.
The police ARE a law unto themselves, prising corrupt payments out of honest hardworking enterprises whilst providing precious little help in the case of violent emergencies.
Until a complete overhaul of their practices, and indeed the whole judiciary system, nothing's going to change, and it doesn't matter how many laughable PR stunts they pull.

Posted by jimbo34 on November 25, 2015 17:34

Editor Comment:

I don 't see any connection between curbing violence and corrupt payments for staying open after 1am, jimbo. These are quite separate issues. Police are obliged to make Patong safe, whatever time the venues shut. That is the job the officers are paid to do . . .


yepp. no violence in 8 years. just check it out if u not believe me..

Posted by frog on November 25, 2015 17:34


ED. its nothing to do with trading hours. read before. its about tea money. someone not pay they use one way or another to fine u. u got it?

Posted by frog on November 25, 2015 17:58

Editor Comment:

I don't get it. You make corrupt payments and get nothing in return? A faster reaction when you need help?


as i say. u don't get it. if u have nothing to add don't waste my time.

Posted by frog on November 25, 2015 18:08


Once again Ed your head is firmly in the sand

Posted by Harry on November 27, 2015 06:13

Editor Comment:

That's a valueless comment, Harry. A good school teacher would ask you: Why is the Ed's head firmly in the sand, Harry?

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