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Tuk-tuk driver Teerapong Sombut, held for extortion and impersonation

Patong Police Arrest Tuk-Tuk Driver for Impersonating an Officer

Friday, June 22, 2012
PHUKET: Police in Patong have arrested a tuk-tuk driver for extortion, impersonating an officer and driving without a licence.

Two men went to police in Patong at 6pm last night to complain that they had been slapped by tuk-tuk driver Teerapong Sombut, 37, who demanded money from them, thinking they were Burmese.

Officers arrested Khun Teerapong at his Royal Paradise location about 10pm, impounding side-entry tuk-tuk A520. Khun Teerapong told officers he was a first-time offender. Police have their doubts.

Officers praised victims Aekkacchai Waihyue, 25, and Pairat Keaupong, 26, for coming forward. Khun Teerapong is being held without bail.


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Good work! Keep catching the Bad members off the Tuk Tuk gangs fast. Also when farangs are victims please.

Posted by PhuketExpat on June 22, 2012 13:05


Cool :)

tuk-tuk driver "Pairat Keaupong" was arrested? - Officers praised victims Aekkacchai Waihyue, 25, and "Pairat Keaupong", 26, for coming forward?

Posted by tron123 on June 22, 2012 15:26


"thinking they were Burmese" funny

Posted by Anonymous on June 22, 2012 15:51


Disgusting action by this tuk-tuk driver. Doesn't he know it is only the police who are allowed to extort money from Burmese for being Burmese?

Tuk-tuk drivers should stick to extorting money from tourists for being tourists.

Posted by Buster on June 22, 2012 16:29


I'm sure if the police walked around Patong and other tourist areas and carried out random checks on tuk-tuk drivers and their vehicles they would be able to catch many more unsavoury characters like this one. But i suppose that's to easy and too much tea money would be lost!

Posted by phuket madness on June 22, 2012 17:05


@Buster. So true. LOL

Posted by G Horne on June 22, 2012 18:52


I would like to second tron123. Is it a strange coincidence or why are one victim and the driver license less tuktuk police impersonator same named in the article?

Posted by Lena on June 22, 2012 19:01

Editor Comment:

Oops, we blundered in reading a notebook. We have now named the allegedly guilty man. Apologies to Khun Pairat. Reader of the Month Award to Lena.


I was about to mention the victim/offender naming error, but I noticed it had already been mentioned (and the article emended). But given that Lena got 'reader of the month award' for being the second person to point out the boo boo, do I get reader of the year for being the third?

Posted by Ping on June 24, 2012 05:20

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