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Last Photo Shows Hannah and David Drinking on Thailand's Koh Tao

Last Photo Shows Hannah and David Drinking on Thailand's Koh Tao

Wednesday, September 24, 2014
PHUKET: Britain's 'The Telegraph' newspaper has published what is believed to be the last known photograph of the two British backpackers who were killed on the holiday island of Koh Tao in Thailand.

Within hours of the photograph being taken, the pair were murdered by an as yet unidentified killer or killers.

Hannah Witheridge, 23, sits on the far left of the picture holding a cocktail, and David Miller, 24, is second from right in a blue T-shirt.

Nine days on no arrests have been made. According to 'The Telegraph,' police now believe that two weapons were used to bludgeon the Britons to death on a Koh Tao beach in the early hours of September 15.

The photograph was provided to 'The Telegraph' by someone they met briefly that evening. It was taken at 9.45pm at a popular Australian-owned sports pub called Choppers on the night before the murder.

Miss Witheridge is wearing the same pink top she was wearing just hours later when she was killed, the newspaper reports.

Opposite sits Mr Miller with his close friend Christopher Ware, in a white T-shirt.

Police initially suggested Mr Ware was a suspect in the murders but he was cleared and allowed to leave Thailand after being ruled out by DNA tests, 'The Telegraph' reports.

''The tattooed man closest to the camera, on the far right, is believed to be a traveller called Tom who the group had met on the island,'' says 'The Telegraph.'

Ms Witheridge and Mr Miller are not thought to have known each other well and they arrived at Choppers in separate groups. Once the football game they were watching had finished, they left separately, CCTV footage shows.

Later their two groups linked up again at the AC Bar near Sairee beach, which according to the newspaper is ''a Thai-run nightclub which is known for drunken brawls and strong cocktails.''

Their bodies were found on the beach with first light next morning.


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hope they catch the killers soon

These islands need more police instead of being run by the locals, I know of police offers from other districts who take holidays during full moon to make as much money out of fake busts as possible, and who is going to complain the tourist are breaking the law by doing drugs. Thailand makes a lot of money from these travellers even though they travel cheap a lot plan to do there diving courses here etc etc, and they also support a lot of mom and pop operations through guesthouses and restaurants rather than big corporations

Posted by Michael on September 24, 2014 22:56

Saturday April 13, 2024
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