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Racing to finish, an earth mover completes a channel at Karon beach

Karon's Construction Era 'Almost at an End'

Saturday, December 25, 2010
MAJOR earthworks along Karon beach will be complete before December 29, the Mayor of Karon, Tawee Thongcham, said yesterday.

Earthworks have gouged a large trench in the sandhills behind one long section of Karon beach and along Karon's beach road for several kilometres, with one large hole still evident at Karon Circle.

The process of laying the telephone and electricity lines underground has taken several months. The resurfacing of Karon's beach road is expected to take several more weeks.

Karon's local council is expected to clean up the beach as soon as the work is complete on December 29.

Management at one Karon resort this week emailed Phuketwan several photographs of trash along the Karon beachfront, especially at the southern end.

Phuketwan also found rubbish piled high at the beach yesterday.

A spokesperson for the resort said: ''We are receiving some complaints from our Scandinavian and German guests. Some of them have already left early from our hotel, due to all the rubbish at Karon Beach.

''We fear that any tourists staying at the Karon area this year would never return after experiencing all of the ongoing construction at the road/beach walkway, combined with the lack of cleanliness.''

The beach is expected to be cleaned more regularly in 2011.
Patong's Beach Road Parking: New Deal Agreed
Latest Phuket's big bonus for 2011's arrival is expected to be the reshaping of Patong's beach road parking to allow the public to have back almost three quarters of space monopolised by renters.
Patong's Beach Road Parking: New Deal Agreed

Phuket's Beaches: How to Find the Best One
Holiday Special Spending New Year on a Phuket beach is a popular choice for many people who choose to flee the wintry cold of other parts. Here's a brief user's guide.
Phuket's Beaches: How to Find the Best One

Phuket Retailers, Hospitals Offer Tsunami Support
Latest A memorandum of understanding with big retailers and among hospitals in response to a disaster on Phuket was the highlight of a drill close to the anniversary of the 2004 tsunami.
Phuket Retailers, Hospitals Offer Tsunami Support

Phuket Governor Reassures Tourists on Tsunami
Latest Predictions of a tsunami have led to Phuket's governor issuing a statement citing the precautions now being taken to provide adequate warnings in the unlikely event of another big wave.
Phuket Governor Reassures Tourists on Tsunami


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Karon, and perhaps all of Phuket, will have to work hard to regain consumer confidence with some recent visitors. A US guest at a high-end Karon hotel commented that with the current exchange rate it would have been cheaper for him to have gone to Hawaii where he would not have had to deal with that "third-world bomb-site and garbage dump of a beach" outside his resort.

He noted with disgust that both the beach road and the road behind his resort were torn up, and that escaping over the hill to Nai Harn offered no relief as the main road to that beach was also torn up with a subsequent dusty traffic jam and mass confusion.

He blasted the resort manager for not warning guests about this outrage before they arrived, as well as for not discounting their steep rates to make up for the inconvenience. So no surprise that the management of a local hotel has passed on the whinge to PW.

What this visitor just can't fathom is why local authorities would chose the busiest week of the tourist year to carry out this work. This is the week when everything should be spit, polished and ready for muster. . .

Posted by Treelover on December 25, 2010 14:54


It is certainly a great idea to put telephone and power line cables underground. Some better planing to start work in May and finish in October when Karon has less tourists would have helped to avoid the present situation. But look forward.

Posted by wm on December 25, 2010 15:05


Gone are the days when that was a coastal lagoon and no road to Patong when you could walk the whole beach and be lucky to see any one on it. No one worried if you drowned while swimming, you learned to take care of your self. The main road along the beach was a single track only wide enough for a motor cycle tire. The rent for my room was 13 baht and later was reduced to 10 baht. I spent only about a 100 baht a day. No electricity, no cars, a few buses.Tthere where people living there who had never been to Phuket town and had no desire to go, even when a road was put in connecting Karon and Kata to Chalong. In spite of all the fun we had, I still love the island today in spite of all the changes. I remember the President of IBM saying to me Phuket was one of the 7 wonders of the world. BUT!! I said but what Will, "he said they will destroy it from over development and lack of planning and corruption".They bring laws in but don't enforce them thus many buildings beside the sea are above legal limit.

Posted by Capt Canada on December 26, 2010 10:52


someone recently emailed me about coming to phuket. i said come to thailand but don't come to phuket. made me think how many others are saying this now.

Posted by john s on December 26, 2010 11:35

Editor Comment:

I think most people would tell potential visitors truthfully that Phuket remains a great place for a beach holiday, and that there's a lot to see and do on the island and in neighboring Phang Nga and Krabi. There is no good reason not to come.


I'm so sad to agree with Capt Canada: Thais allow to destroing this Iland: I want to drive the attention of everybody to Nai Harn beach: Government approved for 37 new room at Baan Kratong and all the people can see the horror and destruction is happening on the hill above the lake. There are already 4 condominium and in the last week a bulldozer cut all the jangle around and now a big paling machine started a work for new building. Looking at project site from the road going to the view point, of compared to one year ago, everybody can understand what means to destroy a wonderful place. Shame on the people allowed to do that only in the name of the money.

Posted by Dave on December 26, 2010 12:46

Editor Comment:

People just about everywhere in the world buy land for the purpose of developing it. Those who have taken until now to do so on Phuket have actually allowed you to enjoy island amid greenery that is destined to disappear. It's unfair to blame late developers, or a government stuck with the time-honored principles of land ownership. Money is not the cause of the problem: lack of foresight is. Unless a strategy is put in place soon to save Phang Nga and Krabi, Greater Phuket will inevitably become one big grey city (even if some people will still be calling it Phuket Town.).


so please enlightened my why i should encourage people to come here now and in the future when there are other destinations in thailand where you will be felt very welcomed and not seeing the island becoming one big cement block.

by the way is this your comment.

Unless a strategy is put in place soon to save Phang Nga and Krabi, Greater Phuket will inevitably become one big grey city (even if some people will still be calling it Phuket Town.).

Posted by john s on December 26, 2010 15:15

Editor Comment:

Phuket won't be a cement block for a while yet and it will continue to stay attractive for people coming from places that are already big cities. Nai Harn is fortunate to have the lagoon. But what you advise people to do is up to you.


Dear Ed,
"People just about everywhere in the world buy land for the purpose of developing it." Yes this is true, but there are many place all over in the world like in Phuket where any building are allowed. So why can't preserve a beautifeul place like the side of Nai Harn lake? This is in the interest of all the people, thais first, cause all the tourist business back to the beach to Rawai area is depending by this small and wonderufl tongue of sand included the sorrounding landscape. To destroy it means to destroid their future. I can't agree with you, just sitting and wait to see this Iland inevitably become one big grey city. Shame again to the people allow to do that: isn't infame, is right!

Posted by Dave on December 26, 2010 19:47

Editor Comment:

The land around parts of the Nai Harn lagoon is private. Foresight should have been shown on Phuket 20 years ago, when it was possible to make compulsory purchases. Now the danger is that Phang Nga and Krabi will go the same way as Phuket. The Andaman coast can still be pleasant, but not as pleasant as it once could have been.

Wednesday October 27, 2021
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