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The jetski girl's wound is treated under the trees at Nai Harn beach

Jetski Mishap Mars Holiday at Nai Harn

Monday, February 9, 2009
Jetski Jellyfish Album Above

A YOUNG tourist was injured in a jet-ski mishap off Nai Harn beach yesterday. An open wound on her arm was treated and bound by locals under the beachfront trees while awaiting an ambulance.

Jet skis are not usually seen on Nai Harn beach and none are allowed to operate from there. It is believed the young tourist came to Nai Harn on a jetski from Kata beach, further north.

Details of her injury, which did not appear to be life-threatening, and the precise circumstances of the mishap are not known.

It is thought she was a passenger, rather than a driver. The jetskis attracted considerable interest and at one stage, there were four on the beach, all clearly marked No Insurance.

This high season has brought more debate about the future of jetskis, about mishaps and about extortionate claims by some owners that jetskis have been damaged.

Under a seven-year scheme suggested by the then governor in 2004, jetskis were to be gradually phased out. However, existing owners have since been allowed to replace machines so numbers of jetskis remain unchanged.

Together with tuk-tuk prices, jetskis remain a source of complaints by many tourists. They are banned in neighboring Phang Nga and Krabi.

The lack of insurance can mean heavy medical costs for anyone unfortunate enough to be seriously injured in a mishap.

Riders are often inexperienced and a suitable distance from swimmers is not always maintained. Noise pollution also disturbs others on the beaches where jetskis are permitted.

That said, jetskis may be holiday fun for some, though, and provide a source of income.

The middle day of the long weekend holiday attracted crowds to Nai Harn and other Phuket beaches yesterday.

Visitors and locals shared the water with just a few remaining jellyfish. The dramatic infestation of the popular west coast beaches, first reported on Phuketwan on January 11, appears to have run its course.

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Yuk! Jellyfish Plague Invades Patong Beach
Jellyfish Album
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Nai Harn/Patong Photo Album
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Having snorkeled the shores of Phuket for many years I can honestly say jetskis are both dangerous and polluting. Drivers pay no heed to swimmers. Local operators seem to pride themselves in zooming as close to you as possible and reckless tourists often pay no heed to what's in front of them. After the jetski passes by the entire surface of the water is coated in an oily film which can be immediately tasted through your snorkel. Often as not I've just had to turn around and get out of the water!

Posted by d macdonald on February 9, 2009 11:09


From where i came from, you need to have a powered craft licence to pilot a jet-ski. its not surprising since a jet ski can reach the same speed and only slightly smaller in size than a speedboat. both can cause serious injury to the riders, passengers or other swimmers. yet as said it's an important source of income for some. it'll be good if they can designate an area only for jet-ski, something like the cable ski lagoon in kathu? and jet ski lovers can have their fun without endangering anyone.

Posted by Linny on February 23, 2009 11:53

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