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Hebeca Lexamora with taxi driver Somphoch Tongwattana

Honest Phuket Taxi Driver Returns Tourist's Bag

Thursday, November 11, 2010
A TAXI driver at Phuket's Central Festival rank was praised by a German tourist for helping to return a bag containing her wallet, passport and other ID yesterday.

Hebeca Lexamora went shopping and left her bag behind after the taxi dropped her back at her Patong resort.

Honest cabbie Somphoch Tongwattana, 50, spotted the bag in the back seat of his Toyota at Central Festival and handed it over to taxi rank supervisor Pom Sukasasam, who organised to contact Ms Lexamore at the Erawan Patong Hotel.

She was pleased to regain the bag, which contained her passport and other ID as well as 14,000 baht and a quantity of euros in cash.

Khun Pom said that the 100 taxis operating from Central Festival kept good records and it was not uncommon for left bags to be returned to anxious tourists.
Phuket, World's Best of the Best for Expat Living
Living Survey Is Thailand really world's best place for expats to live, making Phuket the best of the best? It appears so, if those two quality brands, the Wall Street Journal and HSBC, can be believed.
Phuket, World's Best of the Best for Expat Living

Phuket Say Yes Killing: Man Says No, Not Me
Latest A man surrenders to police more than a month after a slaying outside the Say Yes club to say that he was not the killer, and he has an alibi: he was in another province at the time.
Phuket Say Yes Killing: Man Says No, Not Me

'Secret' General Reveals Phuket's New Tuk-Tuk, Taxi Plan
Latest A police general who has been working secretly for two years to solve Phuket's tuk tuk and taxi problems has revealed the first step in his bold and innovative ''green'' strategy.
'Secret' General Reveals Phuket's New Tuk-Tuk, Taxi Plan

Phuket 'Death Beach' Claims Two More in a Day
Latest Phuket's notorious Karon beach becomes a horror stretch again as two people, one a tourist and one a Thai, drown in separate incidents. Calls for the beach to close must now be heeded.
Phuket 'Death Beach' Claims Two More in a Day

Phuket Checks May Grow in Aussie Terror Watch
Latest Australian officials already observe passengers boarding flights from Phuket to Australia and terrorism alerts are likely to lead to greater scrutiny in Thailand.
Phuket Checks May Grow in Aussie Terror Watch


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Kudos to Khun Somphoch. Well done. Recognizing good deeds publicly goes a long way in increasing the likelyhood of others following in the footsteps of this honest taxi driver. I'm sure he and his family feel rightfully proud to read this story.

What is sad though is that anything positive about the taxis and tuk-tuks is newsworthy in Phuket since the public perception, justified or not, is that they are a bunch of mxxxx-style criminals.

I guess this is the impression the high-ranking police officer from BKK made on his visit to Phuket recently too, as is reported here in another story.

Posted by Chris on November 11, 2010 11:00

Editor Comment:

That's the inaccurate exaggeration of the misguided people who can't tell the difference between a notorious criminal organisation dealing in drugs and death and a Phuket transport monopoly. It's just not true, although there may be some bad apples in the tuk-tuk barrel.


Good one, well done honest cabbie.

Posted by Graham on November 11, 2010 12:15


Black Taxi ! tuk tuk ! well done that man

Posted by Lord Jim on November 11, 2010 15:08


Somphoch,good on ya mate. Well done. Soon all these blokes will realize that "honesty does pay" because you will get the business 10x over if your an honest person who can be trusted. Its called Karma....Buddhists should know this.

Posted by tom on November 11, 2010 16:23


Yes, I agree, calling them with the M-Word is not accurate but the interesting part is that this M-Word is used by Thais.

Ask around what Thais think of Phuket Tuk-Tuks and most will refer to them with the M-word, making them the misguided public.

I'd say it's more down to lack of knowledge. I doubt many Thais even know what Cosa Nostra really is/was. They just use the M-Word in general to indicate an organisation using illegal practices to run their business.

Posted by Chris on November 12, 2010 11:43

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