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Grieving Phuket Tourist's Family 'Upset by Calls'

Friday, August 7, 2009
AN INSURANCE company pestered the family of a young British man who died in a motorcycle collision on Phuket to the point where the family became angry and distressed.

Now the company, AXA Insurance, has apologised publicly for a deluge of phone calls after the mishap. A spokeswoman said: ''Having reviewed this case, we acknowledge that it should have been handled more sensitively, for which we apologise.''

Kenneth '' Kenny'' Ibrahim, 27, had been studying Muay Thai on Phuket for about a month when he was killed in a motorcycle mishap in Rawai on May 10.

His parents Ken and Tina, of Chingford, and brother Dean have also told a local newspaper, the Waltham Forest Guardian, of their dissatisfaction with the way his death has been handled in Thailand.

They claim authorities used an embalming fluid that is illegal in Britain (but legal in Thailand), and disfigured Mr Ibrahim's skin, meaning family members were advised not to look at the body.

They also told the newspaper that they were told by Global Network, the company repatriating the body, they could go to Heathrow airport, near London, to view it.

When they got to the airport, the coffin was in a van in the middle of a busy cargo area, the family said. Global Network denied the claim, the newspaper reported.

The Guardian added that the Ibrahims ''also feel that information about the police investigation and the manner in which Kenny died has also not been forthcoming.

''The family has now been told that a man has now been charged with a drink driving offence in connection with Kenny's death.''

Mr Ibrahim had a travel insurance policy with AXA, and in the days following his death the company repeatedly phoned Kenny's father Ken for information.

This left the family angry and distressed.

Mr Ibrahim was driving to a local 7-Eleven convenience store to buy cigarettes about 5.30am when his motorcycle collided with a truck outside the Sai Yuan Bungalows.

The driver of the truck was reported to be seriously injured.

Mr Ibrahim had been training at the Rawai Muay Thai camp, where a manager described him as being ''hugely popular.'' A friend, Matthew Rankin, helped organise for the body to be returned to Britain.

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