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First of the Do and Dont signs goes up today at Nai Yang and Nai Thon

First Phuket Beach Ban Signs Go Up: Tourists Appear Less Than Pleased

Friday, March 6, 2015
PHUKET: Tourists acted with disdain as signs of Dos and Donts for swimmers and sunbakers were posted at two Phuket beaches today.

More signs are expected to go up at all beaches along Phuket's west coast in coming days.

First to gain the signs today were two beaches close to Phuket International Airport, Nai Yang and Nai Thon.

The signs are the idea of Governor Nisit Jansomwong, who wants to keep umbrellas, mats and beach business confined to 10 percent of each of Phuket's popular beaches.

However, many tourists have expressed their unhappiness at not being able to bring their own beach chairs, which are banned, and to having to confine use of personal umbrellas to the controlled area that they will share with swimmers who have hired mats and umbrellas.

All resorts on the holiday island have been asked to make sure brochures similar to the beach signs go into every room so that all tourists are aware of the restrictions.

Tourists say it's odd to have mats and umbrellas return for hiring at beaches while the comfortable sunbeds remain banned.

They also can't understand the logic of such strict controls on what happens on Phuket's beaches when the businesses of the jet-ski and speedboat parasail operators have expanded, with large sections especially of Patong beach now reserved for the machines that have been banned in the neighboring provinces of Phang Nga and Krabi.


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Someone is not playing with a full deck of cards... driving on 3 wheels... a six pack short of a slab. Who in their right mind is going to come up with such ludicrous ideas... AND THEN IMPLEMENT THEM THINKING EVERYONE IS GOING TO AGREE AND BE HAPPY WITH THIS.... where is the logic? absolute NONSENSE is what it is......

Posted by DG on March 6, 2015 14:13


Just who decides, who gets the ten percent of the beach or will it be to the highest under the table bidder

Posted by Michael on March 6, 2015 14:16


Obviously someone or some people think jet skis and parasails improve the appearance of the beach. Because let's not forget, that's what these changes are all about. Nothing to do with enhancing the tourist experience for the majority of beach goers.

Posted by Noholiday on March 6, 2015 15:01


On Nai Harn since the pre-emption of the sand by sunbeds and the restaurant is forbidden we have roughly doubled our frequentation of this beach. Each time we go there we spend money at the legal restaurants off the beach. Seeing the numbers of people at Na Harn now it looks like we are not the only family that go more to the beach under the new rules. It is more natural and also more friendly now, especially if you have children.

Posted by Anonymous on March 6, 2015 15:12


When even phuketwan writes "many tourists have expressed their unhappiness.." the same conclusion can soon be expected by the rulemakers.

Posted by Martijn on March 6, 2015 15:25


DG hit the nail on the head. Even a bit understated I think. Heaven forbid Thailand should look at other beaches in the world for clues to best practices.

Posted by Scudman on March 6, 2015 15:29


Here's a new Slogan for TAT- 'Phuket- World Class Laughing Stock Destination'.

Posted by Mister Ree on March 6, 2015 15:57


How could Thailand as I believe be the first country in the World WHO is diiging their own grave, don't they want any tourist tord come tord their should the people at Phuket and other places get their income if no Tourist.
Please Wake up..,

Posted by TT on March 6, 2015 16:15


Once again people... this won't matter, because Thais don't listen or follow rules. They have never really stopped doing what they do, and there is nobody here to enforce anything. So don't worry about this foolish plan that doesn't make sense to anyone. I think this printing of signs will go down as one of the best examples of time and money wasted. In fact, in time, these stupid signs might even become collectors items.

Posted by Ed Sanders on March 6, 2015 16:23


"Amazing Thailand" is often quoted when the everchanging and often senseless laws are mentioned in my circle of longtime ex-pats.

Posted by Anonymous on March 6, 2015 16:38


@DG..welcome to Thailand..the land of no logic

Posted by sky on March 6, 2015 17:16


Money can be found to spend on this but the Tsunami Evacuation Route signage is falling (fallen) into disrepair all over the island. Priorities...

Posted by Duncan on March 6, 2015 18:29


we have been going to Nai Yang for over 15 years and we loved it! Now with all these negative changes.... well that's it. We feel sorry for all our friends - among others at the Nai Yang Beach Resort, Kwanta, Linda, Noks Bar and and and - wish you all good luck and chop dhee kha

Posted by Christiane on March 6, 2015 18:30


Certain arrogant officials and locals have the belief that no matter what they do, suckers will continue to come to Phuket. This sucker spends his money where he gets value and it's appreciated.

Posted by Arun Muruga on March 6, 2015 19:57


out of curiosity:

there are still many russians, or do thais have hope they coming back soon?

thats why in russian language written?

i think english and chinese is enough. saves some work.

a friend of mine told me not much russian on phuket, compared to 2014

Posted by funnyianer on March 6, 2015 20:09


After 20 years in Thailand 2015 in Malaysia with no problems with umbrellas and sunbeds!!!

Posted by CC Italy on March 6, 2015 20:26


Rule Number 10 Tourist Don't come to Thailand just send money. Today here in Korat the police raided the local bar at 16:30 and closed it down they are now enforcing the 2 to 5 alcohol for sale ban. Fine for the owner 3000bht second offence 6000 bht and 3rd offence 12000 bht. Cant wait to see this ban in Phuket and Pattaya. Time to leave I think

Posted by Neil A on March 6, 2015 22:03


I can understand, that they don't allow sunbeds. But why only give people 10% to place your mats and umbrella? Why so much space for jet-skis, which most people won't use anyway? Just cancelled my Phuket Holiday's. Instead will go to Ko Lanta. At least there I can put my towel where ever I want.

Posted by Dominik on March 6, 2015 22:29


no reason come to hkt again! pollution,crime,overcrowded,mafia,corruption,dirty,dangerous for life and body,expensive..........and nobody know
and understand the new beach order. a classical own goal. i recommend all my friends and workmate to avoid HKT. LOS is my first choice for my holidays but NOT hkt!

Posted by farang1956 on March 6, 2015 23:59


Cut the crap on april 5th i'll be back with a bunch of friends and family and we will have a good time in Phuket as allways!!

Posted by Khun Philippe on March 7, 2015 01:35


so looking forward to my next visit to Phuket. I think it's great that the whingers are going elsewhere, let those who enjoy the natural beauty and the wonderful hospitality of the Thais go there and make the most of it. The rules do seem silly, but there is still so much so see and enjoy. Also......Less sunbathing, less melanomas. Win, win!

Posted by Trinky on March 7, 2015 09:40


The last two paragraphs sum up the feelings of most people.

Posted by pete59 on March 7, 2015 09:41


It's about MONEY Noholiday, the jetski owners pay money to the government officers in control of the beaches to be allowed to operate on the beaches. It is not about the comfort of tourists.
I hope the visitors revolt and refuse to comply. Imagine 10,000 visitors in jail, what a brilliant shot in the foot by the Phuket tourist authority that would be having it splashed all over the social media sites worldwide within a few moments

Posted by Paul on March 7, 2015 11:29


If there would be a world champion ship for putting up signs, we in Thailand would be the undisputed champion of the world.

Posted by wm on March 7, 2015 18:40


Bit by bit the fog get blown away and it becomes very clear who are the boss at Phuket beaches and dictate how things go. It are the jet sky- and parasail business people. Not the Governor, Not Marine 5 office ( the 'I did not know' man), not the Mayors ( patong mayor is lately silent as a mouse) The thai beach business people just dictate the town councilors what they want, and they got it.

Posted by Kurt on March 7, 2015 20:15


Jetski and parsailing can do everything on the beach!
I think for the future it is this group that manages the water sports will have exclusive operation of the entire range. It also means the chairs, umbrelas, massages, small restaurants and all the beach sellers.
This is the power of money!

Posted by Manu on March 7, 2015 21:54


I don't understand if Phuket also from Thailand is . I reviece a picture from pattaya with sunbeds and umbrellas also in koh samuie and the rest of Thailand What is logic?

Posted by malena on March 8, 2015 09:48


Love the "no smoking" inclusion on the signs! I see so many people stubbing cigarette butts into the sand or just throwing them into the water, I was wondering where the law stood on this.
Now we just need someone to actually police it with me!

Posted by Chris on March 9, 2015 16:14

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