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Rohloef Jeck's Phuket holiday includes a brush with a dirty toilet

Phuket Toilet Dirty, German Tourist Mops Up

Wednesday, November 25, 2009
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A GERMAN tourist was so unhappy with the lack of cleanliness at a public toilet on Phuket that he did something most tourists wouldn't think of doing.

He bought a mop and a bucket and cleaned the toilet himself.

''I usually have a regular two-week holiday on Phuket,'' said Rohloef Jeck, 55, who is staying at the Kamala Beach Resort.

Mr Rohloef's daily habit is to go for a swim and a run along Kamala beach. He finishes by using the toilet near Kamala's tsunami memorial.

''The toilet is always very dirty,'' he said. ''So I decided to fix it myself.''

Mr Rohloef added that he loved the beach, the weather and everything about Kamala . . . except for the public toilet.

His action came to notice in Kamala when locals spotted what he was doing and told island administration officials at Provincial Hall in Phuket City.
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He was lucky to find a public toilet open. Last time I needed them, the rest rooms at Karon Beach, Kata Beach, and Rawai Beach Park were all locked up tight.

Posted by Treelover on November 25, 2009 09:01


With all the tourist revenue you would think keeping a toilet clean would be very simple. Well done that man . Please could Phuketwan keep its readers posted on the cleanliness of the toilet when the German tourist leaves the island.

Editor: End Phuket corruption, solve all murders, bring world peace, check on Kamala toilets . . . ok, it's on our list of things to do.

Posted by Peter J Notley on November 25, 2009 09:28


Arrest this man! Rogue toilet cleaner be banished!

(No, better yet, we should create a special work permit category for bathroom scrubbers and make it only available to Germans. Let's make Phuket 100% filthy-toilet free!)

Posted by Lana on November 25, 2009 10:37


one of the worst I know of is Ocean department store on Soi Bangla!

Posted by elizabeth on November 25, 2009 11:54


You have not seen filth until you experience the toilets in the Bus Station in Mandalay. That place could gag a maggot.

Posted by broadstreet on November 25, 2009 12:16


Surprised someone didn't have him arrested for doing the work a Thai could do, or lack of work permit..

"When locals spotted what he was doing and told island administration officials at Provincial Hall in Phuket City"

Posted by LivinLOS on November 25, 2009 13:46


Lana, what BS. This man does well. He is doing exactly what the locals should do for tourism.

Posted by Hunterg on November 25, 2009 13:49


Kata Noi Beach has 2 toilets on the stairs from the road to the beach. Disgusting. They were only built and never manned and when the local public health administration was called about them they didn't even know. Worst is that when you walk down the stairs to beautiful Kata Noi Beach you see the ugly tanks underneath.

Good on that man, wonder why the locals went to tell the officials. Should have helped him instead. Shame on them!

PS however he seems to have misunderstood the use of the little hose next to the toilet. Yuck.

Posted by VFaye on November 25, 2009 14:22


By his action, Herr Jeck has hopefully brought another matter needing attention to the new Governor - another 'action man'. Well done!

Posted by rfdunedin on November 25, 2009 17:11


@Hunterg - ever heard of the expression "tongue in cheek"? Look it up!

Posted by Lana on November 25, 2009 17:51


Lana, sorry for misunderstanding. I am also a German, would not clean toilets myself, but this is another sign for the officials to get worse things better.

Posted by Hunterg on November 25, 2009 19:19


Thanks for the photo gallery. The last photo has some nice grafitti in the background, makes Kamala look like a slum.

What are the responsibilities of Or Bor Tors? Seems like the do nothing but protect the locals.

They need to make their districts at least presentable for high season. (for starters)

Posted by Vfaye on November 26, 2009 01:12


Could have cleaned the graffiti off the wall as well

Posted by nick on November 26, 2009 04:49


Please read the Phuket Gazette:

"Despite the honorable intent of Mr Jeck's actions, his endeavors may technically be running afoul of Thailand's strict alien labor laws.

These state that it is a criminal offense for any foreigner to engage in work, regardless of whether one is receiving remuneration, without a government-issued work permit.

Only Burmese, Lao and Cambodian are allowed to work as cleaners, which is an occupation otherwise reserved for Thais... "

Amazing Thailand ...

Editor: Are you calling for the arrest and deportation of this Good Samaritan? Every country has laws that are silly in some circumstances. Is your country any different? Thailand's laws are for the protection of Thais. That's hardly newsworthy.

Posted by herbert on November 26, 2009 19:39


Nobody in my country would even think of printing the rules/laws in the newspaper. Everyone would love this good samaritan (so do I), beside that the public toilets in Switzerland ARE clean...

Editor: Now I see your point, and I'll take your word for the Swiss toilets.

Posted by Herbert on November 26, 2009 20:36

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