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Raiders check the elephant camp documents north of Phuket today

Charges Pending Against Elephant Camp North of Phuket Over Live Crocodile and Dead Gibbon

Monday, November 24, 2014
PHUKET: Officials investigating accusations of cruelty at an elephant camp north of Phuket today found a dead gibbon and a live 120 kilo crocodile, both animals apparently being used for photo opportunities.

''Tourists complained of animals being 'tortured' and it appears there is probably some justification for that,'' said Phuket-based Tourism and Sport director, Santi Pawai, who raided the Khao Lak Elephant Camp this afternoon.

''The permit for the business and for using four elephants there appeared to be in order.

''Tourists complained that the gibbon was being poorly treated and by the time we got to the camp, it was dead.''

The crocodile was still alive but the people who ran the camp had no permit to keep it there. The same applied for the gibbon, a protected species.

Khun Santi, who visited the camp with Phang Nga Livestock Office staff, National Parks rangers and the Royal Thai Navy, said charges would be laid against the camp's owner over the illegal possession of the crocodile and the gibbon and the death of the gibbon.


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... Crocodile still is barely alive, so that qualifies as enough to pass like OK conditions ..?

Posted by Sue on November 24, 2014 23:10


This place has been an abomination since it first opened. They used to have a baby elephant chained out in front on the highway all day to draw in visitors and charged for feeding it and photo ops. They also used to parade it along the street at night again charging for feeding and photo ops. This stopped after local complaints and the Snake and Monkey show wasn't advertised as prominently. The conditions the elephants are kept in are appalling.

Posted by Alan on November 25, 2014 07:26


both animals apparently being used for photo opportunities.

Hmm, have your photo taken with a dead gibbon? Not sure of the attraction but hey, as they say 'up to you...'

Posted by Simon Luttrell on November 25, 2014 13:02


"They used to have a baby elephant chained out in front on the highway all day to draw in visitors and charged for feeding it and photo ops. "

This is still happening in almost every elephant camp, 2 or 3 minimum on the road from Kata to Nai Harn...

Posted by Vermor on November 25, 2014 17:49


Thats why tourists must stay away from those places! with all the information people can get now a days they should now better by now.... Why not chain some people to a tree all day long with 35 degrees how about that for a change!

Posted by ThailandFan on November 25, 2014 21:59


There are several elephant camps in and around Khai Lak and further north in Khao Sok. None of them treat their elephants in this way. One hotel in Phuket and one in Khao Lak that I am aware of don't help by bringing a baby elephant along for photos with guests.

Posted by Alan on November 26, 2014 12:09

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