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Lt Col Pattanachak Chakrabhan shows the recommended radio

Buy Good Quality Security Cameras, Phuket Police Super Advises

Saturday, May 26, 2012
PHUKET: Some security cameras were of such poor quality that they were of no use in determining the identity of criminals or the numberplates of getaway vehicles, a senior Phuket policeman said this week.

Colonel Natapakin Kawnchaiprak was briefing a group of owners of convenience stores, gold shops and bank managers at Kamala police station, north of Patong on Phuket's west coast.

''The better the quality of the camera, the more protection you will have,'' he said.

To his knowledge, there had never been an armed robbery in Kamala, but being prepared was the best advice, the colonel said.

He said there were about 6000 registered citizens in central Kamala, with perhaps the same number of unregistered citizens, plus tourists.

With 40 police at Kamala station, the number of officers in relation to the population was small.

He recommended that responsible residents buy 1700 baht radios and tune to channel 56, which was the medium for local police broadcasts.

''You can also listen to FM and AM radio in cases where there is a disaster warning of some kind,'' he said.

The colonel also demonstrated some of the types of guns that robbers tended to use in hold-ups.


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If we are responsible residents and buy these 1700 Baht radios, are the police responsible and qualified enough to speak English on their broadcasts? I don't think so???
I think I will rely on broadcasts from outside of Thailand, who can tell me whats going on inside Thailand during a disaster. I do however have cameras that can record how many pimples you have on your face at seventy meters. Good enough for me.

Posted by DunB on May 26, 2012 17:54


In my home country it is illegal to listen to police radio...

Posted by Fritz Pinguin on May 27, 2012 11:06

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