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The Governor of Ranong, Kanchana Pakeemun

Budget Cuts Hurt New Andaman Destination

Monday, August 11, 2008

RANONG is running hard to catch up with the other tourism provinces of the Andaman group.

But the region's newest destination is already finding that national funding is the big uncertainty.

The outspoken Governor of Ranong, Kanchana Pakeemun, told Phuketwan that her province's budget for essential spending on tourism-related projects had been, well, sliced and diced.

''We cannot be expected to attract tourists without money being invested,'' she said.

The governor said that visitors to the new hot springs resort had been told their bookings had to be cancelled. Funding to upgrade the resort had been allocated, then withdrawn.

So Ranong joins the club. The other provinces in the Andaman group, Phuket, Krabi and Phang Nga, have had plenty of experience with lack of adequate funding from Bangkok.

Khun Kanchana said the failure of funding was disappointing because Ranong airport, reopened this year, was already attracting Thai Air Asia customers in heartening quantities.

The airline has flights from Bangkok to Ranong three times a week. One-Two-Go is also keen to fly to Ranong, if the grounded airline overcomes Department of Civil Aviation concerns about safety.

''Ranong is a peaceful place but if we want tourists we need to make sure the city is even safer,'' she said.

Easier said than done. CCTV cameras were to be installed to improve checks on people in transit between Burma and Ranong. But that budget has been cancelled, too.

Lucky For Some

WITH former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra and his wife missing their Thai Airways flight from Beijing to Bangkok, we hope some lucky Chinese tourists on standby made the cut.

All the fortunate fliers will need to do now is find some way of getting seats from Bangkok to Phuket.

Of course! They only have to wait for Nok Air's restored services, each Saturday and Sunday . . .

Firefly Flying High on Turboprop

FIREFLY, the small airline that operates services between Penang and Phuket, is expected to realise profits next year, says managing director Eddy Leong.

He says the turnaround is possible because it has just 160 staff and an advantage in saving costs through parent Malaysia Airlines.

Being community-minded, Leong says Firefly places great emphasis on safety and comfort in its flying experience.

''We fly high in the modified turbo-propelled propeller,'' he says ''The Fokker 50 uses less fuel than other aircraft.

''Before the end of this year, three more fuel-efficient Turbo Prop ATR 72-500 will replace the Fokker 50s.

''The new small body aircraft, which will be able to ferry 70 passengers, is ideal for the type of routes we cater, providing quick landing and takeoffs.'' he adds.

Leong refers to Firefly, launched in April last year, as Malaysia's ''first community airline.''

Small and short seem to be beautiful in the airline business right now.

A Motto for Everyone

NOT EVERY slogan we see on the back of large four-wheel vehicles at stop lights has appeal. But we did like this one because it seemed especially Thai and especially true:

''I love to have fun. I love my family and friends. I love this beautiful planet Earth.''

We will go along with that.

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from Phuketwan:

August 8
A meeting on Racha saves the island's coral, delivering an eight million baht artificial reef, a zoning system to keep divers and fishing trawlers apart, bans aimed at protecting the natural environment, and hope for other endangered reefs and islands.

Money Dispute Brings Change At Chalong Pier

August 7
More Australians than ever are heading overseas, latest statistics reveal. And that's great for Phuket right now; Nok Air returns but Thai budget lines do it tough; Buffalo festival this weekend.

Money Dispute Brings Change At Chalong Pier

August 6
A row about income from fees at Chalong Pier has led to action by the Phuket authority in charge; Coming soon, yet another luxury five-star for Phuket; Guess how many homes are empty in the US?

Money Dispute Brings Change At Chalong Pier

August 5
Phuket resorts now face the nightmare of having group bookings that cannot be confirmed because no seats are available on flights to Phuket. Visitors from China, Taiwan and Singapore are going elsewhere because of the air crisis

Phuket Air Crisis: China, Taiwan Tourists Turned Away

August 4
Low season usually means a relaxed time for island residents. With tourists unable to gain quick flight bookings and supermarket prices going through the roof, this one is a horror story. Which brings us to Zimbabwe.

Phuket Inflation Growing, Flights Hard To Find

August 1
The travel industry has spawned phrases and words that are as confusing as 'friendly fire' is to warfare or 'leader' is to politics. Today we take aim at a couple of popular lies in tourism.

Tourism's Biggest Lies: The Weasels in Wordplay

July 31
Should communities on islands off Phuket benefit from tourism? Certainly they should, say the people of Koh Yao Yai, where change is coming fast; One Two Go, When When When?; Aussies brawl again.

Speedboat Stirs Up Island Independence

July 30
Giving Thai officials the finger on arrival on Phuket and elsewhere will become customary if Cabinet approves a proposal from Thai Immigration officials; Korean honeymooners now have a new honorary consul.

Fingerprinting Urged For International Arrivals in Thailand

July 29
If marine biologists tell us that the Andaman coral reefs are in danger, we listen. And that's what the diving and fishing industries need to do at a crisis meeting this week; Nokking on Heaven's door by bus to Phuket; A wedding and an unwanted guest.

Crisis Meeting Will Decide Future of Phuket Diving

July 28
Control of Patong's decision-making local council now rests with Pian Keesin and the Rak Patong party after Sunday's poll, and that means the advocates of the Patong Hill underpass are in charge; Laguna's ESPN sportsfest rescues a school

Patong Hill Tunnel Likely After Poll Power Change

Look for
every day, Monday to Friday, at Phuketwan. It's essential reading. To tell us your news, email or telephone 081 6513489.


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