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The Palmery, where tall people and giraffes are welcomed majestically

Phuket's Palmery Resort, a Winner by a Long Neck

Wednesday, January 22, 2014
Phuket Resort of the Year Competition

PHUKET: All tall people understand the problem with doorways and steps designed for Asians only. The tallies have to duck to get through and the narrow steps make slipping more likely.

So The Palmery Resort and Spa is a refreshing change, a place on Phuket built to accommodate giraffes.

Now that just about every beach on Phuket is occupied by resorts, development is stretching further back from the sands. Standing out from the competition is what it's all about, and The Palmery is certainly distinctive.

Inspiration came from a grove of palms already on the property. While the word ''palm'' has already been incorporated in the names of resorts all over Phuket, The Palmery went one step further.

The main building and many of the room features have been elongated in tribute to the palm. Giraffes? You're welcome here. And if you are happen to be short, there's even more headroom.

The Palmery wins points for taking the original grove of palms and turning the idea into a local landmark in Phuket's Kata district. A curve in the road has now been made distinctly The Palmery's own.

Touches of the idea have been carried into some of the rooms and the whole of the four-star resort mixes that airy feeling with plenty of pools and garden cabanas for a drink in the evening.

The resort is between seven and 10 minutes' walk from the beachfront at Kata, so the tendency is for some guests to hire motorcycles. Drinking at the resort seems like a good idea.

The Palmery Resort and Spa is a contender for Phuketwan Phuket Resort of the Year 2014. As reviewers do not stay at the resorts, the review is a guide to look and design, not service.


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How on earth can you bestow a title Phuket Resort of the Year 2014 on any hotel if you don't take into account the service. The hotel industry is fundamentally about service. Have you read some of the reviews about this place on Tripadvisor ? Phuketwan should either do it properly or not at all otherwise you could be responsible for many people having miserable experiences

Posted by Honesto on January 22, 2014 16:55

Editor Comment:

Honesto, please send your cheque to cover the cost of staying at the resorts and we will oblige. Yes, we read TripAdvisor. No, we're not so foolish as to believe everything we read. Yes, service is important. No, we can't report on service without experience.

We think it's better to do what we can and declare our failings than pretend, as others do, that their reviews are complete and genuine. And please make that cheque a large one, Honesto.


Nice interesting article. Thank you, keep up the good work.

Posted by gee on January 22, 2014 18:00


Drinking at the resort seems like a good idea.


Made me smile wide!

Posted by Sue on January 22, 2014 20:58


Dear Editor, Thank you for your comment, fortunately I am quite well off and could fund your award, however I think this industry already delights in bestowing far too many awards without merit upon itself. I'm sure if you explained your newspaper was running an award with all the free publicity it could generate, many of the lesser hotels would surely give one free night to put themselves in the running. I also don't believe everything I read and the reason I took particular exception to your article was a chance encounter with a couple who left after one night at this hotel citing a number of the deficiencies I later found mentioned by others on Tripadvisor. Your headline is totally misleading giving the impression this place is already a "Winner". I appreciate funds are short but I hope this is not a paid advert masquerading as editorial content. Declaring your failings, as you put it, is one thing but this award idea carried out in this superficial manner is not worthy of Phuketwan. Just my honest opinion.

Posted by Honesto on January 23, 2014 09:53

Editor Comment:

What you should understand, Honesto, is that a free night, like a free meal, obliges the author to say nice things that aren't necessarily true about a resort or a restaurant. This is why journalists are ethically bound to disclose whether or not they have paid for a stay or a meal so readers can make their own judgements about whether a review is authentic. ''There is no such thing as a free meal.'' The headline is only liable to misinterpretation by someone who can't read and think at the same time. Whether you are well off or not has no relevance. If the editorial was paid for, we would be obliged to say so - ethics are what's important, not money. Resorts with service problems usually correct them quickly.


Dear Editor, Any resort that is confident about it's product would allow reporters in strictly on the understanding that they will report factually as they find. Also your reporters could converse with other clients for their feedback so as to ensure they are not getting preferential treatment. I cannot honestly believe you consider your headline "Phuket's Palmery Resort, a Winner by a Long Neck" can only be misinterpreted by morons. I have noticed in the past, having read many Editor comments, that you seem to have a habit and presumably take delight in insulting and demeaning many of your readers who comment. I always thought I wouldn't bother to comment and now I know why. Anyone who cant accept constructive criticism has a problem, I'll leave it at that. It's just in this case I happen to have met these ex-guests in the Red Chair restaurant less than 100 from this resort and I was surprised as the Resort from the outside looks inviting. You asked ME for a cheque in your first facetious reply and I just thought I should point out it wasn't because of lack of funds but because your idea is flawed that I declined your invitation. I am sure you must be a much nicer person in real life than the one conveyed by your editorial comments - I sincerely hope so if only for your staff's sake. Peace and Love - life's too short.

Posted by Honesto on January 23, 2014 17:34

Editor Comment:

There is no way any guest at any resort anywhere can make a judgement based on the quality of service beyond their own experience. A guest with just one night's experience really doesn't have much to go on, as anyone who has ever taken a holiday will tell you. As most readers probably understand, it's possible to have a very poor night eating out at a classy restaurant, or a great night at a second-tier restaurant, depending on circumstances. It's the same with resorts. This is why reviewers and general managers insist that standards need to be consistent and of high quality all the time. There is nothing wrong with our heading. The problem is with your misinterpretation of it. Your judgement about me is also warped to suit your own agenda. Life is too short, Honesto, and one wonders why you waste it so.


I am only corresponding in between breaks in the Australian Open tennis which I am enjoying enormously. But you are right about one thing, it is still definitely wasted time corresponding with you. I think you are out of your depth as an Editor. How about a new challenge ? Maybe as Customer Relations Officer for those lovely guys who operate the Kata/Karon tuk tuks and taxis. Your tact and diplomacy would surely win over everyone's hearts and minds. I don't normally like to be mean but you do seem to enjoy antagonizing us mere mortals. H xxx

Posted by Honesto on January 23, 2014 18:33

Editor Comment:

How indulgent. Goodbye, Honesto. A new email, a new persona . . . again.

Thursday March 23, 2023
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