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Duncan Worthington presenting a 2008 Property Award to Gulu Lalvani

Phuket Property Pioneer Set to Play New Game

Wednesday, March 10, 2010
DUNCAN Worthington, publisher, property and yachting person, all-round Phuket identity, is ending his working connections with Ensign Media, the Property Report and the Phuket Post.

''Nothing wrong with any of those things, I just decided to make a change,'' the 34-year-old entrepreneur told Phuketwan today in announcing his big switch from March 18.

Duncan plans to stay on Phuket but will be changing course for a golf course as he enjoys a visit with family and a chance to relax.

He reckons his house needs a paint job. But who can say for sure?

Respected by just about everyone, Duncan was a prime force behind the creation of the Phuket Post, the Property Report and that magazine's highly-regarded annual Property Awards.

He also has strong connections with the island's yachting community and the expat business community.

As Duncan departs, selling his share of Ensign Media to long-term partner Terry Blackburn, rumors reach Phuketwan that at least three anonymous would-be publishers are looking to invest in print and online on the island.

While print is in retreat in many parts of the world, Phuket is a distinct market where quality publications should prosper for decades to come.

As Duncan started with Footprint Asia seven years ago, that means he began putting his good ideas into action at 27. On an island noted for its old, grey heads, the young man has done well.

Property Report has grown into a regional product and changed since its first incarnation in the once-familiar all-blue, no pictures version.

Given Duncan's ability to learn and adapt, we expect to see him on the pro golf tour list of winners in about six weeks.
Phuket's Lifeguard System Dead on the Sand
UPDATE The leader of the Phuket Provincial Administrative Organisation will abandon lifeguard tendering and introduce a workable system for Phuket as soon as possible.
Phuket's Lifeguard System Dead on the Sand

Phuket to Get Weather, Tsunami Radar System
Latest A 200 million baht radar system for the Andaman coast should alleviate concerns about the adequacy of weather warnings at sea. It may also help in a future tsunami.
Phuket to Get Weather, Tsunami Radar System

Young Sisters Drown in Patong Canal
Latest One sister went to the rescue of the other, but both drowned in a tragedy that highlights the need for swimming lessons to save lives.
Young Sisters Drown in Patong Canal

Phuket Reds Head Out: Ambassador Urges Peace
Latest Phuket's red shirt supporters are in the process of joining demonstrators from around Thailand in Bangkok for a mass protest that the British Ambassador hopes will remain peaceful.
Phuket Reds Head Out: Ambassador Urges Peace

Phuket's Fab Feb Pushes Air Numbers Sky High
Latest For some, the Immigration delay at Phuket airport may be longer than the flight but the number of arrivals and departures keeps right on rising, a good sign for Phuket's future.
Phuket's Fab Feb Pushes Air Numbers Sky High

West Sands Phuket to Take On China Growth
Latest The West Sands property, resort and waterpark development could be Phuket's largest resort before 2011 with additional plans to carry the Thai brand into China and beyond.
West Sands Phuket to Take On China Growth


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Yawn. A story for investors only.

Posted by Wil Samkinson on March 11, 2010 20:26


So what, who is this guy. In four years here, I have never met him, let alone knew of him.

Editor: Mr Sole, I am sure Mr Worthington has met your entire family on Phuket.

Posted by R Sole on March 12, 2010 15:43


My editor, if he has indeed met my entire family, he must be truly amazing. All my family are dead, it is only me here.

Editor: Strange, because he has told friends that he has met many R. Soles here.

Posted by R Sole on March 12, 2010 16:44


Sorry ed I missed that one. Good joke but it has been used on me time and time again, so its old. Cheers Robin.

Posted by Robin Sole on March 12, 2010 21:24


Best of luck to Duncan, I'm struggling to see what he's moving onto though, the article hints at him becoming either a pro-golfer or moving into painting and decoration.

Posted by Benjie on March 14, 2010 21:45


The bloke on the right looks too *****.

Posted by Charlie King on March 18, 2010 16:50

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