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At anchor: workers take time out at the Tasker loft

Stop Work Takes Wind Out of Tasker Sails

Thursday, January 15, 2009
WHEN the women who work at Rolly Tasker's sailmaking loft in Chalong saw their half-monthly pay today, they stopped work immediately.

There was no annual pay rise, something they have come to expect.

At noon they were sitting on the floor of the huge space where they usually work, making and repairing sails.

One gigantic sail that must be from a 12 metre yacht stretched out across the entire width of the building.

The 80 women mostly wear tee-shirts that each carry an individual drawing of an America's Cup winner on the back.

A union representative was talking to management about a potential settlement.


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Pay rise "as expected" ?!?! Do these people have any concept of how the economy is going ?? In a luxury segment like Yacht supplies ??

Was this a agreed negotiated pay rise discussed with their union reps ??

Maybe they should realise the fragility of their jobs and the industry that employs them (farang created I may add) when the choices may be losing staff or simply not handing out 'expected' raises.

Posted by Why ??? on April 17, 2009 11:25

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