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People from Burma, Cambodia and Laos queue to register on Phuket today

Phuket's Burmese Workers Like New One Stop Service So Far

Tuesday, July 22, 2014
PHUKET: About 400 workers from neighboring countries queued today as a one-stop shop opened on Phuket to register migrant workers.

Registrations continue until August 21, with greater numbers expected as word spreads that the new service is operating.

Photos are taken and health checks made and those who attend are issued with cards that should be replaced by full documentation within 60 days.

The office is at Sala Prachakom, opposite the Governor's House in Phuket City.

Phuket Labor Office Chief Yaowapa Piboonpon says most of the people in the queues today were from the construction and fisheries industries.

Wey, 19, said he decided to come along with about 10 colleagues who were working illegally in construction.

''Before, the cost was too high and the process was too complicated,'' he said.

Although communications with some of the people remain a difficulty, costs are considerably reduced.

Adults pay 1305 baht, children under 15 pay 1080 baht and it costs 445 baht to register children under seven.


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