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Phuket's Great Rubber Elephant Race

Phuket's Great Rubber Elephant Race

Thursday, November 4, 2010
THE GREAT Phuket Rubber Elephant Race was formally launched today at the Blue Duck Restaurant. Make sure you have your elephants ready to race. Keep their feathers as clean as possible.

Ooops, there's been a slight misunderstanding. The rising price of rubber on Phuket appears to have created some confusion.

Forget the elephants, the Great Phuket Rubber Duck Race is bouncing back, organisers announced today. And it will be shinier, floatier and more fun than ever.

We must hasten to add that, despite rising rubber prices, as far as we are aware there is no truth in reports that brand new holiday resorts are now being sold so they can be demolished and returned to rubber plantations.

Well, not just yet.

The Blue Elephant Restaurant in Phuket City was the venue today for the formal launch of the Phuket Community Foundation's Race Day, if there can ever be such a thing as a formal launch for an event as casual as this one.

The Phuket Community Foundation is a philanthropic body with its sights set on helping Phuket surmount some of its social issues.

Creating toy libraries, mostly in schools in poorer parts of Phuket, providing tail lights on motorcycles and delivering cash grants to worthy candidate groups or individuals has formed the mainstay so far of the PCF's efforts.

The Great Phuket Rubber Elephant and Duck Race - organisers are believed to be changing the rules a little for next year - takes place on January 23 at Laguna Phuket.

Because it takes a lot of training before a rubber duck can race well, potential racers are advised to purchase their duck now.

Details: Khun Janyaporn 0818512280 or
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What a brilliant story!!

Posted by Alasdair Forbes on November 5, 2010 09:44

Editor Comment:

Thanks, duckie


yawn. Please get a life

Posted by Lord Jim on November 5, 2010 11:43


Thanks, Alan and crew. REally very happy with the way the presentation went - about 100 people came, so the word is definitely out. Back a Duck, people!

Posted by Alasdair on November 6, 2010 11:06

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