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The Pimex boat show on Phuket earlier this month

Phuket Yacht Event Held Over as Thailand Backs Marina Hub Concept

Tuesday, January 20, 2015
PHUKET: People wondering whether Phuket can sustain two boat and yacht shows a year will be wondering a little longer with the announcement that the first new Phuket Yacht Show is to be postponed.

The Phuket International Boat Show took place earlier this month at Royal Phuket Marina. Here's the announcement about the new event:

THE organisers of the new yacht charter show for Asia have announced the postponement of the first edition, scheduled to take place February 12-15 in Phuket Yacht Haven Marina, which is under redevelopment to make it the biggest superyacht marina in Asia.

In a joint statement, the marina owners and the show organisers said that it would be preferable to postpone the opening of the Show to a later date.

Both teams naturally regret the impact that this may have on exhibitors' plans, but will work closely with them to minimise this, and look forward to continuing the collaboration when the show's final opening dates are announced shortly.

One of the important reasons for the delay is that in the last week or so there has been a positive exchange with Thai Government officials indicating significant support for the new show later in the year - and, importantly, for a proposal from the show's organisers and local industry representatives to increase the number of superyachts coming to Thai waters from the Mediterranean for the winter season.

The government has subsequently announced that it intends to promote Phuket as an international yachting hub, and these discussions will hopefully progress quickly now.

Andy Treadwell, Managing Director of organisers 3L Events, explained, ''Both my team and the Yacht Haven Marina team have all worked really hard to get the Show off the ground this year.

''It's a massive project, and a highly significant one for yachting in Asia, but we all agree that it would be better to delay until conditions are perfect.''

He continued, '''What is most important is the fantastic interest the event's launch has sparked in the industry - we can see it's going to become a key event, and a real catalyst for the development of the yachting industry here.

''And the main point was the focus on charter, so it's also exciting to have had a positive reaction from the Thai Government - this could give a serious boost to the industry worldwide.''

Jean Phataraprasit, of Phuket Yacht Haven Marina, added, ''We are delighted that there seems to be a lot of positivity about yachting tourism and support for these initiatives coming from the government of Thailand now.

''It's fundamental to the important investment we have made in this project that Phuket remains the superyacht hub for Asia, and we're excited that the marina at Yacht Haven with its new clubhouse, and the international-scale show that Andy's team is planning, will be at the forefront of development of the yachting industry here.''

The momentum for promoting charter in the region is not being slowed, however.

For the moment the focus is simply being moved to the Asia Pacific Yachting Conference and the Singapore Yacht Show which run consecutively April 21-26.

Throughout the week of the two events, superyacht charter in Asia will be heavily promoted to some 700 global industry professionals, as well as to an expected 15,000 wealthy consumers keen to experience the yachting lifestyle.


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