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So peaceful you can hear a chin drip: a deviant at Kebab House in Rawai

Where Phuket Chins Drip with Turkish Delight

Friday, March 25, 2011
Kebab House, Chalong-Rawai

Open: Lunch and dinner

Address: 28/6-7 Wiset Road Rawai 83130

Telephone: 085 5770490, 086 0035863

Style: Turkish and European Cuisine

Price range: Moderate. Etli dolma (130 baht) showarma with cheese (160 baht) polish pierogi (130 baht) hungarian goulash (160 baht) chicken schnitzel (130 baht, 150 baht with cheese) chicken nuggets (130 baht) spaghetti bolognese (130 baht) doner kebab in pita or lavash (chicken 99 baht beef 130 baht) kofte durum (beef 120 baht) adana kebab (160 baht) karni yarik (130 baht) baba ganoush salad, aubergine mixed with diced onions, tomatoes and turkish seasonings (80 baht, 100 baht with yoghurt) carrot salad (50 baht) polish vegetarian pieragi dumplings (120 baht) deep friend potatoes (60 baht) pita (30 baht a piece) coke (25 baht) singha (60 baht) san miguel (65 baht).

Specialties: Kebabs, stroganov, goulash

What Phuketwan says:
Every so often we feel the need to deviate. To go a bit perverse. To try something a little different, just for fun. Yes of course, we will stay faithful. Thai food we can eat forever, and probably will. But occasionally, like a som tam addict, we try to beat the fix, kick the habit. And let's face it, if being overly keen on som tam was a crime, virtually the whole of Phuket would be in jail. A friend spied Kebab House before the paint dried so we decided to rekindle a vague memory of the taste of yoghurt mixed with meat carved fresh from a roasting slab, and we're glad we did. It tastes deliciously exotic. Throw in some paprika and pita and this place, even at lunchtime with daylight streaming in, is a deviant's delight. When your chin streams with spicy yoghurt and you just don't care, you know you've entered a hidden pleasure zone, and that even more fun lies ahead. The kebab in some places has a reputation as a hangover cure, which is probably deserved. This is not to say a perfectly well-behaved person would never enjoy a dripping chin. If you must, stick to the carrot salad. But don't complain if others wrap their chompers around far more tasty items. On the day we lunched and wanted seconds, there was only chicken on the spit. Beef on Fridays. Tell us when there's lamb spinning, and we'll drop the som tam and rush straight over. Lamb, beef and chicken will eventually be available, the proprietors note, but there's no pork of any kind to be found on the premises. Takeaways? Sure.

How to find it: Heading south from Chalong Circle, slow down as the road rises for the final swing towards Rawai. Kebab House is in a shophouse row just before the turn to Friendship Beach.

Parking: Spaces out front.

Phuketwan reviewers pay for their own meals. If we don't, we tell you. A friend paid for this one.
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There's nothing like the joy of Donner grease running down the chin after a night out- as pointed out above. Its a shame that like a lot of things in Phuket its twice as expensive (and half as filling) than the ones available in Pattaya. It must be the Phuket sapechul sauce.

Posted by Mister Ree on March 25, 2011 13:55

Wednesday November 29, 2023
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