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Meals From The Vegetarian Festival

Tuesday, September 30, 2008
HERE'S a selection of Vegetarian Festival meals for festival novices to tuck into. No need to miss the meat. The artificial substitutes are almost as tasty:

Pad Thai: Yes, but not with shrimp or chicken or any other meat, for that matter. The most basic of Thai meals, noodles with beansprouts . . . and, if you really must, artificial shrimp Price: 35 baht.

Pad pak ruam: Stir fried mixed vegetables. Yes, skip the oyster sauce. That';s not permitted for your health regime. Try broccoli, peas, carrots, corn, tomatoes, and maybe some cabbage if you are lucky. Price: 25 baht.

Som Tam: Papaya salad holds up as a staple of the Veg Fest, too. Ask for mai ped if you don't want it too spicy. But for better or worse, the raw crab won't be coming with it at this time of the year. Try artificial shrimp or peanuts instead. Price: 25 baht.

Pad see ew: Fat noodles fried with artificial shrimp or artificial seafood in soya sauce might not sound terribly healthy but then, at least there's no meat involved. You can feel free to add some ingredients all your own. Price: 15 baht.

Por peia (Spring Rolls): With carrot, bean sprouts, perhaps tofu, and maybe artificial shrimp with soya sauce on top. Not spicy. Price: 10 baht.

Kui tew num (Noodle soup): This order comes with fat noodles, artificial pork or artificial beef stew. It's not spicy. you can add ingredients yourself. Price: 30 baht.

Pad ka pao: Nearly always spicy, but you can ask for it to be adapted to your taste. Sauteed artificial pork, artificial chicken or artificial beef with chilli and basil leaves. Price: 20 baht.


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