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Proud owner on Phuket with a meticulously maintained Jeep

Beep, Beep! Here Come the Jeeps

Sunday, April 26, 2009
A CAVALCADE of Jeeps, with the added spice of a few Land Rovers, made its way down and across Phuket yesterday as part of the second annual southern rally by the venerable off-road vehicles.

The ancient machines appear to attract fans who tend to be younger than they are, people who are perhaps in awe of the lasting qualities of the one-time military movers.

It's even possible that way back in the mists of time, someone took a long, hard look at a Jeep of the 1940s and decided what the world really needed was a tuk-tuk.

We noted one that had come from Chiang Mai with a motorcycle mounted on the grille, and others towing motorcycles (and a whole lit of other stuff) behind.

Once seen only in dull greens or greys, the parade of about 80 was smattered with red and yellow vehicles, and some with adaptations that have probably come with lack of appropriate replacements or a liking for individual flourishes.

Purists try to keep a Jeep free from mechanical parts borrowed from more modern vehicles, which must be becoming harder and harder.

So this was what life must have been like before air-conditioning, automated gears, proper springs and faux-leather seat covers?

Surprisingly, most of the people who support the original off-roader seemed to be enjoying themselves, although perhaps having more fun on four wheels that at a standstill, comparing notes with a large local contingent of Jeep fans at Saphan Hin.

The veterans are likely to become an annual fixture on Phuket soon after Songkran each year.

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Peter, the owner of vehicle in your photo, told us it is not a 'Jeep' as made before name was introduced.
See our interview with him on

Posted by NBT TV Phuket on April 27, 2009 21:38

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