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Sleepy Aussie Waves Gun at Phuket Grass Cutter, Disturbing His Peace

Thursday, June 20, 2013
PHUKET: A young Australian, woken up by a grass-cutting machine, waved a gun at a worker and him to stop making a noise, Phuket police said today.

The 19-year-old man emerged from his abode in Chalong, southern Phuket, about 9am. Apparently, he needed more sleep.

The council grass-cutter had just begun work when the Australian came out to confront him, said police at Chalong.

The young man's request was simple. ''Stop! I want to sleep,'' he told the worker, waving the handgun.

The worker contacted his boss who raised the issue with the Mayor of Chalong who ended up escorting the Australian to the local police station.

There, it was established that the handgun was a fake and could not fire. Officers fined him 1000 baht.

It wasn't clear whether the young Australian went back to sleep, or the council grass-cutter returned to work.


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1000Baht is not even money spent drinking in a single night for many expats, there should be much harsher penalties for using a gun or a fake gun in an intimidating manner, like mandatory one month in jail PLUS 25,000Baht fine (which pays the government for the jail time) This is why some people do not respect Thailand.

Posted by Donating Farang on June 20, 2013 14:29


@Donating Ferang. Totally Agree, as with the case of the Thai pointing a fake gun at the russian. In the uk that would be a Min 5 years in Prison, fake or not fake its the physiological effect of a gun being pointed at you .

Posted by Adam on June 20, 2013 15:37


Wow... You two don't think before you comment, do you? Different laws for tourists to the locals? What about tourists from Lao? How will the Thai's knows who to fine a lot, and who not? Maybe all white people should pay 100,000 baht, and all black people should do 3 years jail, since you know, black people are poor and cant pay fines... /end sarcasm. fools.

Posted by Nook on June 20, 2013 17:02


Well said Nook, my thoughts exactly.

Posted by ThaiMike on June 20, 2013 18:17


@Nook- i think the point was that ANYBODY who uses a gun in an intimidating manner be fined and jailed regardless of their nationality.. the point being that the 'low' fine is not a real deterrent to many wheraes jail time would be.. gun laws in thailand need to be tightened in order to be more of a deterrent

Posted by another steve on June 21, 2013 00:06


some people take residential environmental noise seriously,@ Nook same way the tuks tuks decide what to charge, same way the triathlon has different prices for different people or the national parks some way only farangs get detected for not wearing a helmet or dropping a cigarette butt
selective fines admissions fares tarrifs and enforcement.

Posted by slickmelb on June 21, 2013 08:32

Editor Comment:

Tourists or visitors are words that don't carry the loaded meaning of ''farang.''


Agree, Another Steve, I did not detect anything in the comments about different punishments for different nationalities. I think Nook missed the point himself. Same punishment for fake or real gun, plus harsher penalties. You don't just threaten people's lives over minor issues.

Posted by Tinkerbell on June 21, 2013 08:49

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