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A 40 kilo marlin, caught by a Russian on his day off off fishing off Phuket

Russian Catches 40 Kilo Marlin in Unusual Day's Outing Off Phuket

Sunday, October 4, 2015
PHUKET: A small crowd gathered at a shorefront restaurant in Rawai yesterday as a Russian displayed his magnificent catch - a 40 kilo marlin he hooked about three kilometres off Phuket.

The fisherman gave his name as Sergey Myasin, 57, and said he worked on Phuket as a dive instructor but decided to try some fishing on his day off yesterday.

He went out with his son and friends and was delighted to catch the marlin, which he said took him an hour to get into the boat.

A share of the fish was destined for the boat captain and the rest for diners at the Rawai restaurant, Mr Myasin said.

Marlin are considered to be one of the most beautiful fish and are prized by big game fisherfolk for their fighting abilities.


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Catch and release would have been better. A dive instructor catching and killing this magnificent fish is like a vet going on safari and shooting a lion. Hope he feels more manly now.

Posted by pp Farang on October 4, 2015 10:30


pp Farang

there is not concept of fishing as a sport in Russia,i. e. even at competitions it is never catch&release,it is always just catch&cook - there are many conflicts in Europe when tourist s from Russia arrives to recreational fishing spots,or even at competitions.

Posted by Sue on October 4, 2015 10:43


Both Blue and White Marlin are listed as vulnerable and conservation efforts are in place.

A responsible fisherman would apply catch and release policy to such species.

Posted by Herbert on October 4, 2015 11:33


Clearly this fish was a healthy fully grown adult likely to have produced thousand of eggs which will now never happen. Not only will that mean less of it own species but less food countless over species when the eggs are in the ocean, hatch etc. A dive instructor of all people should now better. @ Sue Phuket might appear to be like Russia with so many quality tourists from Siberia but I think legally it still belongs to Thailand and is an international tourist destination and therefore he should have thrown the fish back, for his small son to see and maybe enjoy the ocean more when he grows up. This is like watching something from the 1950's before educated people knew better.

Posted by Educate people on October 4, 2015 12:09

Editor Comment:

You know it was an egg-producing female? How is it possible to tell?


How times have changed. 15 years back this was just a normal catch off Phuket. I can remember one boat coming in with several large Marlins nearly every time they went out on their 3-5 day fishing trips.

Posted by mike on October 4, 2015 12:29


It is a sailfish, not a marlin. If I caught it I'd eat it. Look at the big picture. You really want blame the world's dwindling fish stocks on a week-end fisherman? They are nothing compared to the trawlers and long-liners that supply our markets. Especially when you consider the amount of the by-catch that is wasted. Do none of you buy fish from the store? It is much more environmentally friendly to catch your own dinner.

Posted by Fish Hunter on October 4, 2015 14:44


According to the pictures, it is not a marlin but a sailfish and can be recognized by the large dorsal fin that looks like a sail.

Posted by WhistleBlower on October 4, 2015 14:56


Its not a Marlin... its a Sailfish, plenty of them out there at the moment, but it should have been released again!!!

Posted by Anonymous on October 4, 2015 15:39


@Herbert: You got it is in the use of one word 'responsible' - unfortunately too many are not - to which you could add the word 'selfish'.

Posted by Logic on October 4, 2015 15:58


Plunder, build, pollute, experiment on animals - yes we are the supposedly the most intelligent animals on Earth torturing other animals to progress our own species. What a savage animal we are the only one that tortures and hunts for fun. I mean is shooting a tiger a fair fight, or pulling a large fish in that is hooked, with his bare hands in the sea might be fair? But not unless he needs to eat it to survive.

Posted by Animal Love on October 4, 2015 17:51


An L,
Its called using tools to progress. Many activist groups do the same.

Posted by MoW on October 4, 2015 18:58


Ed, it takes a male to fertilise the eggs get my drift they don't grow to adults without a male and female and predators feed on them at various stages therefore without male or female fish like this the ocean is doomed. If the ocean is doomed you and I are also doomed. Did not one teach you about a male and a female and what they do?

Posted by Educate editor on October 4, 2015 20:28

Editor Comment:

When you find a male fish with eggs, please get back to us, EE.


@ PP Farang, so true. Incredibly irresponsible behaviour from someone who depends upon clients seeing fish in the seas to make a living. The sole redeeming aspect of this is that marlin have high concentrations of heavy metals and other toxins in their flesh because of their predatory status. Those who consume the fish can enjoy the lead, mercury etc.

Posted by Ryan on October 5, 2015 01:16


Humans.......we're just a virus with legs.

Posted by pete59 on October 5, 2015 04:45


This looks like a sailfish, not a marlin. Marlin used to be caught at the 'drop off' 22 km offshore.
Very slow to mature to this breeding size ( male or female).

Posted by Angler on October 5, 2015 08:10


Not a marlin - definitely a sail fish. I've caught both and clearly recognize it. The fish uses that massive black sail to corral baitfish into a tight bait ball for feeding.

Posted by Len Jones on October 5, 2015 09:29


looks a lot like a sail fish to me ! What happened to catch and release... some people need educating !!!

Posted by jez on October 5, 2015 12:34


I should have looked at the pictures instead of just reading the article. Definitely a sailfish.

I remember one afternoon many years ago on a dive trip moored in Koh Bon bay, lazing on the deck after a good lunch.

On top of the hill is a tall, dead tree and an eagle often sits there looking for prey. Just like on this afternoon.

Suddenly we heard this commotion in the water and we all stood up, We were treated to an amazing sight.

A school of needlefish were jumping out of the water trying to swim away from a large sailfish giving chase, equally jumping in and out of water.

At the same time the eagle noticed this and commenced a dive straight down, hoping to catch the needlefish before the sail fish does.

In the end the sailfish caught the unfortunate needlefish separated from the school just about 2 seconds before the eagle caught up with it.

This all lasted less than 15 seconds but we were all in awe having been lucky enough to see such a display.

Everyone was just " WOW ! "

I could not eat such a magnificent creature.

Posted by Herbert on October 5, 2015 13:15


It's a Sailfish. It is not a commercially exploited species. Most are de-hooked & released alive for the sportsfisherman like the Russian to catch & eat.

Posted by Capt Durkin on October 5, 2015 13:39


What fish are you divers all talking about? I gave up scuba diving here as I got tired of seeing the same tired fish, on the same broken /dead corals.
I would eat that fish as I would have paid to use the services of the boat and crew to catch the fish.
Personal question please if I may. To the catch and release crowd, if you caught a tuna on my boat and I offered to buy that tuna for 1.2 million US Dollars, would you take the money or catch and release? If you say the money, you are contary to your catch and relese policy.
No go and google, Japaese man catches and paid highest price for tuna.
Damn, I would still turn that fine eating fish into a banquet meal for everyone to share.
By the way, heavy metals in fish, try radioactivety in most tuna and other species, the formalin in the fish in the markets here, the human waste products that oysters,shrimps, prawns.
And crabs thrive on.
You are all just jealous and bad fishermen without hunting skills.
If you knew 70% of what you thought you were eating, you would starve to death.
Before you try to should me down, I studied food tech. Did you know you lovers of anchovy paste on your toast, well sad fact, its made from newspaper and anchovy essence.
Well done Russian man, you caught an idiot fish who wanted to be eaten. Well done, you welcome on my fishing boat anytime.

Posted by Anno on October 5, 2015 16:16


Why are so many people stressed in Paradise Phuket.

Posted by Cat amongst the birds on October 6, 2015 02:41


"On the Blue Water: A Gulf Stream Letter" (Ernest Hemingway)

Posted by Sergo on October 15, 2015 03:05


I have fished in tropical deepsea waters for 40+ years. The most experienced skippers believe that a sailfish being played on rod and reel for an hour, no doubt "lighting up" many times, will most likely die if released.
This time at least PW got a story and quite a few people got a feed.
I know a local in Kamala who regularly catches mackerel and cobia while snorkeling and spearfishing. No mean feat if you know how fast these two pelagics can swim. So local waters are far from depleted of decent table fish.

Posted by Evilbaz on October 17, 2015 16:41

Editor Comment:

Good to hear, Evilbaz.

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