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Phuket's Reputation Being Ruined by Lies and Those Who Spread Them

Sunday, July 1, 2012
News Analysis

PHUKET: Exaggerated reports in Sweden and Singapore are damaging Phuket's reputation with lies about tourism safety and security that require immediate action by Thailand's government.

The biggest lie of all is being carried in Sweden's popular 'Aftonbladet' newspaper, quoting an inflammatory online report. The report says: "Phuket is now one of the world's most dangerous places for foreign and domestic tourists and businessmen.

''Armed gangs, some tuk tuk drivers, some jet ski-rental companies, travel agents, etc., is controlled largely by criminal elements and Phuket is no longer safe for foreigners and Thais."

There is no evidence to support this comment.

Phuketwan has been led to the simple conclusion that the publishers of the website are carrying out a vendatta against Phuket.

The Thai government should act accordingly, demand a correction from the publishers, and punish them appropriately.

While the 'Aftonbladet' newspaper report also carries a calmer response at the end of the article, putting Phuket and its problems in perspective, it's not ethical and responsible to headline the article "One of the world's most dangerous places" and highlight the false allegations.

The entire article should have been presented in a more balanced way.

Indeed, Phuketwan came across the outrageous claims made by the Singapore website earlier this week and did what all intelligent readers should do: ignored it completely.

Now that these scaremongers are generating false information about Phuket through the world's mainstream media - 'Aftonbladet' once had a reputation for balanced journalism - it's time for the Thai government to take action.

Most sensible people recognise that the murder of Australian Michelle Smith was a random act that did not indicate a deterioration of safety levels on Phuket.

Police have chosen to announce action to make Phuket even safer by cleaning the island up, ending scams and rip-offs - hardly cause for this kind of unfair and illogical media reaction.


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Sensationalist journalism. I'm just glad we never see any of that on this site.

Posted by chrisT on July 1, 2012 10:49

Editor Comment:

Thanks, chrisT. Nothing but the truth here.



This article does not make any sense to me.

I am a frequent visitor to Phuket and have been reading this site for years and it seems like the article is talking about this site not some Swedish or Singaporean site.

There are several news stories that I have read in Singapore that quote from Phuketwan as its source when reporting that Phuket is a dangerous place.

How are the reports exaggerated if the source is a Phuket news site like Phuket wan???

Most overseas news looks for local reports like those here on this site and re-write the copy. You can't complain that another news site is destroying Phuket's image when they got the news from here.

Posted by Joe on July 1, 2012 10:50

Editor Comment:

We never exaggerate. We have always taken a strong stand against scaremongers, fake travel alerts, and fools who claim people on Phuket eat elephants. Please produce the report where we say ''Phuket is a dangerous place.'' Perhaps you just don't have the ability to sort accurate information from inaccurate information, Joe.


Wow. Some exaggeration in the Swedish paper no doubt. Take it down three notches though and it is quite close to the truth. I have even detected PW getting weary of all that goes on. Neverthess politically good to be outraged. The Swedish report is unlikely to affect tourism much though. its their number one destination I believe.

Posted by andrew on July 1, 2012 11:00

Editor Comment:

andrew, I'm sure you recognise a good beat-up when you see one. The original source is what's really over the top. Stringing one isolated incident together with other isolated incidents . . . outrageous and unfair. And likely to be followed up in the British press any minute!


would be nice, to read the name of the Singapore website. Probably, it is blocked already?

Posted by ??? on July 1, 2012 11:11

Editor Comment:

We don't direct readers to websites filled with lies. And we're no longer holding your hand.


Ed - I would lie to see your point, but I can't seem to get my head that far up my ass...

Posted by CharlieD on July 1, 2012 11:20

Editor Comment:

With your head where it is, CharlieD, you obviously can't tell the difference between ''lie'' and ''like''. Typing must be difficult . . . and probably painful, I hope.



Posted by PhuketExpat on July 1, 2012 12:25

Editor Comment:

We have no interest in your anonymous slurs against PW and your self-interested claims. Find the courage to act or accept the situation. Our aim is to improve Phuket, not fight your battles for you.


i think all the better.... truth or not , the fact is this... Phuket is not safe with the current level of policing is time to bring the police force up to an acceptable international level .. an example is Sunday see how many cops u see patrolling , or after dark , or in the rain ....this cleanup is way overdue...IMO

Posted by chris on July 1, 2012 12:47

Editor Comment:

Phuket doesn't have enough police, which in many ways is a sign that the island is a relatively peaceful, law-abiding place for the vast number of people who either live on Phuket or visit the island.


The headline is an exaggeration but the rest pretty close to the truth. friends recently came back from their 1st trip to Patong never to return after having drinks spiked.

Posted by Dave on July 1, 2012 12:57

Editor Comment:

Where are their names and the police report, Dave? Forgive us for assuming that, as this is your first post and it's free of intelligent thought and details, you're trying it on.



Posted by Jesse on July 1, 2012 13:21

Editor Comment:

Ah, scaremaster Jesse. What took you so long? Sorry, your thoughts have not suddenly become worthy of dissemination, then, now or ever.


Please elaborate on the following quote:

"The Thai government should act accordingly, demand a correction from the publishers, and punish them appropriately."

The Thai gov'nt should punish a Swedish newspaper?!

Obviously, you have lived in Thailand too long. In Sweden, the government does not punish newspapers for writing "wrong" articles. Perhaps the newspaper should be punished by Saudiarabia as well, as it wrote badly about Sharia?


Posted by Ruandakid on July 1, 2012 13:25

Editor Comment:

We were talking about the online source quoted by 'Aftonbladet,' where the claims are totally false and misleading, in a calculated fashion. But 'Aftonbladet' erred by publishing the claims, then almost as an afterthought, knocking them down. This is tabloid journalism at its worst. Grab the audience by the throat . . . then tell them you're a good friend. The Thai government will, I am sure, take appropriate action. Swedes don't respect outlets that mislead in such appalling fashion. Singapore doesn't want to be associated with online sites that maliciously spread lies about neighbors. To lead on to religion is something only a fool would do.


There are always those news websites or sources that downplay problems. Local government, TAT and Thai media in general tend to belittle the problems of Phuket.

The report in Aftonbladet is more or less the opposite extreme, exaggerating its severity.

It's like if you combine Fox and Al-Jazeera you get BBC.

PW strikes a good balance in unbiased reporting but I think this outburst against Aftonbladet is a bit over the top. I have seen no similar outrage on PW against local authorities and news outlets that equally downplay the problems.

That said, I would rate PW in fairness and balanced reporting at the level of BBC and above many others for going the extra mile and talking to the source directly instead of relying on third party information.

Posted by Andrew on July 1, 2012 14:24

Editor Comment:

Aftonbladet has taken a report that they must have suspected was inaccurate and gave it maximum oxygen before knocking it down. That's not fair and balanced. It's irresponsible. The Thai government has every right to be upset at that kind of tabloid approach, and even more upset at the lies in the original source. Sins of omission are less of a problem.


I agree with you it is irresponsible but it can partly be blamed on the growing frustration at the inaction and lip service given by local authorities on Phuket.

It does not justify it but many are fed up with the stall tactics and may even resort to what Aftonbladet did.

In no way do I condone it but I understand why something of that kind ended up being published.

Had the problems on Phuket been addressed in a professionaland timely manner, such reports would simply be laughed at as pure fantasy.

As of now chances are many will indeed believe it to be true because of many problems on Phuket remaining unchanged or even getting worse.

Posted by Andrew on July 1, 2012 14:58


Where there is smoke there is usually a fire, too.

Posted by Bjarne on July 1, 2012 15:05


This negative pupliceringen of Phuket on Aftonbladet's just one of 10-15 and has gone on the past year, it is defenitift something that I and many others have noticed. Certainly, there have been something in the head office. Maybe a journalist was cheated on vacation? or have they lost a large advertiser.

Posted by Martin on July 1, 2012 15:22

Editor Comment:

Aftonbladet has the readers and the revenue to support its own research. I think they had a series on Phuket and Thailand earlier this year, highlighting the negatives. To pretend that the source site has validity is a problem if Aftonbladet wishes its readers to treat it as a reliable source.


Every country has it tabloid rags that exist on dramatic journalism that over exaggerates, bordering on lies. However, there may be an element of revenge at perceived lack of action by Thais, on a variety of issues, over a period of time, including 'unsolved' murders such as the Norwegian 4 years back. It is not acceptable, but it is clearly happening. I am more intrigued by fellow ASEAN country, Singapore, getting in on this act. That is not usual.

Posted by Logic on July 1, 2012 15:49

Editor Comment:

I think it's just a lapse in normal standards at 'Aftonbladet.' The source, though, is outrageous mischief.


"Most sensible people recognise that the murder of Australian Michelle Smith was a random act that did not indicate a deterioration of safety levels on Phuket."

There are an awful lot of so called random acts.

While I haven't read either of the other news articles it has to be said that Phuket is not the safe destination it once was.

While the Authorities are once again beating the 'We're going to clean Phuket Up" drum it doesn't alter the fact that over the last 10 years alone I've been listening to the same lip services.

What has occurred is that the death of Michelle Smith has stirred an awful lot of officials to make statements of what they intend to do - intention is one thing - action is something entirely different and the latter has always proved most difficult for the ineffective administrators.

Posted by Graham on July 1, 2012 18:13

Editor Comment:

There are not an awful lot of so called random acts, except in the imagination of those who link one event to another and find themselves scared witless. Phuket remains an extremely safe destination, as the Australian ambassador said on Friday. Scams and rip-offs certainly convey the wrong impression. Most expat victims, though, have been murdered by other expats. As many expats have been charged with killing Thais in the past couple of years the other way around. As you are tossing up thoughtless notions, you might as well consider how much safer Phuket would be without the expats.


"We never exaggerate." Just perfect.

Posted by Sam W on July 1, 2012 18:17


IMO All negative comments about Phuket are good, because MAYBE the government will do something. Which they haven't done so far.

As many readers quote on here - All we see are meetings and lip service and never any action. - A lie or not.. depends on perspective surely.

I can't imagine one person in Phuket, who doesn't think the criminal act of Phuket needs to be cleaned up and this maybe the only way it happens.

Posted by Tbs on July 1, 2012 19:18

Editor Comment:

A lie doesn't ''depend on perspective,'' tbs. There are lies and there is the truth. To encourage the lies that you like only indicates that you are probably prepared to tell them, or to live them.


Take it easy Mr M and your trusty side kick deputy ed Mr CS because you are going to pop a vein .I now how you pair love to tell everyone else their wrong and you know best but I don't think I've ever seen you ever get so worked up and have such a hissy fit. I can't believe you've put a sarcastic comment after every one of your devoted readers comments they can't all be wrong can they. Miss Smiths dastardly attack wasn't that random was it an innocent 37 year old English man was stabbed on that very same day by thugs on Phuket near Chalong/Rawi or is that pure fantasy read your most viewed section. I will no doubt be moderated but what the heck.

Posted by Scunner on July 1, 2012 19:41

Editor Comment:

We don't have hissy fits, just relatively constant dismay and amazement at how far some readers stray from logic and intelligence. And here you are again, spouting that ''they can't all be wrong, can they,'' and that two knife attacks in one night proves . . . well, whatever you seem to think it proves. All it proves, Scunner, is that some readers are deservedly objects of dismay and amazement.


I have said it before and I will say it again. I feel safer in Phuket than I do in the single street which is the entertainment strip in Darwin, where I live.
To me Phuket is no more dangerous than any other city today and a lot safer than most.

Posted by Arthur on July 1, 2012 22:25


ha ha never heard so much bull s**t in my life,phuket one of the most dangerous places in the world{a joke]. Try visiting london, paris ,eastern europe or manila you will get more bother there than in phuket. I always go to patong as a lone traveller and i have never had any trouble. i love the country. As for drink spiking just be a bit streetwise, buy your own drink, try buying it in bottles and never leave your drink unattended. I travel a lot and thailand is the safest country i have visited, i will be back to patong in september, so all the scaremongerers, get a life.....south london

Posted by Darren walker on July 1, 2012 23:37


No offence, but Aftonbladet is entitled to it's opinion like any other newspaper. This is called freedom of speech. As of course with many articules (however distaceful they may be), they certainly have the right to report on oustanding issues which Phuket is now facing.

If you feel that strongly about a paertcular article which could possibly misrepresent say a place like Phuket then of course you do have the option of emailing the editor directly to lodge your complaint (if of course you have not done that already) I'm sure if it is valid then they will explain why they printed such an article and be able to give a full account of their findings. Otherwise just dismiss it and move swiftly onto the next thing.

Posted by reader on July 2, 2012 02:56

Editor Comment:

There's a difference between news reporting and opinion/news analysis. This was calculated to deceive readers. Too much deception and Aftonbladet will find its readers move on to the next thing.


Mr. Editor...You remind me of quite a few of the individuals with crustacean mentalities that post on Yahoo...Your condescending and near hateful after comments are nothing less than deplorable.You sir should learn some journalistic manors and set examples...not degrade or denigrate.Every person here has the right to a voice and a view point, (within so called guide lines)...If you do not agree with a particular opinion the just leave it...No need for 3rd grade mentality, 85 IQ, chest puffing. One more thing and I will even tell you to your face...Phuket is a cesspool...just like BKK and Pattaya...Until the police are brought to task, stop turning their heads, stop taking payoffs and do the job they are supposed to be doing then there will always be the black cloud hanging over that island. My own wife will not even visit there...We live in Phan. I am a retired boat builder/designer. My wife is a physics professor...Life is quite nice here...Not one third the crap here as in Phuket. That place should have been completely washed away in the Tsunami...Save the lives lost...

Posted by Ted Davis on July 2, 2012 03:37

Editor Comment:

It's odd how people on their second post suddenly become experts about Phuketwan, its editor and everything else known to humankind. Your comment just shows, Ted Davis, how living with a physics professor in Phan does not necessarily improve one's spelling or one's ability to stick to the point. I do hope your cooking is good. What's Yahoo?


Ed, your making your news site into a laughing stock. Not your articles, but your responses to comments. You sound like a old man shouting at kids, "get off my lawn"...
Ive been reading pw for a while, it's getting worse

Posted by Frankie on July 2, 2012 04:19


@Darren; I agree south London is a dump and getting worse; full of aggressive people; this country is overcrowded and will sink; that is why I am leaving asap.

Posted by Mal on July 2, 2012 05:43


Actually it has some points, most tuk tusk do have weapons , well known fact and surprising that something isn't done about it. look at the number of deaths each year of foreigners tourist and expats! it is a dangerous place.

Posted by Dave66 on July 2, 2012 08:17

Editor Comment:

What a load of rubbish, Dave66. People wonder why I respond to readers who offer opinions like yours. It's because you're spouting nonsense. But don't worry, most people will agree with you.


I just read the original Aftonbladet report (I speak fluent swedish) and once one gets past the sensationalist headline, it's surprisingly accurate.

They offer opinions with which I don't agree but the cases they refer to have been well published.

Had they chosen a more factual headline their report would be take more seriously.

Perhaps it was meant to provoke action from the authorities. It's quite obvious that pleading, reasoning and negotiation isn't getting any changes done.

Posted by Andrew on July 2, 2012 09:05

Editor Comment:

Are you saying, Andrew, that it's ok for a reputable Swedish news site to republish and repeat information that's plainly untrue?

The headline in the original article: Phuket, Thailand: Crime Capital of Asia

The introduction: If you are headed to Thailand for holidays you will have a great time, with one exception, avoid Phuket at all costs. For fun, investment or business Phuket is far too dangerous for tourists.

The main paragraph: Phuket is now the one of the world's most dangerous destinations for foreign and local tourists and businessmen . . . Phuket is no longer safe to visit for foreigners or Thais.

Is repeating and spreading lies what reputable Swedish newspapers do these days?


No, of course not.

I'm not Swedish so I don't know what their local media does on regular basis but where I come from near by we have an authority that monitors media. They do intervene when blatant lies or misrepresentation takes place. I assume they have a similar agency in Sweden. With a bit of googling I'm confident you could find it and file a complaint.
Being a reputable journalist yourself I'm sure you would be taken seriously.

I was not able to find that original Singaporean article but republishing reports by other news outlets, sometimes precicely for the reason of being inaccurate is something I occasionally see on PW too.

To your credit you usually add your own comments correcting what you believe to be wrong so the reader is not misled.

To call Phuket the crime capital of Asia is ridiculous. I just happen to be in Manila and though a frequent visitor here with no negative incidents so far, the danger is obvious and gripping.

Never felt anything like that in Phuket. What worries me most in Phuket is the unwillingness of the police and many locals to assisst foreign victims of crime when the suspect is a Thai.

IMHO a change in that particular attitude is more important than any increase in officer or security camera numbers.

I think Aftonbladet has succeeded in one aspect though - to spark conversation. To such an extent that even PW decided to write an article about their article about another article.

Perhaps that was their true intention.

Posted by Andrew on July 2, 2012 09:33

Editor Comment:

We have published this kind of article before, but only when others get it wildly wrong. Aftonbladet also appears to have overlooked the intervention of Bangkok's top police officers, with a comprehensive plan to end scams and rip-offs on Phuket. That would at least have been an appropriate follow-up. Why does a quality newspaper settle for giving oxygen to this kind of coverage instead of doing its research, properly?

We've made our point. But I would be surprised if the Thai government doesn't pursue the matter.

Thanks for sticking to the issue.


The "rating" also appears on major online websites. Phuket usually makes the top 10. A quick internet search will demonstrate that. These ratings are based in large part on perceptions, and right now, the public image of Thailand has taken a hit in some of its tourism major markets. No doubt, people will put such concerns aside if the price is right. Unfortunately, the prices keep climbing in Phuket and sooner or later the tipping point will eventually be reached. other major tourist destinations had to find out the hard way before they took concrete action. Phuket could quickly restore its reputation if it just took some small actions such as reining in the taxi/tuk tuk free for all and the motorbike and jetski scams. The laws are already in place. All it needs now is honest enforcement.

Posted by ryan on July 2, 2012 11:47


Exaggerated or not. I have lived in Thailand for 14 years now 12 of those in Phuket.

I have noticed an increased level of violence particularly in the last 5 years.

Not only against Tourists and Expats but also between Thai's themselves.

Not a week passes without hearing about motor bike theft, burglaries.

Aggressive violent attacks.

Topped by the on going Tuk Tuk, Jet Ski illegal taxi scams.

Perhaps some reports are exaggerated but centrally not all.

Most of us that live hear do so because we love the Island.

But increasingly disturbed by the levels of crime.

Posted by dub on July 2, 2012 13:39


In other countries they would be considered as simple moves to clear the situation but here unfortunately it seems to be impossible to do this simple moves.

Uncounted times listed by so many readers: Taxi & tuk tuk scams, overcharging, jet skies, beach vendors, corruption...

Get rid of these ' problems ' and the island's image will change automatically but TIT...

Posted by Resident on July 2, 2012 16:41


Why this sudden reaction now? Aftonbladet has been having this hate campaign against Thailand for a quite long time now.

Glenn, Rong Mu, Klong Toey, BKK.

Posted by Glenn on July 3, 2012 15:25

Editor Comment:

The original article, quoted by Aftonbladet, takes Phuket bashing to a new low.


Why censor comments?

Posted by Glenn on July 4, 2012 00:05

Editor Comment:

We moderate comments as necessary. If you are referring to your last comment, once we cut the bad language and the bits we know to be untrue or unreasonably exaggerated, that's what we had left. We're not here to publish your least pleasant thoughts. And if you go through life swearing, that's fine. But not at our place. If you have something to add that isn't the first thing that comes into your head, something that provides some useful knowledge or some profound insight, that's fine, too. Even a tiny bit of insight is fine. The rest? Don't bother.


Don't know about overseas scare mongering but a lot of the news about Phuket is certainly about crime and violence...which, as the world knows, sells newspapers. Shame people are not interested in reading about Mr and Mrs and all the little Tourists had a wonderful time at the beach

Posted by David on July 5, 2012 07:19

Editor Comment:

Phuketwan strives to strike a balance between good news and less positive news. We welcomes news, preferrably good news, from all Phuket organisations. Phuketwan is not a newspaper.


Where are their names and the police report, Dave? Forgive us for assuming that, as this is your first post and it's free of intelligent thought and details, you're trying it on.

Ed i have been reading PW for over a year now and yes this was my first post and your reply is exactly why this was my first post. To personally attack me and anyone else who does not agree with you is just childish. I asked if their drink was spiked and why didn't they report it and the answer i got was what would the police do. I have been going to phuket for over 2 years now and never had an issue but i have seen 2 cases of drink spiking and 4 assaults and robbery where these reported i don't know. People i see on tourist forums commenting that Patong is the safest place in the world to walk around late at night only have to read PW not Aftonbladet to see this is not true.

Posted by Dave on July 5, 2012 19:04

Editor Comment:

Thanks for getting back, Dave. If you've been reading PW for a year, you'd know that while there are crimes, they're not out of proportion to the number of people who live on and visit the island. We report incidents in the same way incidents are reported everywhere around the world. If you've seen drink-spiking and assaults and robbery then it could be a lifestyle thing. The vast majority of holidaymakers manage to enjoy Phuket without experiencing any kind of trouble at all. Phuket is not a dangerous destination. Some readers connect the dots from one isolated event to another, often stretching back years. If the same thing was done in Sydney, London or New York, people would be fleeing to live in Asia.


Wow. Just come back to this thread. As you say AM I am sure the British tabloids will have their day with Phuket if they have not had their day already. I am British, glad to be, but there are some things about the UK I cannot defend. One should take the view that its Phuket's turn. Chances are that unless things change the publicity will get worse, not better. I know some bad things are on the horizon. I think most Swedes going to Phuket take a realistic view - which is a mix of both. Regulars know how to stay out of trouble. Casual visitors do not.

Posted by Andrew D on July 6, 2012 07:41


Just to say; I agree there is over exaggeration about Thailand; also in the British tabloids.

Posted by Mal on July 11, 2012 20:28


is this article for real? It sounds like a whingey whiney poor fella me sob story.
Phuket's image has been tarnished numerous times - which is a normal reaction to certain events and tragedies and sells papers overseas.
Instead of crying about it, learn from it and report truthfully and selectively instead of rumours and inuendos.

Posted by LBD on July 12, 2012 15:05

Editor Comment:

You seem totally confused, LBD/Junior/AB/Tham. If you wish to read lies, and if you can't see the value in distinguishing between lies and the truth, not much point coming to this site. Like many readers with no real values or even a sense of proportion, you babble without being able to tell right from wrong - and you have no desire for anyone to help you do it. How pathetic.


I've never read such a load of sanctimonious, apologist clap trap in all my life.

Is PW fishing for TAT advertising? Oh wait, no tourists = no advertising = no money = no nead for an English language newspaper / website.

To criticize the original story over journalism style is one thing, to go off on a crusade defending Phuket and attacking those that disagree with your stance - calling for censorship is totally against what REAL journalists stand for.

To vigorously justify your original article by responding to every comment that disagrees with you, which by the sheer number of responses seems a significant few, indicates that perhaps PW really doesn't have it's hand on the pulse of the local community or the experiences of its readers.

Posted by John_L on July 14, 2012 18:58

Editor Comment:

Your judgement is appalling, John L, as proven by your comment on the rape-murder article: ''Should have let the mob have him for 5 minutes.''

Shoddy, second-rate mind at work there, advocating violence. No redeeming features. The ''local community'' who respond in defence of these liars are like you, John L: self-righteous and unable to tell right from wrong. Goodbye.


I received a distressing 'phone call last night to tell me a friend had returned early to Korea as he'd been robbed at knife point by a gang operating (still) in Sai Yuan. And the police are building new spirit houses to ward off 'bad luck'. You really couldn't make this place up.

Posted by tamsin on July 21, 2012 13:30


Seems like the rubbishing of Thailand in general with a heading "Thailand: dream destination or nightmare?", seemingly syndicated by Reuters, is spreading, the same article appearing in several Australian papers and on-line. This is what it cites as LATEST evidence for the nightmare scenario:
"Two Canadian sisters die mysteriously in their rented bungalow on an idyllic Thai island, believed poisoned. Less than week later, a 60-year-old Australian woman is stabbed to death in botched robbery outside a luxury resort in Phuket.
Their deaths are the latest in a tumult of violence and intrigue to shake tourism in postcard-perfect Thailand, raising questions over whether it is squandering a prized asset by failing to protect travellers arriving in record numbers."

Certainly Phuket has its problems and is not to everyone's taste but methinks this recent spate of reports is over-exaggerated.
However, I have a number of Swedish and Australian friends who live or like us, visit Thailand frequently (Khao Lak in our case) and if they are representative of their countries I don't think they will be taken in or deterred by these stories.

Posted by Alan on July 24, 2012 23:39

Editor Comment:

That's the Reuters report we wrote about on Monday at
The only obvious error is that the sisters did not die in a ''rented bungalow.'' They died in a conventional resort room.

A glass-half-full report would have perhaps noted that Thailand of late hasn't had a madman bursting in to a crowded cinema or strolling around a youth camp, killing indiscriminately.

Most people are smart enough to realise that death doesn't take a holiday, and that Thailand is a developing country, not a nanny state.


Agree titalky, with me the most of the swedish people. Please dont beleive what you read in this newspaper that write everything bad about phuket and thailand. 5 % of Sweden's population is travelling to thailand every year.

Posted by Paul on July 25, 2012 03:16


I understand that this is YOUR site, Ed, but the 'glass half full' comment comparing a holiday island in Thailand and yet another mass shooting in the USA is frankly ridiculous. 'Australian travel agent stabbed to death? Well, just take a look at yet another nutter on a killing spree in the US, doesn't bare comparison ... '

Posted by tamsin on July 25, 2012 19:21

Editor Comment:

Glad you agree that Thailand is a relatively safe place when people consider all newsworthy events.

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