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Major General Pithak Jarusombat of Region 8: no Patong cameras work

Phuket's Cameras on Patong Crime Are All Blind

Thursday, March 11, 2010
NONE of 26 security cameras in Patong work, the police chief of Region 8, Major General Pithak Jarusombat, told a gathering of Phuket's community administrators and interest groups today.

The conference of about 400 representatives from various groups, including volunteer police, tuk-tuk drivers, taxi drivers and local communities, was an initiative of the new Kathu/Patong police superintendent, Colonel Arayapan Pukbuakao.

While the potential for terrorist activities was part of the seminar in an overcrowded room at Patong Hospital, the main thrust was on the continuing safety of residents and tourists.

Visitors may come to Phuket because of good beaches and good weather, Major General Pithak said, but the prime reason was because the island was considered a safe destination.

And he admitted that the island's police force of 1100 officers was inadequate for Phuket's population.

As a result, Phuket needed the support of the governor's ''1000 eyes of the pineapple'' and other volunteer groups, along with local administrators.

To contract for security cameras that do not work, Major General Pithak said, was a failure to understand the community's needs.

He said a much more sensible policy would be to pay not just for the cameras but also for their maintenance.

The regular seminars are expected to continue to convey more information to the groups about security and safety on Phuket.
Phuket Caddies Blockade Popular Golf Course
UPDATE/Photo Album A group of about 200 golf caddies has agreed to end their blockade of the Loch Palm golf course in a dispute with management. Talks are to resume on Friday.
Phuket Caddies Blockade Popular Golf Course

Phuket Police Pursue Expat Drugs Kingpin
Latest Police are on the trail of an expat drugs dealer who allegedly ran his operation from a large house in the southern village of Chalong. A chance checkpoint arrest started the pursuit.
Phuket Police Pursue Expat Drugs Kingpin

Phuket's Lifeguard System Dead on the Sand
UPDATE The leader of the Phuket Provincial Administrative Organisation will abandon lifeguard tendering and introduce a workable system for Phuket as soon as possible.
Phuket's Lifeguard System Dead on the Sand

Phuket to Get Weather, Tsunami Radar System
Latest A 200 million baht radar system for the Andaman coast should alleviate concerns about the adequacy of weather warnings at sea. It may also help in a future tsunami.
Phuket to Get Weather, Tsunami Radar System

Phuket Team Scoops Top Award for Reporting
Latest Phuketwan has picked up a top news award as part of the team that broke the Scoop of the Year 2009. Coincidentally, the award comes amid reports of boatpeople near Phuket.
Phuket Team Scoops Top Award for Reporting


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"He said a much more sensible policy would be to pay not just for the cameras but also for their maintenance"

Pure genius...

The idea of using tuk-tuks as the '1000 eyes on the pineapple' to report crime is a bit of using the fox to guard the hen house really tho...

Posted by LivinLOS on March 12, 2010 06:40


Of course they don't work (like everything else on this world class destination) otherwise we would see more crime from jetski and tuk tuk operators.

Posted by Anonymous on March 12, 2010 06:43


Rabbit hole! Rabbit hole!!

Posted by Red Queen on March 12, 2010 08:24


Why am I not surprised. Everything here is a farce, apart from the scenery. Five years in now and I am hardened to the B******T that comes from even the simplest of tasks. Complete and utter joke of an island, but I still love it.

Posted by lobs on March 12, 2010 11:20


5 more years of the 80 metre building restriction rule being ignored and 5 more years of sewage water flowing in the ocean and 5 more years of Thais dumping their garbage where it falls, you may tire of the scenery.

Thank you, Mr retiring lawyer who warned me off business in Thailand. THANK YOU !!

Posted by Christy S on March 12, 2010 13:12

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