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Patong celebrates tonight and every night . . . and  caution can be wise

Phuket Visitors Warned of Drink Spiking at Some Patong Bars

Thursday, December 15, 2011
PHUKET: With the Patong Carnival launching high-season festivities in Phuket's west coast nightlife capital from tonight on, Tourist Police have warned visitors to be wary of drugged drinks.

''There are often two or three cases a week,'' a senior Phuket Tourist Police volunteer told Phuketwan this evening after an email alert was sent to all media.

While the release names one bar in Soi Paradise, the problem is widespread throughout Patong and occurs less frequently in other parts of Phuket.

''We see these guys carried out of one particular bar in Soi Bangla,'' the senior Tourist Police volunteer said. ''They are incoherent and usually vomiting badly.

''The police are aware of it - one of the bars where it happens is owned by a policeman.''

Robbery is usually the motive: ''If things are a little quiet, some of the hostesses will resort to drink-spiking to make ends meet.''

Frank Tomensen, Group Leader of the Phuket Tourist Police Foreign Volunteers in Patong, has instructed his patrol units to be on the lookout for victims who may appear impaired or disoriented.

''In two [recent] incidents that we are aware of, the victim had an odorless and colorless substance added to their drink while at a bar on Soi Paradise,'' he wrote in a message to officers and the Phuket media.

''The effects take about 15-20 minutes to set in, rendering the victim completely helpless. In both cases it is known the victims were robbed,'' Mr Tomenson said.

''The purpose of this alert is to let you know that this has been happening. In cases where you come across someone who is very impaired and disoriented [the drug loosens inhibitions and paralyzes motor control], they may not necessarily be drunk.

''This drug can have lethal effects, as it can slip a person into a coma-like state. Medical intervention is required as soon as possible.''

Visitors to Phuket are advised never to leave a drink unattended. The hotline for Tourist Police is 1155.


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No surprise why the girls in the papers are still walking around bangla road if this is the answer.
''The police are aware of it - one of the bars where it happens is owned by a policeman''

Posted by Barry on December 15, 2011 19:27


Nothing happens in Bangla Road or Patong without Police knowing.

Posted by Billy on December 15, 2011 20:09


You risk your life every time you step inside one of those bars. If the drugs they slip you don't get you, the diseases those girls give you later will. I read a report recently that up to 40% of bargirls working in Pattaya are HIV+. I have no idea what the figure is for Phuket, but it's probably not much lower.

Posted by Henry on December 15, 2011 20:40


Since I came to Patong 3 months ago this happened to me 3 times, so basically once a month. I wake up in the late afternoon or once even at 9 pm feeling groggy even though I probably went to bed about 2 am. I was out cold and couldn't remember how I got back home. Luckily didn't lose any money yet, but I'm sure I was drugged in one of the bars on Soi Katoey.

Posted by Guillaume on December 15, 2011 23:57


In 2009 I was drinking at a bar in Soi Eric. I can handle my alcohol, but after 4-5 drinks I could hardly walk straight. I made it out to my motorbike, I remember a girl approaching me and asking if she could go with me. I declined and foolishly made it home to Soi Nanai. There I fell on my bed completely clothed and woke up the next morning and found I had pissed in the bed. I may have avoided being robbed, but I could have died on that motorbike ride home. Take care out there boys.

Posted by Capealava on December 16, 2011 01:51


Sometimes its the price you have to pay if you want to continue to exploit young bar girls for sexual gratification

Posted by uwe on December 16, 2011 05:41


I'm very happy living other side on World!
This is only your problem.!

Posted by dodi on December 16, 2011 06:42


How many tourists will see this warning here? Why doesn't the Tourism Authority of Thailand issue the warning also?

Posted by larry on December 16, 2011 07:15

Editor Comment:

The danger only applies to those tourists who go drinking alone in Patong. The other 99.9 percent of Phuket visitors are not at risk.


The danger only applies to those tourists who go drinking alone in Patong.The other 99.9 percent of Phuket visitors are not at risk.

LMAO.... Ed.. How do you come to that conclusion?

Posted by john s on December 16, 2011 12:29

Editor Comment:

What a relief. That's one less objectionable part of you we have to deal with.

People who go in pairs to bars usually guard each other's drinks.


Uwe, you are right. Fat old foreigners abuse young Thai girls in Thailand every day so who can blame the girls for trying to get equal and settle the scores? If the girls would do it more often, then perhaps the perverts would think about not coming to Thailand to indulge their lust for young girls.

Posted by Gunther on December 16, 2011 16:27


they named a bar in the press release, why no name in the article??
name and shame!!

Posted by Cagliostro on December 16, 2011 20:40

Editor Comment:

Because as the media release says: ''Please note there is nothing to suggest that the bar is involved in this activity, but rather an individual may be using that venue to pick off unsuspecting individuals.''


I would not rely on someone to watch my beer for me, there are too many distractions, I always finish my beer before going for a pee.

Posted by Frank Tomenson on December 16, 2011 22:45

Editor Comment:

Ah but Frank, what if you're on Phi Phi and you've bought yourself a bucket? (I guess you take it with you, everywhere.)


I heard someone swear the bar he was at spiked his drink with viagra.

Posted by Mikey on December 16, 2011 23:15


Happened to me. 2007.

Had a drink forced on me whilst leaving *****, that I did not want. Left with a girl, made it back to apartment in Chalong (fast bike), and soon was out of it.
In the morning, no gold watch (solid 18k), digital camera (8Mpixel at the time too),cell phones, money and some other small items. All gone. And the girl with it.
If I see her again...
But now if I leave a drink for any is not mine.

You've been warned.

Posted by Not Sure on December 29, 2011 20:36

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