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Phuket Village Chiefs Named as Phuket Taxi, Tuk-Tuk, Jet-Ski Bosses

Monday, July 2, 2012
PHUKET: Four Phuket village chiefs who allegedly control Phuket's illegal ''black'' taxis, tuk-tuks and jet-skis were named today as Khun Noi, Khun Aon, Khun Pong and Khun Isamamae.

The names of the men were given by the Superintendent of Tachatchai Police Station, Colonel Sakchai Limjalern, to a meeting at Provincial Hall in Phuket City.

Vice Governor Jamleran Tipayapongtada said that all three Phuket district chiefs would be asked to present data noting the number of taxis, tuk-tuks, motorcycle taxis, jet-skis and drivers in their districts.

Only the Thalang district chief was present at today's meeting. The chiefs of Kathu, which oversees Patong, and Muang, which oversees Phuket City, were absent.

Vice Governor Jamleran said a letter would be sent to all three district chiefs requesting them to supply the relevant information. Then action would begin.

Phuket Tourism Association vice president Sarayuth Mallam, who said last week that too many meetings were not attended by Phuket's administration leaders, was at today's meeting.

So was Chief of Phuket Marine Office 5, Phuripat Theerakulpisut, and Phurit Maswongsa, head of the National Economic and Social Development Board on Phuket.

Khun Phurit said one of the largest taxi ranks on Phuket was the one at Central Festival in Phuket City, where there were 40 to 50 illegal taxis.

''Ninety percent of those taxis are illegal,'' he said. ''Drivers claim that because they are paying off their vehicles, they cannot register them.''

This wasn't true, said Phuket's Deputy Land Transport Director, Wanta Pumararoskon.

''Any 'black' taxi can become a registered legal taxi,'' he said.

Khun Wanta said the Land Transport office had tried to erect a sign promoting fares in Kata-Karon, but the idea had been abandoned because of opposition from local drivers.

Khun Sarayuth said he had noted a large group of illegal taxi drivers outside the Twinpalms and other resorts in the Surin beach district.

Khun Phurit said Pattaya had a similar problem but the problem was far worse in Phuket.

Vice Governor Jamleran said he recently received a telephone call from the Minister of Transport.

''The British Ambassador contacted the minister because some British citizens complained when they were held up at a checkpoint organised by the illegal taxi drivers in Nai Thon,'' Vice Governor Jamleran said.


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This is new. Perhaps changes are coming. Let's hope so. It's long overdue.

Posted by Joe on July 2, 2012 14:29


K. Sakchai Limjalern, can you name the village chiefs, please?
I mean, with the real and family names?
Sometimes it looks like, the Thai System of using only nicknames, is made for a simple reason!

Posted by ??? on July 2, 2012 14:41


smoke and mirrors imo

Posted by chris on July 2, 2012 15:59


No real names given, just nicknames and so this is another example where the rich and powerful are protected in their illegal activities. It's a farce on a grand scale.

Posted by Graham on July 2, 2012 17:44

Editor Comment:

Everybody knows these people by their nicknames. Every bit - in fact more real - than 'Graham.' Or 'chris'. Or especially '???.' Your collective courage is overwhelming.



Posted by RichardS on July 2, 2012 17:52

Editor Comment:

Why hide behind an online moniker when you clearly have a lot to say about everything, RichardS. Now's your chance - go public, prove your bravery.


I see....everyone else can use their first name as a moniker, but I cannot? Why is that? Also why was my post moderated? It was a perfectly valid comment and question pertinent to the above article?

Posted by RichardS on July 2, 2012 20:59

Editor Comment:

Anonymous or not, commenters don't have the right to make comments that could be construed as damaging to real-life people or real-life businesses, RichardS.


So what has changed? It seems nothing ever will as long as the same old boy system is allowed to control things. Wake up! It's still not working. When will real public transportation be allowed?

Posted by Jim McGowan on July 2, 2012 21:23


Everyone knows these people by their nicknames

Well I don't - and I've lived here for the past 10 years. What are the real names of these individuals? I think the people of Phuket have a right to know.


Posted by Simon Luttrell on July 3, 2012 07:29

Editor Comment:

Village chiefs . . . popular names only required because they're so well known.

I suggest you ask your Thai employees, Simon. We'll publish the names in full when Thai authorities reveal them in full.


Nothing new under the sun, Thailand on the surface a democracy but underneath everything it is still the good old feudal system and that is not likely to change anytime soon.

Posted by Bjarne on July 3, 2012 10:21


Amazing, does this mean that naming and shaming these people will finally get some results in curbing their illegal activities? I hope so and well done Phuketwan in helping expose these figures.

Posted by Paul on July 3, 2012 11:18

Editor Comment:

Is it illegal to own or organise taxis, tuk-tuks and jet-skis? First we've heard of it.

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