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The 13-year-old Russian girl is given aid at Nai Thon beach

Phuket Tourist Stung by Bluebottle: Lifeguards Warn

Saturday, July 19, 2014
PHUKET: A Russian girl was stung by a bluebottle at a Phuket beach yesterday in a warning that the marine creatures are to be avoided.

The girl, aged 13, was stung on the left hand and helped from the water at Nai Thon after screams brought lifeguards running.

Oxygen was used to help the girl calm down. Experts advise that the best treatment for bluebottles - also known as the Portuguese Man o' War - is salt water, followed by warm water.

Vinegar is recommended with other types of jellyfish because it reduces toxicity. Bluebottles are sometimes in Phuket's waters at this time of year, but disappear before the November high season.

In another incident at Kamala beach, a tourist was hurt when he stood on a sharp discarded umbrella spike while running.


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Better to be stung by a Man o' war than a jet ski operator. Probably cheaper too!

Posted by Manowar on July 19, 2014 10:26


Poor girl, hope she recover soon. Blue bottle's are not a joke. If they go in to the surf, the tentakles break loose, and you can not see it in the water. Be careful everyone.

Posted by Retired Roadworker on July 19, 2014 14:18


@man of war think your confusing bluebottle marine creatures with slimy jellyfish that are toxic vermin.

Posted by slickmelb on July 19, 2014 15:41


Slickmelb, probably not vermin but definitely can be toxic and painful at times.

Posted by Manowar on July 19, 2014 17:21


Is the parasol spike a cause of 'back to nature' for the beaches...? Who cleans them now from the garbage ?

Posted by Resident on July 20, 2014 09:06

Editor Comment:

Wiping the restaurants and commerce off the beaches will only happen once, Resident. That's what caused the problem. Visitors should bring what they need and take it away with them. Phuketwan has suggested that the Royal Thai Navy should enforce rules on all Phuket beaches, even after military rule ends.

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