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Queen Mary 2, on her way to Phuket, but unlikely to benefit touts

Phuket ResortWATCH: Queen Mary 2 Coming

Tuesday, March 27, 2012
INTRODUCING a new column, Phuket ResortWATCH, in which Phuketwan will provide the lowdown on the upbeat world of resorts and clubs around Phuket, Thailand and the region.
Social notes, media alerts, club news, celebrity visits, gossip . . . Send your info to Look for Phuket ResortWATCH regularly.

Touts All At Sea With Mary

PHUKET: Floating resort liner Queen Mary 2 is expected to anchor off Phuket on April 4 before sailing back to Southampton on a 32-day cruise that costs US$6922. Carrying as many as 2620 well-heeled passengers, the giant liner will be eagerly awaited by Patong's touts, tuk-tuk and taxi drivers . . . . but preplanned tours may mean much of the loot goes elsewhere. Facilities on board are as swish as they get at sea.

Sauter Adds Skal Pepper

CLAUDE Sauter, a cheerful chap with a 17-year liking for Phuket, has been elected the new President of the Skal International Club of Phuket. The top Phuket job came Claude's way at the organisation's AGM on Thursday. Claude, who is General Manager of the Panwa Beach Resort, has been the club's Vice President for three years and steps up to replace Blandine Cressard.

Russians Check Phuket

LAGUNA Phuket gave a visiting Russian media group a taste of the resort's luxury facilities during their stay at Angsana Laguna Phuket and Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket. Victoria Bogdanovskaya of Glamapple; Gulnara Nasyrova of Collezioni; and Marina Petrova of Dorogoe Udovolstvie were taught the secrets of Thai cuisine by Dusit Thani executive sous chef Pachon Pachkam.

Yachties Call for Cash

ANNUAL memberships for the Ao Chalong Yacht Club expire on March 31. Payment can be made by cash at the club or paid directly into the club bank account.

VR Gains a Gallery by the Sea

RENOWNED Thai architect Mom Luang Tri Devakul's (better known as Mom Tri) newest addition to Phuket is the VR Gallery at Mom Tri's Villa Royale, which just celebrated its launch this month. VR Gallery is the successor to the mini gallery that existed at Mom Tri's Boathouse for many years.

Time to Tarry at the Narry

VARIETY Hotels announced the opening of Narry Hotel Patong, a 44-room boutique hotel located in the heart of Phuket, Thailand. Situated in the lively entertainment district of Patong and just a minute's walk to Patong beach, the hotel is literally surrounded by shopping, restaurants and bars, as well as a variety of entertainment venues. From island excursions or water sports such as scuba diving, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, jet skiing, or wakeboarding, to water parks, bungee jumping, elephant trekking, shooting ranges and much more - there's no shortage of activities to keep you busy.

Phuket Student Teaches Others How

PHUKET model Vanessa ''Na-Chatra'' Muangkod, once a student of Satree Phuket School, picked up prizes valued at six million baht by winning Miss Thailand World 2012 on Saturday. Of Thai-German extraction, she's headed for the global finals in China on August 18.

Phuket Resorts Power Up for Earth Hour

IMPIANA's Phuket resorts are among those switching off for Earth Hour from 8.30pm-9.30pm on March 31.

DUSIT Thani Laguna Phuket is, too, in an unusual fashion. The media release says: This year's annual global event is part of an ongoing campaign, which this year is expected to involve in excess of 5200 cities, towns and municipalities in more than 135 countries. To mark the occasion, lights will be switched off on the exterior of Dusit Phuket, as well as in the restaurant, main lobby and other public areas.

''The climate is changing and The Earth is warming up. This is a serious global environmental scenario issue on the international agenda,'' said Peter Komposch, General Manager of Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket. ''People in every country need to encourage their citizens to be more concerned about this in their daily lives.

''If we look back to 2010, we faced a number of natural disasters around the world, from the tsunami in Japan to the flooding in Thailand, as well as a series of earthquakes and other 'natural' disasters. These should be seen as warning signs from Mother Nature. It's never too late to start caring, saving engery and using our resources more wisely. Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket has implemented the EarthCheck program in operating our business and also organises regular staff training sessions.''

To mark the occasion, Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket invites resort guests and Phuket residents to gather at a specially created 'Earth Hour - Long Table Evening' event, featuring a four-course wine dinner set on a 10 metre-long dining table situated at Casuarina restaurant's beachfront.

What's That Tune About Pattaya?

JUST a 90-minute drive from Bangkok's international airport, Tune Hotel Pattaya is already proving popular with Thai and international tourists who want a comfortable, clean, safe and secure hotel to stay in before enjoying all that Pattaya has to offer.

Sundowners Go Sailing

AUSTRALIAN Chamber of Commerce holds a Sundowners event this Friday at Skippers, Royal Phuket Marina. A special session will have speakers from the marine industry with the boat show the talk of Phuket. Starting time is 4.30pm with speakers from 6pm.

IBAP Listens Up on Asean

IBAP Networking meets April 6 at URBAN FOOD, Central Festival, to hear Dr Thitinan Pongsudhirak is Director of the Institute of Security and International Studies and Associate Professor of International Political Economy at the Faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University. He is frequently quoted and his op-eds have regularly appeared in international and local media, including a column in The Bangkok Post.


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With the promised deadline for wiping out illegal taxis and minivans expiring today, the arrival of QE 2 will be a lithmus test to the sincerity of the local authorities.

I wonder what kind of odds the online betting agencies would give...

Posted by Steve C. on March 27, 2012 15:31


Do pigs fly?

Posted by Fritz Pinguin on March 27, 2012 19:20

Editor Comment:

Why do you ask? Are you flapping your wings?


The Queen Elizabeth is not calling in Phuket. She diverted to Langkawi instead. The call in Phuket was published for more than a year and now changed on the very last moment.

Posted by Gerd on March 28, 2012 06:58

Editor Comment:

Gerd, do you know your queens? The article mentions Queen Mary 2, not Queen Elizabeth.


Sorry Mr. Editor.........confused with all the queens :))

Posted by Gerd on March 28, 2012 09:25


Gerd was correct, the Queen Elizabeth (also part of the Cunard fleet) was ment to call Phuket on March 27. The call was published for more than a year and at last minute the call was replaced with a call in Langkawi. Following is the reaction of CUNARD to the cancelation of this call :"CUNARD
Queen Elizabeth was unable to call into Phuket due to implemented immigration requirements, which would have resulted in a delay for our guests disembarking the ship."
My question is what this means. Did Thai immigration authorities requested additional requirements that made a ship with 3000 crew and guests go elsewhere? Please Phuketwan, do some of your investigative reporting and publish the facts about the non-call of the QE. Hope the QM2 call will not have the same fate on the last moment.
Also note that on March 25 the Costa Classica called in Phuket and stayed overnight. Their clearance time was likely an hour and half, not excessive.

Posted by Manuel on March 28, 2012 10:01

Editor Comment:

Do the Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Mary 2 ever anchor at the same destination together? The QM2 has visited Phuket before so I doubt there will be new experiences.


Ed. QE was ment to anchor off Phuket. QM2 is
scheduled to call Phuket on April 4. The question is: why diverted the QE on the very last moment? Look at all published routes and you will find a full day call in Phuket. Hopefully the reason given by Cunard will not be a rrason for the QM2 to divert.

Posted by Manuel on March 28, 2012 12:17


"Do the Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Mary 2 ever anchor at the same destination together?"
They could have done: QE2 was due in Phuket on 27th March, but diverted. QM2 is due tomorrow if various authorities behave!

Posted by Pete on March 28, 2012 13:19


I stand to be corrected on my last post. The QM2 itinerary shows PHU MY (which everybody knows is Ho Chi Minh City)on 29th March and PHUKUT (wherever that might be)on 4th April.
Apologies for the confusion.

Posted by Pete on March 28, 2012 16:06


More insults to your readers eh - re: Fritz Pinguin

One day I am going to read an article about someone giving the editor a drop kick to the head.. What a good day it will be :)

Posted by Joel M on March 29, 2012 05:38

Editor Comment:

It wasn't intended as an insult, Joel M. If Fritz took it as one, I'd be surprised. It wasn't clear what he was referring to, that's all.
I doubt that many readers see violence as the answer to anything. Shameful, really. Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense.

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